Free, But Evil Still Lurks

After a long time of trying different keys and ciphers, Patty had found one that worked. Suddenly, Aelita awakened and said she was dreaming more frequently now.

She knew what it was like to finally be "human", but still had much to learn when it came to how strange, wonderful and fascinating it was to be a human being.

Although XANA still lurked, it no longer had any grasp of Aelita. Yet that didn't mean it couldn't go wherever it willed. Wherever there was an electric signal of some sort, XANA was right at home. It could even possess people, but it could no longer contol Aelita. Aelita now had her own free will, and she was one step closer to becoming truly human. XANA knew that its days were coming to a close and there wasn't much it could do to preserve itself. Even if it tried, its attempts would be thwarted. Despite all of this, XANA would not give up until it reached its goal even if it was futile. For now, it would have to gather as much strength as it could before it could make its next move. For the moment, XANA was out of options but with careful planning it would subdue the team and separate it.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity