Defeating XANA

Jeramie was able to find a clue to destroy XANA once and for all before it could launch another attack on the school. By investigating Hopper's journals further, he had come upon a perfectly logical solution. In Lyoko, there were many activated towers. However, Aelita was the only one who could deactivate those towers. With Jeramie's recent dabbling in "cloning" in the virtual world, he would be able to make a virtual army that could stand up to anything XANA could conjure up. This trip might be the final one, but with so many questions remaining about Aelita, Lyoko and the other realms were still open territory.

XANA tried in vain to keep Odd, Ulrick, Yumi and Patty from grouping together, but it had no such luck in keeping the group from being separate. Before XANA's eyes, Aelita had multiplied into over a thousand versions of herself. XANA had become confused, not knowing where to attack or what to do. Before XANA realized what had happened, the entire world had gone black.

It seemed that time itself had come to a stop and the return to the past option didn't have to be activated. Although this was very strange, somehow, Aelita was certain that Lyoko and the other realms could take care of themselves. Like herself, they were freed of XANA's control forever.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity