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Aelita Schaeffer (also known as Aelita Hopper, Aelita Stones, and Maya) is the daughter of Franz Hopper and one of the members of Team Lyoko. However, Aelita differs from the other members of Team Lyoko in that she is deeply linked with Lyoko, as she remained as a guardian of the virtual world for ten years after being virtualized by her father, Franz Hopper. Jeremy would later discover Lyoko, and in turn, Aelita (and X.A.N.A.) after turning on the Supercomputer.

She's the most vulnerable, no only by his bond to Lyoko, but also by not being accustomed to struggle and to defend. It is a sweet girl, and very nice, although sometimes she can arrive (in spite of his intelligence) to be naïve and many times, senseless. In explained occasions, this senselessness has carried her to be exposed to the danger that X.A.N.A. causes. She's in love of Jeremy.

Aelita represents a very important paper in the series. In the five main characters, probably she's the protagonist of the plot, since the history round more or less surroundings to her, especially from his materialization, when recovering part of his memory.

His father was the creator of Lyoko, and she had one of the keys of the world. Besides, there are a lot of mysteries more find to her around, like the disappearance of her mother, or the continuous persecution of the Men in Black.

In the Kadic Academy, is one of the most intelligent girls (possibly the smartest), and has a lot of admirers.

In Lyoko is the feeblest, this is balanced with being the only able warrior to deactivate towers and neutralize the X.A.N.A. attacks. Also it is helped by his Angel Wings with which escapes of the enemies. Still like this, always she's the first in falling in the harps of X.A.N.A.-William.

In "The Return of Impostor" is revealed that she has a cousin and result to be Taelia, the girl that looks like Aelita in "The Girl of the Dreams". Odd discovers this with seeing a photo of Franz Hopper, Anthea and Taelia with 2 years old, and Aelita didn't know it because Taelia was almost a baby.


  • ID Card: The card shows the half of Aelita's body and carries the Eye of X.A.N.A. in the back, the Eye is pink in colour.
  • Health: 100 Life Points
  • Weapons:
    • Energy fields - Aelita from Season 3 onwards, she can create areas of deep pink pure electric energy with gelatinous form, which appeared in the episode Straight to Heart. Jeremie says she developed this new power on their own during the holidays, now showing that Aelita can fight like the rest of the team. They are slower than Odd's laser Arrows and are somewhat easy to dodge, but they have no need to hit the Eye of X.A.N.A. to destroy a monster. However, for a Megatank, it's shell has to be opened. Like Odd and Ulrich with their attacks, when Aelita creates or throws an energy field, she yells out "energy field". When the ball hits an enemy, the Energy Field disappears and the enemy is covered with pink electricity before exploding. In the case of a Lyoko Warrior, he/she will immediately devirtualize or be stunned for a short while. A single sphere with a single blow can devirtualize any (except when Aelita is possessed by X.A.N.A. in Season 3), it can also do great harm to any object or destroy it. Aelita has a protection technique to join two energy fields together, creating a small shield impenetrable. In Season 4, Aelita learned to expand the fields of energy, making them more powerful in Lyoko, also if the spheres are combined with Creativity. Aelita can create a temporary yellow barrier of pure energy when needed. In episode 70 (Skidbladnir) she launched an even more powerful version of the Field of Energy, an Energy superfield, and use it to devirtualize X.A.N.A. William in a single shot - however she was totally exhausted after firing it. When Aelita is teleported to earth as a Spectre, her fields look different, being a yellowish orange color, surrounded by a red aura with four yellow rays and act as bolts similar to electricity. On earth energy fields are ten times stronger and ten times more powerful than on Lyoko.
  • Lyoko Powers/Abilities:
    • Creativity - This ability allows Aelita to alter, control and manipulate the landscapes and terrain of Lyoko or create invulnerable clones of herself. While energized as a polymorphic specter on Earth her creativity is much stronger and more useful, capable of cracking computer codes and opening sealed doors. It's been stated that each use of her ability decreases her current Life Point total, so she cannot consistently call upon it for defense or assistance.
      • Petrification - This seems to be a small part of her creativity, as it lets her lock monsters temporarily in blocks of ice (a clear example is in the episode Vertigo when she freezes the Scyphozoa) and make ice walls as a shield to protect herself from Krabs or other monsters as seen in X.A.N.A. Awakens Part 2 and episodes from Season 1. The petrified monster can be used as a column or platform to reach higher ground, this ability also serves as a meams to easily destroy monsters or to block opponents.
    • It has been said that every use of creativity, reduces by half the current total hit points, so you can not always rely on it more than two or three times.
    • Connection to Lyoko - Aelita and Lyoko have a connection, which is due to the fact that she had one of the keys of Lyoko (the other one is her father Franz Hopper / Waldo Schaeffer). So, this unites psychically Supercomputer operating system, making their livelihoods depend on their performance. However, this also gives advantages, as Aelita has an extraordinary intellectual ability. She thinks as fast as computer or calculator and some of their own unique powers that are derivative or dependent on their connection to Lyoko. Aelita can also sense X.A.N.A's presence by meditating and sensing Pulsations before anyone can track down the tower and can also cause things happen on Earth similar to X.A.N.A.
    • Tower Control - Aelita, because of her connection to Lyoko, has the power to control, activate and deactivate a tower at will. This power allows her to float to the second platform of a tower and use interface by typing codes such as:
      • Code Lyoko - if X.A.N.A. has activated an Tower. In all seasons and among all Lyoko-Warriors, Aelita is the only one (until Code Lyoko Evolution) with the power to control Towers and neutralize the attack of X.A.N.A. (William's power is only because of being possessed by X.A.N.A).
      • Code: X.A.N.A. - which gives X.A.N.A full access to one sectors data, if entered any of the Way Towers, and
      • Border code - which had to be entered into four towers of four sectors, so Aelita could recover virtual memory lost, as seen when she does it to save Jeremie after his failed Virtualization. Only seen in episode 19 (Frontier)
      • Jeremie also typed or used other codes for Aelita such as the Earth Code, which allowed Aelita to materialized on Earth (appears at the end of season 1 and used until the end of Season 2, where Aelita regained her human memory).
  • Vehicle: Like William, Aelita doesnt have her own vehicle. However she sometimes uses and shares other vehicles. She is really skilled with driving Odds Overboard (which she rarely uses) but usually uses either Overwing as an transportation. When she shares the vehicle, she doesnt drive.
    • Skidbladnir - A submarine is scheduled for Jeremie and Aelita to navigate the digital sea (the Red) and find X.A.N.A., Aelita knows the best way to control the virtual ship. So when will the digital sea, she pilots the ship's main cabin.
    • Angel Wings - Although not an actual vehicle, they are often Aelita's primary mode of transportation. Wings are integrated in her new suit. They first appeared in episode two of Season 4 Double Take where she and her team changed their costumes and equipment on Lyoko. By waving her hand over a star-shaped bracelet she wears on his right wrist, a pair of wings will appear on her back which allows her to fly. Usually when Aelita lands, her wings disappear but she is able to reactivate them when the need arises. If Aelita is attacked while in flight, the wings will disappear. They also allow her to fly through the air at incredible speeds similar or superior to those of Ulrich's Super Sprint. Aelita is also able to transport someone else. For example, in episode Double Take, Yumi was transported and Odd in episode Kadic Bombshell.