The Caracal is a type of Xanite that is found exclusively in the Desert Sector. It works under the Sector Boss, Crocuta.


The name is derived from the Caracal (Caracal caracal), also known as the Desert Lynx.

Functions, Powers and Abilities

The Caracals serve as stealth specialists first and foremost. Capable of leaping several yards, these quadrupedal Xanites are more than capable of traversing the bizarre terrain of their harsh environment, all without making a single noise. Caracals rely on two antennae on the sides of their heads to track down prey from long distances, and can detect incoming laser arrows and other long-range weapons. Caracals are incapable of being detected through electronic means, and thus, only the naked eye can find them. And even then, they may use invisibility devices to conceal their presence. However, their is a flaw. The invisibility will fail if its concentration is broken. Moving too fast for them to see will often confuse these Xanites, so Ulrich's Triangulate ability works wonders on negating the Caracals' cloaking device. Their X.A.N.A. symbols are on their backs and heads, and both will need to be stabbed or shot almost in unison for them to be defeated.