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Code: DOOM
is a science-fiction/ fantasy horror crossover fan fiction recently created. It is a crossover between Code Lyoko, and the survival horror, first person shooter franchise, DOOM. It serves as a prequel/sequel as it continues two weeks from where Code Lyoko Evolution left off, and is set 132 years, 2 months and 6 days before DOOM 3, which is a reimagining of the first DOOM game. It is on with a M rating due to gore, violence, and strong language, so the filter for ratings must be set to either titles only with that rating or all stories regardless of rating in order to view it. News of it first appeared on a user blog on X.A.N.A. is not present in this story unlike most fan fictions on this wiki.


-this is what is available currently as only the first chapter is online.

Two weeks after the shutdown of Tyron's supercomputer, Tyron and the people who work for him are to begin testing portal technology based on the virtualization process for Lyoko, but the goal is to transport to areas in the real world. Tyron, and his loyal colleague and second-in-charge for the project, Dr. Malcolm Betruger, are joyed to see thier work coming ot frutation despite the severe setback of the virus infecting Tyrons computer. It then cuts to Kadic Academy which is normal since X.A.N.A.'s defeat. Odd and Jeremy discuss items of research and blueprints the Lyoko warriors captured from the codex. One of them using proctiles based on Aelita's energy fields. Aelita is in her dorm during this studing for a test in one of her classes. She recieves a webchat request from Swizterland which it is revealed to from Aelita's mother, Anthea Hopper. Anthea asks Aelita to come to the lab facility were she is at as during this time, Tyron had activated the portal, but unleashed an unknown force onto the base it she states that some of her fellow sciencetists and most security have been somehow zombified and monsters are hunting down and killing the survivors. Anthea is forced to leave, much to her own daughter's dismay and confusion. Aelita watches another sciencetist enter the room only to be surprised by the sudden appearance of one of the monsters. The sciencetist begs for his life to no chargin and killed by the creature, which then begins to devour on the corpse, all while Aelita watches in horror.