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Code Lyoko: Reincarnation, Formally known as Code lyoko: revamped is a Fan-fiction Published to by The-Ghost-writer-Unknown It is described as a retelling of the original series, and when it started it just had the new Character Dallas Marshal pasted in, but since then it has evolved into something more, whilst keeping to the original, with the numerous changes, but none that have effected the original to a major extent, although in this new canon, XANA is seen to be smarter and ruthless, even going so far to directly kill people, to prove the extent of his power.

Major differences

New Characters are introduced

Dallas Marshal:

The new Lyoko Warrior who is Described as being more, after an accident in the scanner room and a return to the past has left him, unable to stay dead, and this allows him to deal with XANA's attacks more effectively than the other warriors, he tends to carry around a stryker 380 crossbow, and wears a black leather jacket underneath a biker vest with angel wings sown into it, underneath the jacket is a white shirt, that is sometimes replaced with a white jumper, and blue jeans with grey and black boots, a running joke is how the right sleeve of the leather jacket tends to get torn off.

Dallas is also shown to be a mechanic as he single handily fixed his farther's bike and after acquiring it from XANA, modifying a 1973 ford falcon, a weapon he uses in dire situations and in which it is available is a double barrel sawn off.


XANA Awakens part 1

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