Code Lyoko Revolution Title


After the second defeat of XANA and believing he was gone, the original Lyoko Warriors did stick together until graduation where they went their seperate ways. One had a strange feeling about leaving the factory in France. He immigrated to the United States and graduated college in a few years. He eventually found out the factory was still standing, and decided to bring the supercomputer back with him to the US and competed in the total reconstruction of a factory in his new city. Unbeknownst to the original warriors, XANA was weakened to a state were he couldn't do a thing. After 20 years in the Supercomputer, XANA is ready to begin to lash out in his new city, Virbank City.


Unlike Code Lyoko which took place in a suburban town of Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Code Lyoko: Revolution takes places in the fictional Virbank City, a large city orginated from a small fisherman's town set up nearly 250 years ago. Virbank is located near the Bay of Virbank, making it an execllent fishing and trading pier. Virbank is also divided into 10 districts: Industrial District, Industrial Slums, Theatre District, Entertainment District, Virbank Suburbs, City Hall, Central Virbank, and the Virbank Kadic Academy. The city also holds the Virbank Kadic Academy, built nearly twenty-five years ago, and has many children and teens from sixth to twelfth grade around America and certain parts of the world.



Ilene Fields - the resident genius of the New Lyoko Warriors, she is 16-years-old and a junior. Basically, she's this fanfic's Jeremie.

Will Knight - the popular guy of the New Lyoko Warriors , he is 15-years-old and a sophmore. He's this fanfic's version of Ulrich.

Sundra Ravenna - the calm and softspoken girl of the New Lyoko Warriors , she is 16-years-old and a sophmore. She's this fanfic's version of Aelita.

Kenny de Leon - the rational and mature member of the New Lyoko Warriors, he is 17-years-old and a junior. He's this fanfic's version of Yumi.

Dani Norman - the goof ball and comic relief of the New Lyoko Warriors, she is 14-years-old and a freshman. She's this fanfic's version of Odd.

XANA - the primary antagonist of the New Lyoko Warriors.


Kiwi - Dani's pet dog.

Rita Gomez - a self-spoiled brat, whom no one likes and has no relations to the prinicpal at all. She's this fanfic's verison of Sissi.

Nick O'Connor & Henry Ezra - Rita's two yes-men and only friends. They're this fanfic's version of Nicholas & Herb.


  1. And So It Begins...
  2. Thunderstorm