Code Lyoko: The wild west is an upcoming comedy western that is an orginal story. Despite its' name, it is a crossover with other franchises and takes references from the main Lyoko series.


In the old west, Kadic Gulch is under seige from the Kanker bandits and their gang of Chaos Space Marines. However a female stranger named Aelita, may be the locals' only hope. 


Main Characters

The Code Lyoko character are in thier evolution real world forms.

Aelita Schaeffer: The Main character whos is new to to the town.


The towns locals who have to live in fear of the Kanker bandits and thier thugs. (These are just two of the main ones)

Pay-Kos Kev: The town jock who calls the Eds "Dorks" due to thier shenigains besides their actual jobs.

Bank-Keeper Titus: The towns bank-keeper, he constantly has to deal with the Kankers empting the bank vault and is one of the only members to not be afraid of the Kankers or the Chaos Space Marines.

Law enforcement

The town's only three local enforcement, they aren't exactly the best law enforcement, but as the town or city closest to Kadic Gulch is miles away, they are the best they have. All three have belts and basically have the same name.

Wild west eds

The Eds

Deputy Ed: One of Kadic Gulch's only three law enforcement officers. Ed is pretty dumb but is primarily the muscle of the three Eds.

Double Deputy D: The brains of the Eds. He primarily gives tickets to those who violate minor laws (such as perching a horse in a no-perching zone).

Marshall Eddy: Leader of the three and the town's sheriff. He makes sure that the law is followed but likes to collects fines(which fortunatly for the residents are only 25 cents) as they help him make a profit. 


The characters who torture Kadic Gulch and have a constant run in with the Eds.

The Kanker

The Kankers with two of thier Chaos Space Marine thugs.

The main antangonists who have Kadic Gulch under seige as they empty the bank's vault, bully the townsflk, and just cause plain mischief. The Kankers have a crush on the Eds and are three of the most wanted criminals in the west.

The Chaos Space Marines: The thugs of the Kankers who help them commit their crimes and are some of the most wanted criminals in the west. 

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