as the guys were getting ready to leave Lyoko and shut it down once and for all, a Krab approaches them, "Jeremie, theres another Krab here!" Aelita said, Jeremie replied,"that's weird, when X.A.N.A was run out of Lyoko, It must have released the monsters from his control!", the Krab started, "Do not Fear me brave Lyoko Warriors, Im not under his control any longer." Odd said "X.A.N.A's monsters can talk?" the Krab continued "we are now controlled by a new ruler." Yumi said ,"Who?", the Krab said "our new leader is Queen Aelita, Ruler of all of Lyoko." Aelita replied "So im in control of everything on Lyoko now?, Cool!" the Krab said "Well, not yet."

Aelita Said," What Do you mean?", Then a Kanrelot Showed up, saying "Princess Aelita, you must go to Carthage and extract the data from the interface! then you will be the queen of Lyoko!, Jeremie said "Alright guys, im entering the code, Code:Scipio!"

the gang heads to Carthage, Aelita asking more questions, they head through the Core room, pass the main room, press the trigger that opens the door, Aelita reaches the Interface, the Kankrelot says "You must enter the code "Queen" in the text box", Aelita enters it, a humongous wave generates from each Tower in each sector, generating a field of data, flying into Aelita's head...