Code Lyoko Series

List Of Episodes From Episodes 0-147 So Far More To Come

Prequel (2006)

EP# Title Airdate (U.S.) Airdate (France) Prod. #
N/A "XANA Awakens Part 1" October 2, 2006 October 21, 2006 N/A
In the prequel that made the series, Jeremie discovers a supercomputer in an abandoned factory. Within, he finds that the computer runs a world parallel to Earth, a virtual world called Lyoko, along with an artificial intelligence Jeremie decides to name Maya. Jeremie tries to help Maya as much as he can with understanding what she is doing on Lyoko. With the supercomputer active, strange events begin to plague Jeremie. He finds new friends he reveals the computer to. Additionally, Ulrich meets the mysterious but beautiful Yumi who beats him in a duel; much to his shock.
N/A "XANA Awakens Part 2" October 3, 2006 October 21, 2006 N/A
Following the events from part 1 realizing the danger the supercomputer represents, Jeremie takes the advice of his three new friends and decides to shut it down, but not before materializing Maya (Aelita) into the real world. Meanwhile, the strange events become a consistent problem when an electric orb begins hunting Jeremie and his friends. When the orb attacks Ulrich and Yumi a stubborn Yumi demands to know what is going on, forcing Ulrich to take her to the supercomputer with him. In a trip to Lyoko, Ulrich, Odd and a newly recruited Yumi work together to get Maya to the red tower under the assumption that it will bring her to the real world. This assumption is ultimately false, shutting down the attack on Earth rather than materializing her. Jeremie then discovers another sentient being, an evil, rogue artificial intelligence called "XANA", which is causing the attacks in the real world. Maya (who discovers her real name of Aelita when shutting down the tower) suggests they shut down the supercomputer, but the group decides to help Jeremie until Aelita is successfully materialized into the real world. Thus, the Lyoko Warriors are born. Which starts the series right there.

Season 1 (2003–2004)

EP# Title Airdate (U.S.) Airdate (France) Prod. #
1 "Teddygozilla"


April 19, 2004 September 8, 2003 101
Milly and Tamiya are doing a report on the school prom. They try to interview Sissi, who was prom queen last year, but she turns them down and makes fun them for their age. Milly tries to ask Ulrich out, and he turns her down because he's going to the dance with Yumi. Upset, Milly storms off. In her room, she tells Tamiya that she hates everyone, with XANA listening from her computer. When Milly tells her teddy bear that she wishes she were bigger and leaves it in the garden shed, XANA possesses it and uses it to attack those who had made fun of her. It then increases the teddy bear's size to roughly two stories and sets it on the town. Since Ulrich had to protect the school and warn Yumi, it's up to Odd go to Lyoko and help Aelita deactivate the tower and protect the rest of the town from the rampaging teddy bear. After a return to the past, Milly asks Ulrich to the dance again, and Ulrich complies, embarrassing Sissi.
2 "Seeing Is Believing"

"Le voir pour le croire"

April 20, 2004 September 10, 2003 102
Jean-Pierre lets Odd begin casting for a traditional rock band called the Pop Rock Progressives. They need a drummer, and several try out for the position, including Nicolas. Nicolas turns out to be the best, but Odd doesn't want anything to do with him. Meanwhile, XANA tries to overload a nuclear power plant by storing electricity in a transformer and unleashing it on the plant all at once, possibly causing a nuclear meltdown. Unsure if they can stop such an event, the group votes, and, by a 3 to 2 vote, they decide to tell the authorities. Yumi goes to inform them while the others stay behind to deal with XANA. Now they must deactivate the tower before the city is turned into a nuclear wasteland. Not only that, they also have to do so before the authorities find out about the supercomputer. In the end, the tower is deactivated and, after a return trip, Nicolas and Jim are added to the Pop Rock Progressives.
3 "Holiday in the Fog"

"Vacances dans la brume"

April 21, 2004 September 17, 2003 103
After Jeremy and Ulrich paint graffiti portraying Jim in a less than favorable light on a wall in order for Jeremy to remain at school during a vacation, Sissi overhears him talking with the others about his reasons for doing so: to watch XANA. She gets her father to let her stay there during the vacation so she can discover the group's secret. XANA takes the opportunity to possess several barrels full of poison and turns the poison into a deadly, living gas. When Jeremy finds out, he calls his friends away from their respective vacations. XANA uses the gas to attack Jeremy, Jim, and Sissi, and Jeremy just barely makes it out. Ulrich stays behind to find Jim and Sissi while the others go to deactivate the tower. In the end, Jeremy once again sprays graffiti, only this time, Ulrich helps and it shows Jim as a king, much to Jim's liking.
4 "Log Book"

"Carnet de bord"

April 22, 2004 September 24, 2003 104
When Sissi finds and steals Ulrich's diary, he is blackmailed into being her boyfriend. During a trip to a swimming pool, Jeremy and Yumi have the opportunity to find it. The new electric bus that is being used for the field trip is possessed by XANA. and starts acting weird as a result. Yumi ends up finding Sissi's diary during this and uses it to blackmail her into giving up the location of Ulrich's diary. XANA then turns the bus on the city's petrolchemical plant, threatening to blow up a sizable portion of the city. Yumi is sent to Lyoko to help Aelita, but she is devirtualized in the process. Odd manages to escape from the bus, leaving him to take Aelita safely to the tower to deactivate it in order to end the attack.
5 "Big Bug"

"Big Bogue"

April 23, 2004 October 1, 2003 105
XANA launches an attack on the internet itself, managing to disable much of the city's infrastructure. Though most of the problems caused can be bypassed by manual controls, two trains that are completely automatic are put on a collision course, one of which contains a load of highly toxic and deadly chemicals. Yumi and Ulrich go to help Aelita, but Odd is forced to stay because Sissi tells on him to Jim for having Kiwi, since he pulled a prank on her. On Lyoko, Ulrich and Yumi are devirtualized and Aelita deals with a Megatank alone with her Creativity. Odd finally escapes and goes to Aelita's rescue, and they stop the attack just before the trains collide.
6 "Cruel Dilemma"

"Cruel Dilemme"

April 26, 2004 October 8, 2003 106
Due to a favorable accident on Odd's part, Jeremie's materialization program for Aelita is finished, but is only good for one use. In turn, XANA possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the factory to prevent Aelita's materialization from taking place. Odd goes to Lyoko while Ulrich tries to stop the bulldozers. Ulrich is then knocked unconscious, and Yumi carries him to safety. Odd is devirtualized, and Yumi goes to Lyoko to help Aelita. When trying to stop an attack, Yumi pushes a Megatank to save Aelita, but she falls into the Digital Sea by mistake. To save her, Aelita gives up her materialization program, which allows Jeremie to bring back Yumi.
7 "Image Problem"

"Problème d'image"

April 27, 2004 October 15, 2003 107
After an unexplained incident on Lyoko ends up devirtualizing Yumi without any cause, she is taken to the infirmary. After waking up, she attacks the nurse, Yolanda, and continues to act strangely throughout the day, wanting to go to Lyoko with everyone else. Jeremie won't let them, though, because he wants to know what caused her devirtualization. Meanwhile, on Lyoko, Aelita finds several Kankrelats guarding an orange sphere, which she calls a Guardian, and informs Jeremie. Back at the school, Jean-Pierre confronts Yumi about her attack on Yolanda. When he threatens to call her parents, she attacks him as well. In another attempt to get the group to Lyoko, Yumi tries to seduce Jeremie to convince him to arrange a mission. She fails, but Odd and Ulrich stumble upon the scene. Jeremie tries to explain, leaving Yumi alone. Jeremie apologizes for the incident, citing Yumi's strange behavior. When they head back to his room, they find his computer destroyed. Yumi seems the likely culprit. She shows up to meet them, still wanting to go to Lyoko. Having no choice, they go, but Yumi stops the scanner before it can close, leaving her alone in the scanner room. As she goes to work destroying the scanners, the others find the real Yumi trapped inside the Guardian. After being devirtualized by Ulrich, she and her clone engage in battle. Eventually, the clone tries to kill Jeremie, but Aelita manages to deactivate the tower before Jeremie falls to his death.
8 "End of Take"

"Clap de fin"

April 28, 2004 October 22, 2003 108
After Jean-Pierre shows a movie about aliens made by a director named James Finson, Finson announces that he plans to make a movie in the city, using the factory as their primary location. The group would rather not have people setting up shop in their factory, so Ulrich tries to convince Finson that making a movie there would be a bad idea. All his efforts achieve the latter result, and he's even given a part in the movie, but Jean-Pierre won't let him miss school. Sissi, who wants to be in the movie, convinces her father to let Ulrich miss school so she'll get a part. While Ulrich is guarding the lower levels, XANA possesses the alien monster prop and uses it to capture Ulrich and Sissi and use them as bait for the others. He manages to do this, but captures only Yumi. Odd must take Aelita to the tower quickly before Yumi and Ulrich suffocate to death, but XANA makes things even more difficult by not only guarding with Hornets, but also cloning the tower.
9 "Satellite"


April 29, 2004 October 29, 2003 109
During class, everyone's cell phones suddenly go off, and all of them are confiscated. Sissi is not happy about this and organizes a protest in response. Yumi joins the protest, since having cell phones is a necessary part of the group's fight against XANA. Meanwhile, Jeremie investigates the strange occurrence and learns that XANA is using the school's antenna to take over the nearby television antenna. From there, he could take over a laser-equipped, military satellite. While Odd and Ulrich head to Lyoko to prevent XANA from doing so, Yumi stays behind to support Sissi's protest. As they head for the tower, XANA succeeds in taking over a military satellite and turns it on the school. Odd, who gets devirtualized, has to keep Yumi safe while Aelita and Ulrich look for a tower that seems to be invisible.
10 "The Girl of the Dreams"

"Créature de rêve"

April 30, 2004 November 5, 2003 110
After Jeremie makes another failed attempt to materialize Aelita, a student named Taelia arrives at school that looks exactly like her. Jeremie is convinced that it must be her, but she seems to have no memory of her experiences with the group. The others aren't quite as convinced, but Jeremie insists that the materialization process must have caused her to lose her memory, but the others were right. Aelita was, in fact, still on Lyoko and captured by a Guardian. Meanwhile, XANA possesses the samurai armor that Yumi brought to school and uses it to chase Yumi. Jeremie brings Taelia with him to the factory. Odd and Ulrich must free Aelita and deactivate the tower before Yumi is defeated by the possessed samurai armor and Jeremie is taken away by the police.

Note: The name Taelia has the same letters as the name Aelita.

11 "Plagued"


May 3, 2004 November 12, 2003 111
XANA possesses a rat that tries to sneak a bite from the school's kitchen. His creation goes on biting other rats, putting them under his control. Meanwhile, the school counselor has been watching Jeremie and believes him to be a gifted student. As such, he believes that Jeremie would be better off at a more advanced school and decides to give him an aptitude test. During the test, XANA's rat army attacks the school.
12 "Swarming Attack"

"Attaque en piqué"

May 4, 2004 November 19, 2003 112
After failing with an army of rats, XANA attempts a similar tactic using hornets. Meanwhile, Ulrich gets a letter from Yumi saying that she loves him. He's not quite sure how to respond, so he avoids talking to her about it. Jeremie and Odd find out about the note, but don't learn who wrote it. Ulrich tells them not to tell Yumi. After learning about the hornets and XANA's control over them, the group heads for the factory. Ulrich talks to Yumi about the note and tells her that he feels the same way, only to find out that it was Sissi who wrote it. On Lyoko, Ulrich's reaction to the discovery leaves his performance lacking as the hornets move on the school.
13 "Just in Time"

"D'un cheveu"

May 5, 2004 November 26, 2003 113
Taking a different approach to his research, Jeremie materializes a single hair of Aelita's. Unfortunately, the follow-up test goes awry, and Jeremie has to find out why. Meanwhile, different parts of the school begin to crumble apart. Jeremie learns that his first test damaged Aelita's program, and she'll be deleted if she tries to deactivate a tower. On top of that, they learn that XANA is responsible for the damage being caused to the school by using ultrasonic sound waves, which continues to get worse. Jeremie has to fix the damage he caused in time to save Odd, who ends up trapped inside the school with Milly, Tamiya, and Kiwi. Unfortunately, after two tries, both ending in failure, Aelita, with the help of Yumi and Ulrich, has to deactivate the tower or else Odd, Milly, Tamiya, and Kiwi will be killed. After the return to the past, Yumi remembers that Jeremie said that the hair contained Aelita's entire computer code. Jeremie places the hair in the scanner, virtualizes it to Lyoko, and Aelita is inside the tower she deactivated.

Note: In the English dub, when Yumi is seen saying, "I hope he finds the right solution before XANA attacks again," the line is clearly heard in Ulrich's voice.

14 "The Trap"


May 6, 2004 December 3, 2003 114
It's been a year since the group first discovered the supercomputer and Aelita, and they decide to throw a surprise party for Aelita. Sissi catches wind of the party and follows Ulrich and Yumi to the factory. On the way there, XANA possesses the factory as a whole. Jeremie and Odd are the first to arrive at the factory, finding the elevator to be inoperable. They head off to find the fuse box. Once Ulrich and Yumi arrive there, Sissi confronts them about it. They tell her to leave, but XANA's earlier possession allows him to trap all three in the elevator and drop them to the bottom of the shaft. Sissi and Yumi come out okay, but Ulrich's arm is broken in the fall. Meanwhile, Jeremie and Odd have to deal with the possessed factory equipment. Odd, Yumi, and Jeremie are safe and are at the supercomputer room. While Yumi and Odd are getting virtualized, water from the pipelines inside the walls is falling on the elevator, causing it to overflow. While the elevator is halfway filled, Ulrich promises to Sissi that if they make it out alive, he would be nicer to her. When Ulrich and Sissi are about to drown, Aelita deactivates the tower just in time and the return to the past saves them both. Just like Ulrich promised, he is nicer to Sissi at the end.
15 "Laughing Fit"

"Crise de rire"

May 7, 2004 December 10, 2003 115
In class, Susan teaches the class about nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, and its effects. Meanwhile, Yumi's parents are having trouble with their relationship, which Yumi isn't too happy about. No one seems to be able to cheer her up, even Ulrich. He eventually manages to do so, however, and helps her find a way to bring her parents back together. During a school production of Romeo and Juliet, XANA possesses the laughing gas in the science room and uses it to attack Odd, who is doing the music. Sissi pours water on him, unaware of the cause of his maniacal laughing. When Odd tells the others about his experience, they realize that XANA must be behind it. The play turns out to be the perfect way to get Yumi's parents back together, so Ulrich, who is forced into playing Romeo, and Yumi, who plays a guard, stay behind while Odd heads to Lyoko. Just as Odd is about to go in, the XANA-possessed gas goes after each member of the group. Odd gets to Lyoko, but the gas goes with him, weakening him. Jeremie is chased away from the factory by the gas and is forced to take refuge in the sewer water. Finally, Ulrich and Yumi are attacked during the play. Aelita and a weakened Odd have to get to the tower before the others laugh themselves to death.
16 "Claustrophobia"


May 10, 2004 December 17, 2003 116
When a boy named Theo takes an interest in Sissi, Herve becomes jealous and tries to get him expelled. The situation only gets worse when XANA possesses the cafeteria during lunch, trapping most of the students inside its electrified walls. Jeremie and Yumi had already left the cafeteria before this took place. Yumi has to get Aelita to the tower by herself before the cafeteria collapses in on itself.
17 "Amnesia"

"Mémoire morte"

May 11, 2004 December 24, 2003 117
When Suzanne gives a lesson on nanotechnology, she uses a small machine designed to produce the little robots as an example. Little do they realize that XANA has infected the machine, so when they find it filled with gel, Odd carelessly ends up pushing Ulrich's face into a small scoop of it. Later on, Ulrich gets a headache and faints. When he wakes up, his memory is gone. Sissi is there at the time, so she uses Ulrich's memory loss to convince him that she's his girlfriend. As the rest of the group tries to bring him to his senses, more cases of amnesia occurs, spreading from person to person like a disease. Only after most of the school is affected does Jeremie realize that XANA's produced nanotechnology is responsible. Ulrich goes for backup despite his amnesia until the tower is deactivated.
18 "Killer Music"

"Musique mortelle"

May 12, 2004 December 31, 2003 118
When XANA creates an MP3 file that puts anyone who listens to it into a coma, Odd ends up being the first victim. Soon, the rest of the city begins to follow, including Ulrich and Jeremie.
19 "Frontier"


May 13, 2004 January 7, 2004 119
When Jeremie yells at Aelita, he tries to go to Lyoko to apologize. Unfortunately, while Yumi is transferring him, she makes a scanner error, which leaves him trapped in a virtual limbo between Lyoko and the real world, so Aelita has to retrieve data to recover Jeremie without support in order to bring Jeremie back, but when she gets to the Mountain Sector, there are a couple of Bloks guarding the tower. Yumi is sent to retrieve Jeremie's laptop to virtualize Ulrich, but gets caught and ends up in the principal's office. Ulrich talks to Sissi to see if she could get Yumi off the hook; Sissi agrees, but only if Ulrich will go out with her for two months. Ulrich agrees on one month and kisses her as a down payment.
20 "The Robots"

"L'âme des robots"

May 14, 2004 January 14, 2004 120
During a school robot competition, XANA sends a robot of his own to deal with the group. Ulrich and Yumi are forced to enlist Herve's help to destroy it while Jeremie and Odd head to the factory to deactivate the tower.
21 "Zero Gravity Zone"

"Gravité zéro"

May 17, 2004 January 21, 2004 121
Just before an official school soccer game, XANA starts nullifying gravity by creating electromagnetic fields around specific areas. Ulrich is unable to help stop XANA this time around, instead needing to impress his parents (particularly his hard to please father), who will be attending the game. The others have to stop XANA before the entire school is sent into orbit.

Note: This episode never aired in Serbia.

22 "Routine"


May 18, 2004 January 28, 2004 122
After many XANA attacks in a row, Ulrich starts to get tired of fighting XANA. On top of that, he questions his relationship with Yumi and if she feels the same way about him. He begins to hang around a girl named Emily, and Yumi gets jealous, causing a great fight between the group. When XANA activates a tower without disturbing Earth, Jeremie forces Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi all to go to Lyoko to deactivate the tower. After being virtualized, a virus infection occurs on Lyoko because XANA sabotages the devirtualization program, meaning if the group is devirtualized, they will permanently vanish.
23 "Rock Bottom?"

"36ème dessous"

May 19, 2004 February 4, 2004 123
During a vacation period at the school, the group plans to have a party at Yumi's house. Odd promises to have a DJ at the party. This DJ, named Samantha Knight, is also his girlfriend, who goes to another school. After meeting up, she has Odd take her to the computer room. Once they arrive, she tries to steal a laptop, since she's too poor to afford one. Odd stops her, but ends up being caught by Jim. Meanwhile, XANA causes the ground under the city to melt, making all the buildings sink.
24 "Ghost Channel"

"Canal fantôme"

May 20, 2004 February 11, 2004 124
After another successful battle against XANA and another return to the past, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi are nowhere to be found. They, however, do not see anything wrong with where they are. XANA has trapped them in a world of its own design, which is fashioned after the school to ease their suspicions. Meanwhile, in the real world, Jeremie is being questioned on the group's disappearance. However, the world that Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi are in appears to have some glitches in it. Jeremie finds that this world can be accessed through the scanners, and after a near-death experience with XANA's virtual zombies, Aelita manages to save them.
25 "Code: Earth"

"Code Terre"

May 21, 2004 February 18, 2004 125
Jeremie finally completes his materialization program and prepares to bring Aelita into the real world. At the same time, Jim's suspicions of the group have risen to the point that he's actively trying to discover their secret and he ends up causing Jeremie to injure his ankle while running away from him downstairs in the school. In the infirmary, Jeremie overhears that the principal's going to have to fire Jim, so he tells Jim to help him get to the factory, and in return, Jeremie will tell the principal the whole story. In the end, the tower is deactivated, and Aelita is materialized on Earth.
26 "False Start"

"Faux départ"

May 24, 2004 February 25, 2004 126
Aelita's materialization program has worked, and she's now living on Earth, but not all is well. When Jeremie pulls the plug, Aelita faints. Jeremie believes that a virus was given to her by XANA while he was bringing her to Earth in the previous episode, which has linked her to the supercomputer, preventing the group from shutting it off. Furthermore, XANA brings his Kankrelats into the real world in mass numbers and unleashes them on the school.

Season 2 (2005–2006)

EP# Title Airdate (U.S.) Airdate (France) Prod. #
27 "New Order"

"Nouvelle donne"

September 19, 2005 August 31, 2005 201
After discovering Aelita's link to the supercomputer and the inability to shut off the supercomputer that stems from it, Jeremie works hard to find new and better ways to fight XANA. To that end, he develops new vehicles for the group. He also develops a new tower-scanning program that instantly detects activated towers, allowing Aelita to live on Earth. The group encounters a new monster in Lyoko, which Odd names a Tarantula. While adjusting to her new life, the class takes a trip to the nearby woods for a scientific field trip. Ulrich wants to partner up with Yumi, but she's already partnered up with someone named William. He comes from another school, having been expelled from it. During the field trip, Aelita and Jeremie partner up. Jeremie is forced to retrieve his laptop, leaving Aelita in the woods. With him gone, Aelita is frightened by visions of wolves, which lead her to a house known as the Hermitage. There, she has even more visions and is attacked by XANA. Once the others arrive to find her, they learn that XANA has possessed the house and uses everything in it to attack them. They find Aelita in a sauna in the basement. XANA tries to trap them all inside and boil them, but only succeeds in catching Ulrich and Yumi. Aelita and Odd head to the factory to shut down the tower before they are boiled alive.

Note: In this episode, Ulrich reveals to Odd that he has no idea if Yumi really likes him.

28 "Uncharted Territory"

"Terre inconnue"

September 20, 2005 September 7, 2005 202
While Aelita adjusts to her new life on Earth, Jeremie and the others investigate the mysterious owner of the Hermitage, Franz Hopper, and his link to the supercomputer, Lyoko, and XANA. It is discovered that Franz Hopper was in fact a former teacher at Kadic. After being teased by Sissi, Aelita retreats to Lyoko but gets lost. Jeremie finds her in a previously undiscovered fifth sector of Lyoko, Carthage (labeled Sector 5 by the group).
29 "Exploration"


September 21, 2005 September 14, 2005 203
After discovering Sector 5, the group decides to explore it. Yumi is forced to opt out after her continued late-night trips to Lyoko draw the attention of her parents. While in Sector 5, Ulrich and Odd get devirtualized, but don't appear in the real world, so Yumi sneaks out of the house to go to Lyoko and rescue Aelita from the Scyphozoa while Jeremie searches for a way to recover Odd and Ulrich. Unfortunately, Yumi's parents discover that she is missing and alert the school, who in turn discover that the other four are missing as well.
30 "A Great Day"

"Un grand jour"

September 22, 2005 September 21, 2005 204
After taking another trip to Sector 5 and returning to the school, Aelita talks to Jeremie about not being human, unaware that Sissi is recording their conversation. On top of that, the false data they had retrieved from Sector 5 allows XANA to take over the supercomputer and starts running return trips over and over. Jeremie discovers the return to the pasts are making XANA stronger and more powerful. During the third return trip, XANA possesses Sissi with his newly acquired and greatly strengthened abilities, and goes after Ulrich. Not only does the group have to deal with Sissi, but they also have to stop the return to the pasts from continuing.
31 "Mister Pück"

"Mister Pück"

September 23, 2005 September 28, 2005 205
When Aelita's dreams and hallucinations become too disruptive to ignore, the group heads to the Hermitage to discover their source. There, Aelita finds a doll she inexplicably recognizes to be Mister Puck. Hidden on this doll is a key to a train station locker, which contains the heavily encrypted diary of Franz Hopper. Upon its discovery, XANA takes action, possessing Jeremie, to ensure they'll never be able to read it. When they deactivate the tower and Jeremie comes to his senses, Yumi explains to Jeremie why XANA can possess him and not Ulrich, Aelita, Odd, or Yumi. They fight on Lyoko, which gives them more resistance to XANA, and since Jeremie hasn't gone to Lyoko in a while, even if he has already gone twice, he has less resistance, so Odd comes up with a way to give him more resistance. Jeremie is seen coming out of a scanner, with Odd and Ulrich coming out of the other two. Jeremie vows that that is the last time he sets foot on Lyoko because of a pair of Megatanks. Ulrich doesn't clearly state this, but it is believed that he was devirtualized by a Megatank.
32 "Saint Valentine's Day"

"Saint Valentin"

September 26, 2005 October 5, 2005 206
It's Saint Valentine's Day and romance is blossoming in the air. Ulrich forgets, so at last minute writes a poem for Yumi. However, when William presents Yumi with flowers, Ulrich gets jealous and reads the poem to Sissi instead, hoping to elicit jealousy from Yumi. In return, Yumi kisses William on the cheek. Ulrich and Yumi end up in a fight, both bothered and wondering if the other really likes them. Additionally, a man possessed by XANA leaves a necklace at Aelita's door. Aelita is convinced that it was Jeremie who got it for her. Since Jeremie didn't actually get it, he's left to wonder who did, and ends up suspecting Odd, who avoids the question. This puts the two at odds, so to speak. Meanwhile, Aelita's necklace takes control of her and forces her to deliver herself to the Scyphozoa. Luckily, Odd arrives in time, and is able to save Aelita from the Scyphozoa by "threatening" to kill her.
33 "Final Mix"

"Mix final"

September 27, 2005 October 12, 2005 207
When the school holds a concert in the gym, William accidentally drops a mixing board for the DJ contest. Odd offers to fix it, and tries to get Jeremie to help. Jeremie is busy, so Aelita offers her help. She easily fixes the device, and finds that she is quite talented in using it. The school is holding its finals, as well, and Odd finds that he is not prepared in the least. Meanwhile, XANA possesses Jim and takes Aelita to the factory in order to deliver her to the Scyphozoa.
34 "Missing Link"

"Chaînon manquant"

September 28, 2005 October 19, 2005 208
During a mission to Sector 5, the Scyphozoa attacks Yumi, stealing her human DNA, leaving her trapped on Lyoko. To make matters worse, it's picture day for her class and she will be suspended if absent. After some discussion, Ulrich gets the idea to have Sissi stand in for Yumi. Strangely, Sissi agrees and asks for nothing in return. During this, Jeremie tries to come up with a way to bring Yumi back. Aelita thinks of a way, but won't tell Jeremie about it. She only tells him once on Lyoko, so he can't object. She begins to transfer her own genetic code to Yumi, which will let XANA take her memory at will, and thus will be exposed. Luckily, Odd and Ulrich get there in time to stop her. Meanwhile, Jeremie figures out that Yumi's human DNA code should be stored in XANA's memory, which is accessible through Sector 5.
35 "The Chips Are Down"

"Les jeux sont faits"

September 29, 2005 October 26, 2005 209
When Ulrich learns that Yumi might have to go back to Japan because her father lost his job, he can't accept losing her. After hearing the lottery numbers on the radio though, he gets an idea. Using a return trip, Ulrich is able to get a ticket with the winning numbers and give it to her parents. When the others find out, they kick him out of the group until they can figure out what to do. To make matters worse, XANA activates a tower and possesses Nicolas. On top of that, he creates an army of Krabs to guard it.
36 "Marabounta"


September 30, 2005 November 2, 2005 210
After deciphering a part of Franz Hopper's diary, Jeremie gets an idea to make a monster that fights on the side of good. By combining techniques, he makes the Marabounta, a black sphere that can exponentially replicate itself endlessly and devour any monster it may encase. Though it works quite well to begin with, everything goes wrong when it senses Aelita's virus, which is linked to XANA. After Odd attacks it to save her, the Marabounta goes haywire and threatens to devour all of Lyoko, so XANA sends his monsters to help destroy the Marabounta in order to protect Aelita and her memories. The monsters leave the Lyoko Warriors without causing any trouble. In a side story, Ulrich follows Yumi to the pool because of his jealousy towards William who is also at the pool with her.
37 "Common Interest"

"Intérêt commun"

October 3, 2005 November 9, 2005 211
When the supercomputer's main nuclear battery starts failing, XANA is forced to possess a local criminal named Peter Duncan to replace it. The supercomputer's periodic shutdowns threaten not only XANA, but also Aelita, whose heart stops beating with each shutdown due to her connection to the supercomputer. XANA soon captures Jeremie to change the battery to the supercomputer.
38 "Temptation"


November 25, 2005 December 7, 2005 212
After XANA's attack, Jeremie insists on a return to the past, regardless of the fact that XANA didn't even cause any damage. When questioned, he gets defensive and angry, insisting that it's necessary. Further questioning on the matter leads to the same result. After the next return to the past, Jeremie is found unconscious in his room. Yumi and Ulrich go searching through Jeremie's room to see what they can find about Jeremie's problem. Upon decoding a video diary that is stored on his computer, they learn that he had been using the return to the pasts to increase his own intelligence. When he's about to be taken to the hospital, XANA attacks, possessing the ambulance and driving it towards the river with Yumi with him. Now the others have to save Jeremie and deactivate the tower without Jeremie's help.
39 "A Bad Turn"

"Mauvaise Conduite"

October 26, 2005 November 16, 2005 213
When Ulrich tries to tell Yumi how he really feels after some prodding by the rest of the group, he finds her talking to William, who is doing the same thing Ulrich had planned to. Yumi turns him down, but Ulrich leaves before hearing it. Meanwhile, XANA activates a tower and materializes a Krab. At school, a driving class has been set up to teach the kids road safety. William turns out to be a good driver and Ulrich a rather poor one, which William makes fun of him for. The two then get into a fistfight, much to Yumi's annoyance. William and Ulrich both get detention because of the fight. Jeremie learns of the activated tower shortly after and the group heads to the factory without Ulrich.

During this time, the Krab makes its way to Yumi's house. When the group reaches the factory, they find a second Krab guarding it. Yumi learns of the first Krab from Hiroki and goes to help while Odd distracts another Krab so they can get to the elevator. In the scanner room, they learn that the first two Krabs destroyed the scanners that produced them, leaving just one usable. Aelita goes to Lyoko first. Before Odd can go, however, a third Krab is materialized, preventing any further use of the scanners. Now Odd has to deal with this Krab, Ulrich and William have to deal with the second, and Yumi and her family have to deal with the first. Not only that, but Aelita has to make her way to the tower without any support, and uses her creativity ability to make a decoy for the Scyphozoa.

40 "Attack of the Zombies"


October 4, 2005 November 23, 2005 214
When XANA possesses Kiwi, it turns him into the carrier for a virulent virus that turns those it infects into zombies. To make matters worse, Aelita and Jeremie are stuck in the cafeteria and can't get to the factory. On top of that, Odd is a zombie himself. Jeremie and Aelita escape but Ulrich and the other students (except William, who is turned into one himself) fight the rest.
41 "Ultimatum"


October 5, 2005 November 30, 2005 215
After XANA possesses Jean-Pierre and kidnaps Odd and Yumi, he gives Jeremie an ultimatum: deliver Aelita to the Scyphozoa or sacrifice Odd and Yumi. However, Jeremie and Aelita go to Sissi for help after being questioned by the police. Sissi agrees to be temporarily part of the group to help save her father and stop XANA.
42 "A Fine Mess"


October 6, 2005 December 14, 2005 216
After a malfunction and a little bug with the regular materialization program, Odd and Yumi are bugged up, ending up in each other's bodies. Even worse, their atoms start splitting after a while due to being devirtualized, even on Lyoko. The gang has to go to Lyoko and fix the problem before Odd and Yumi disintegrate and disappear forever, but it's not easy when XANA tries to stop them.
43 "XANA's Kiss"

"Mon meilleur ennemi"

October 7, 2005 January 11, 2006 217
XANA creates a ghost called a polymorphic specter, that can change its shape or form at will and doesn't need to possess a host, then uses it to drive a wedge between the group by having it kiss people while disguised as them. At the end of the episode, Aelita kisses Jeremie to see how he'll react. He predictably freezes up.
44 "Vertigo"


October 24, 2005 January 11, 2006 218
After a trip to Sector 5, Jeremie believes he has the data necessary to cure Aelita's virus. While the two work on the cure, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi go to a rock climbing contest. Odd races against Herve, who is no match for Odd. William then goads Ulrich into racing, despite his obvious reluctance. During the race, Ulrich gets dizzy and falls. Yumi realizes that he must have vertigo. Ulrich, embarrassed, runs off. Meanwhile, Jeremie finds the antivirus software and gives it to Aelita. Despite some problem with the application, it seems to work. However, this does not last; an error in the anti-virus causes her to turn invisible. On top of that, she can't enter the towers on Lyoko, making it impossible for her to stop XANA's latest attack, which is a possessed pack of wolves targeting Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi.
45 "Cold War"

"Guerre froide"

October 25, 2005 January 18, 2006 219
Jeremie is woken up to an alarm signal, with no activated towers, so he goes back to sleep. The next morning, while Jeremie and Aelita are investigating Jeremie's computer, Odd looks for his DVD of his movie to show the famous news reporter T.V. (Thomas Vincent), who is coming to the school to do a report on the lackluster of today's schools. Later, another tower is activated and Odd, Ulrich and Aelita are sent to Lyoko, only for the tower to deactivate itself. Then another tower activates and deactivates. Jeremie and Aelita stay at the factory while Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi go back to school. Finally, one more tower is activated and it starts to snow, which then turns into a blizzard, trapping the three at the school. While they try to get to the factory, the find Sissi, Herve, and T.V. in T.V.'s car, crashed into a tree. As the tree timbers, Yumi pushes Ulrich out of the way and gets trapped in the process. Ulrich stays with Yumi and Odd goes to the factory. The tower is deactivated before Yumi and Ulrich freeze to death.
46 "Déjà Vu"


October 27, 2005 January 18, 2006 220
Aelita's visions become a problem once again, but not the same visions as before. This time, she has visions of her and Franz Hopper being chased by government agents. The visions come even when she's awake, causing her to lose consciousness while at the pool. Wanting to know the source of the visions, she heads to the Hermitage to learn more about them. Jeremie discovers that XANA is causing the visions through her link to the supercomputer. During the mission to stop them, Aelita breaks away and heads to Sector 5, determined to discover the source of the visions.
47 "Tip-Top Shape"

"Au meilleur de sa forme"

October 28, 2005 January 25, 2006 221
During the school physicals, XANA possesses the school nurse, Yolanda, and has her kidnap Aelita. The rest of the group beat her to the factory, but have no way to get Aelita from the far more powerful nurse. Having no other choice, Jeremie decides to test out an experiment which will give a person the same powers as one possessed by XANA. To do this, he has to activate a tower like XANA. Odd volunteers, and is enhanced by a ghost of Jeremie's design. This allows Odd to fight the nurse effectively while the others deactivate the tower. This fortune doesn't last, however. XANA is able to take over Jeremie's tower, reversing the effect of the ghost to drain Odd's energy. Meanwhile on Lyoko's Mountain Sector, XANA makes everything invisible. Now the group has to deactivate not only the original tower, but the tower that is draining Odd's life energy.
48 "Is Anybody Out There?"

"Esprit frappeur"

November 1, 2005 January 25, 2006 222
After reading about a dead man named Leon Corbe, who died during the construction of Kadic, Sissi decides to hold a séance to communicate with him. She manages to convince Ulrich to attend. During the séance, one of XANA's ghosts appears in the form of a four-armed monster. At first, it seem docile, but quickly gets angry and attacks. Ulrich leaves Sissi with Odd while he goes to tell Jeremie. Jeremie can't find an activated tower, which seems wrong considering the situation. As Jim patrols the hallways, he is picked up by an invisible object. Jeremie, Odd, and Ulrich arrive to spray it with a fire extinguisher, confirming that it's a ghost and implying that the super scan is broken. With the ghost on the loose, the group heads off to the factory. After they arrive, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi head to Lyoko. Odd looks for the tower while the other two head to Sector 5 to fix the super scan. Meanwhile, Jeremie and Ulrich are left to deal with the ghost.
49 "Franz Hopper"

"Franz Hopper"

October 31, 2005 February 1, 2006 223
Jeremie discovers five activated towers and gathers the group to take care of them. However, when they arrive at the factory, they find a man at the interface, deactivating the towers as if it were a simple matter to do so. When questioned, the man claims that he's none other than Franz Hopper. However, something seems off about this convenient arrival. Franz says that the scanners cause cell degeneration, and blames it and the destruction of his diary on Jeremie. With everyone except Aelita angry at him, Jeremie calls his father and asks to be withdrawn from Kadic in favor of a school for gifted students – but after he hangs up, while pondering his dilemma, he realizes that there is something inherently wrong with Franz's explanation. XANA has activated a tower in Carthage to create a polymorphic clone of Franz Hopper, but Aelita deactivates it in time.
50 "Contact"


November 25, 2005 February 1, 2006 224
During a short film made by Odd and starring Sissi, Sissi seems to be possessed by a ghost. She does not act as expected, however. Instead, she starts speaking in an unknown language, focusing on Jeremie as she does. She is taken to the infirmary as a result. Later on, she walks into Jeremie's room and writes some code on a piece of paper. Jeremie translates the code, revealing a message stating a desire to help. Sissi is sent to the hospital after this, forcing Odd and Yumi to go there and collect her. On a trip to Lyoko, Aelita and Ulrich discover a white tower. XANA isn't happy about the tower, and sends Megatanks to shut it down forcibly. At the same time, it activates a tower and possesses a nurse at the hospital to do the same to Sissi. Odd and Yumi are able to prevent the nurse from doing so. They bring Sissi to the factory to finish the message she started earlier. She manages to type most of it out before XANA succeeds in shutting down the white tower. After XANA's tower is shut down, Jeremie translates the message, revealing that Franz Hopper had activated the white tower.
51 "Revelation"


December 9, 2005 February 8, 2006 225
It's nearing the end of the year and Jeremie's research has hit a dead end. After the group collects more data from Sector 5, he plans to use a tower to decipher Franz Hopper's diary. Before the mission, Odd gets a message from a mystery girl. When he goes to meet her, he is attacked by one of XANA's ghosts and locked inside a well at the Hermitage. The ghost then assumes Odd's form and goes to Lyoko in his place. The tower that XANA activated to make the ghost then deactivates, confusing Jeremie. Putting it out of his mind, he begins his plan to decipher the diary. Shortly after they begin, the ghost turns on the group, devirtualizing Yumi and chasing Ulrich away from the tower as three Tarantulas arrive to protect it. At the same time, XANA attempts to take over Jeremie's tower, locking the decoding procedure so they can't abandon it. Jeremie realizes the true nature of the ghost during the fight, and Yumi goes off to find the real Odd. After the ghost proves to be ineffective against Ulrich, it shapeshifts into a clone of Ulrich. In this form, it proves to be an equal match for him. After much fighting, Ulrich finally beats the clone, but is taken out by a Tarantula shortly after. Just when it looks like Jeremie's tower will fall, Franz Hopper steps in and protects it. The diary then decodes fully. After examining the diary, Jeremie tells Aelita that she is Franz Hopper's daughter, much to her shock.
52 "The Key"


December 9, 2005 February 8, 2006 226
After going through all of Franz Hopper's diary, Jeremie discovers the truth behind the supercomputer, at least to some extent. Hopper had used it quite extensively, to the point of repeating a single day for more than seven years. His sanity degraded throughout the experience. Hopper also revealed that he and Aelita hold the Keys to Lyoko, which were what XANA was after. He only needed her half, now. The Keys would allow him to escape the supercomputer. Jeremie also finds a way to free Aelita from the supercomputer. It turns out that Aelita never had a virus. In fact, XANA had been holding onto a piece of her, which was responsible for linking her to the supercomputer. Aelita is not willing to go, angry over the fact that Hopper had essentially taken her life from her. She's also worried that XANA might escape. To that end, she shuts down the supercomputer. Jeremie rescues her, and the group goes to Lyoko to retrieve her fragment. After all their efforts, they seem to succeed, but it turns out to be a fake. XANA manages to devirtualize Aelita's defenders and steal her memory, effectively killing her and allowing him to escape, which shuts down Lyoko in the process. After his escape, Franz Hopper revives Aelita and Lyoko, restoring all of Aelita's memories in the process. Through the restoration, Aelita finally remembers her past up to the point that she went to Lyoko. With XANA now free and Aelita's memories returned, neither are linked to the supercomputer. This means that they could shut it down, but it would do no good. Unsure of how they'll proceed, Jeremie promises that they'll find a way to stop XANA.

Season 3 (2006)

EP# Title Airdate (U.S.) Airdate (France) Prod. #
53 "Straight to Heart"

"Droit au cœur"

October 4, 2006 September 9, 2006 301
After another three-week vacation, the group is still looking for a way to fight XANA. XANA, meanwhile, is trying to destroy Lyoko, preventing them from doing just that. He does so by targeting the core, which contains the code that maintains the virtual world. In a side story, Odd blackmails Jim into asking Jean-Pierre to make Odd have the same classes as his friends. Additionally, Yumi decides against having a relationship with Ulrich and decides it would be better if they were just friends. While defending the core, Aelita is suddenly devirtualized by the enemy. However, she still ends up back in the scanners and Jeremie realizes that this is because Aelita is fully human, just like the rest of the group, so she doesn't need Code: Earth anymore.

Note: Aelita obtains a weapon of her own: deep pink-colored electric energy orbs called "energy field." And along with that newly acquired ability, she can also create deep pink force-fields and shields.

54 "Lyoko Minus One"

"Lyokô moins un"

October 5, 2006 September 16, 2006 302
During a field trip with the rest of her 10th grade class, Yumi finds herself facing off against the students, teachers, and bus driver, all of whom XANA has possessed. At the same time, XANA plans to get rid of Lyoko through alternate means: destroying each sector one at a time. To this end, he uses the Scyphozoa to possess Aelita and enter Code: XANA into the way tower, wiping out the Forest Sector completely. Jeremie then realizes that with the four main sectors gone, they will not be able to go to Sector 5.
55 "Tidal Wave"

"Raz de marée"

October 6, 2006 September 23, 2006 303
XANA attacks the Lyoko warriors by possessing a large amount of food. At the same time, he bugs up the Mountain Sector by raising the level of the Digital Sea, but Odd and Aelita go to Sector 5 to stop him. XANA also mounts an attack on Lyoko's core at the same time.
56 "False Lead"

"Fausse Piste"

October 10, 2006 September 30, 2006 304
When XANA hacks into a weapon's manufacturing computer network and leaves a paper trail pointing to Jeremie, government agents arrive at the school looking for him. Then, the whole gang arrive at the factory. When they end up tracking Jeremie to the factory, XANA possesses them for an attack on the supercomputer itself in the Ice Sector, and in the Mountain Sector.
57 "Aelita"


October 11, 2006 October 7, 2006 305
Aelita gets mad at Jeremie and she and Odd go into Lyoko without telling anybody, which causes problems. On Lyoko, XANA creates a diversion to get everybody to deactivate the tower in the Mountain Sector while the monsters (mostly Mantas and Creepers) worked on destroying the core of Lyoko. At the end of the episode, Jeremie and Aelita find a strand of DNA that belongs to Franz Hopper, indicating he may be still alive.
58 "The Pretender"

"Le prétendant"

October 12, 2006 October 14, 2006 306
Odd and Ulrich are talking in the shower room when a young boy, Johnny, asks to talk to Ulrich. It turns out that Johnny likes Yumi, and being jealous of that, Ulrich tells him to follow her around to get her attention, which Yumi hates. After following her all day and ending up in the gym, a flock of crows possessed by XANA attacks Yumi. She is beaten unconscious by their electrified beaks and sent to the hospital. Meanwhile, as Jeremie and the others are fighting monsters to deactivate the tower, the Scyphozoa possesses Aelita and has her enter Code: XANA into the way tower, wiping out the Desert Sector for good and leaving Lyoko with two main Sectors – the Mountain Sector and the Ice Sector. Once Jeremie finds out, he activates a return to the past with strong hope for Yumi's life. When Johnny comes and asks for Ulrich's advice again Ulrich gives him the right one. This episode proves that Ulrich is not as comfortable as being just good friends with Yumi as he says he is.
59 "The Secret"

"Le secret"

October 13, 2006 October 21, 2006 307
After being rejected by Yumi, William makes it his mission to find out the secret she's hiding. Soon enough, he manages to follow Ulrich and Odd to the factory and learns about Lyoko and XANA. Meanwhile in the Ice Sector, the Scyphozoa possesses Aelita to enter Code: XANA in the way tower, but is devirtualized just in time by Yumi. The group thinks William's help is going to be quite useful, when a possessed demolition worker sets several bombs in the factory. They take a vote as to whether or not to include William as part of their group, but Yumi votes no and Jeremie initiates a return to the past.
60 "Temporary Insanity"

"Tarentule au plafond"

October 16, 2006 November 1, 2006 308
Before leaving Sector 5, Odd and Ulrich are hit by a strange red beam from a pair of Mantas. They both eventually begin to act strange in the real world during a school play. They start seeing their environment, people as enemies, and fight as if they were still on Lyoko. They are branded as insane and hospitalized while Jeremie tries to figure out what happened. After finding the cause and devising a cure, Jeremie has Yumi and Aelita break them out of the hospital. Meanwhile, XANA uses their handicap to mount an attack on Lyoko's core. Yumi heads to protect the Core of Lyoko, as Aelita tries to help the boys who instead now see the real world while on Lyoko.
61 "Sabotage"


October 17, 2006 November 2, 2006 309
When XANA sabotages the supercomputer, weird bugs begin cropping up in Lyoko. With its power rapidly draining, Jeremie needs to repair it before it becomes completely useless. However, he seems to forget about boys' dorm inspection, so Jim forces him to stay behind. Meanwhile, XANA possesses vines to trip up the rest of the group, except Aelita. Since the attack keeps draining power from the supercomputer, with no other choice, Aelita purposefully wipes out the Ice Sector leaving only the Mountain Sector left.
62 "Nobody in Particular"


October 18, 2006 November 3, 2006 310
During a test to materialize Ulrich directly into Sector 5, his mind and body become separated, leaving Ulrich's body trapped on Lyoko and his spirit stuck on Earth. What's worse, XANA possesses Ulrich's body and uses it to attack the Core of Lyoko. Meanwhile, Suzanne, disappointed with Ulrich's bad grades, tries to place him in remedial classes.
63 "Triple Trouble"

"Triple Sot"

October 19, 2006 November 6, 2006 311
When Odd complains that he doesn't have any cool powers on Lyoko like his friends, Jeremie designs him a teleportation ability. It works, but ends up leaving duplicates of himself in the location he teleported from in the Mountain Sector. After trying it twice, Jeremie devirtualizes Odd to find out what went wrong, accidentally creating two clones of Odd himself. Meanwhile, in the real world, XANA attacks using a mysterious smoke turning anyone it hits to stone. One of Odd's copies gets turned to stone, so the other two Odds must retrieve him before they become unstable and disappear.
64 "Double Trouble"


October 20, 2006 November 7, 2006 312
With XANA's attacks becoming more and more difficult to handle, the group contemplates adding another member to the team to make things easier. William is the prime candidate, but Yumi still doesn't trust him. While Jeremie works on a way to get to Sector 5 directly, XANA makes a clone of him and has it take Jeremie's place. Meanwhile, Yumi has missed one too many classes, and will be expelled if she misses another. Odd and Yumi end up bugged by Jeremie's clone, preventing them from rescuing Aelita from the Scyphozoa. The Scyphozoa possesses Aelita, having her enter Code: XANA into the way tower, wiping out the Mountain Sector, cutting off access to Sector 5. However, Jeremie completes his program to send the group to Sector 5 directly. The group decides that they need another member and Yumi asks William for his help which for her he happily agrees to do.
65 "Final Round"

"Dernier round"

October 23, 2006 November 8, 2006 313
After William is initiated into the group, a series of events leaves only him and Aelita to defend Lyoko's core. During William's first mission to Lyoko, XANA uses the Scyphozoa to possess him, making him the general of a massive army focused on Lyoko's core. Despite their best efforts, the group can't stop the possessed William from destroying the core, which both renders the supercomputer useless and transforms William into a darker, XANA-themed version of himself. Later, in the Hermitage, while the group broods over their predicament, Jeremie receives a coded message directly from the internet, sent by none other than Franz Hopper who somehow survived the destruction of Lyoko.

Season 4 (2007)

EP# Title Airdate (U.S.) Airdate (France) Prod. #
66 "William Returns"


May 18, 2007 August 13, 2007 401
Using the data that Franz Hopper gave them, Jeremie and Aelita succeed in recreating Lyoko, which now holds only Sector 5. Soon after, William is materialized, and seems perfectly normal. He shows up at school much to Yumi's delight and Ulrich's disdain. Sissi decides to make herself "editor-in-chief" of Kadic News, much to Milly and Tamiya's dismay. She soon barges into Aelita's room to interview her and is stopped by William. As soon as William makes Sissi, Tamiya and Milly leave, he kidnaps Aelita and takes her to Lyoko. William leads Aelita out of Sector 5 and to what used to be the Desert Sector. His intent is revealed to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea. Odd manages to stop him, but William dives into the Digital Sea. Jeremie concludes that this is XANA's new strategy and that they must be very careful.
67 "Double Take"

"Mauvaise réplique"

June 12, 2007 August 14, 2007 402
In order to compensate for William, who is still under XANA's control, Jeremie sets to work designing brand new equipment for his friends and recreating the rest of Lyoko. In order to buy himself time to do this, he activates a tower and uses it to create a clone of his own to attend class in his place. Meanwhile, William's absence is drawing attention, from both the principal and his father. While Jeremie's clone is impressing Jim outside, William appears on Lyoko and tries to put the tower under his master's control.

In order to maintain his clone, Jeremie draws more virtual strength from Sector 5 to maintain the activated tower. He eventually runs out of digital energy and the tower is put back under XANA's control. While Odd holds the Jeremie clone off, Aelita, Yumi, and Ulrich go to Lyoko with new outfits and somewhat much stronger abilities and slight improvements of their old weapons. They eventually deactivate the tower. William threatens to push Yumi into the Digital Sea, but before doing so he comes back to his senses. Yumi is saved from the fall by Odd at the last second. Jeremie then initiates a return to the past and creates a William clone to prevent any suspicion about his absence.

68 "Opening Act"

"Première partie"

June 19, 2007 October 29, 2007 403
Jim's nephew, Chris, the drummer of the Subdigitals, pays a visit to Kadic to look for an opening act for the band's next concert. Everybody tries out, and Aelita turns out to be the one Chris is looking for. However, circumstances make sure that Chris doesn't realize who Aelita is, and XANA's clone of him only complicates matters, kidnapping Aelita and sending her to Lyoko.

Jim and Chris manage to involve themselves in their search for Aelita, and end up battling the clone while the rest of the group tries to deactivate the tower. After the threat is over, Jeremie executes a return trip so that Jim and Chris remember nothing. He also delivers Aelita's demo CD to Chris personally after doing so.

69 "Wreck Room"

"Double foyer"

June 26, 2007 August 15, 2007 404
There is a new recreation room at Kadic and William's clone is put in charge of it. Meanwhile, Jeremie has developed a program to get the real William out of Lyoko. However, the program malfunctions and bugs up the tower, allowing XANA to take it over while Aelita cannot shut it down. As the William clone lashes out at the group, the real William is on Lyoko to keep the tower under XANA's control. Jeremie manages to repair the tower in time for Aelita to reset it, restoring the clone to working order. With a return trip to the past to erase the unwanted memories of William's behavior at school, the group elects Sissi as the rec room monitor.
70 "Skidbladnir"


July 3, 2007 August 16, 2007 405
The new virtual, submersible "submarine" (as Jeremie calls it) is almost complete, the last step being a secondary program that needs to be run by 4 PM the next day. However, when Aelita and Jeremie stay up late to set the program up, they are caught and given detention.

Meanwhile, William takes the opportunity to attack the incomplete ship, forcing Yumi to run the supercomputer in Jeremie's absence. Odd and Ulrich are unable to handle the situation, but Jeremie and Aelita are able to sneak out in time to help. Aelita is able to repel William with a massive attack, allowing Jeremie to complete the sub on time. It is later christened the Skidbladnir, nicknamed "the Skid" by Odd, after the Norse ship.

71 "Maiden Voyage"

"Premier voyage"

July 10, 2007 August 17, 2007 406
The gang manages to convince Jeremie to let them test out the Skid. During this test, the navigation system bugs up, leaving the gang stranded in the digital sea. Jeremie runs to his room to fetch the backup programs, but forgets that it's Fire Safety Day and runs into several teachers, eventually having to scale the roof to get to his room.

Meanwhile, the Skid stumbles upon another Lyoko and is attacked by two eel-like monsters. Jeremie is able to repair the navigation system and bring his friends home, after which he surmises that the replica of Lyoko was created from the portion of the Keys to Lyoko that XANA had stolen from Aelita's subconscious in the second season finale, The Key. Jeremie wonders how he plans to use it.

72 "Crash Course"

"Leçon de choses"

July 17, 2007 August 20, 2007 407
Jeremie decides to teach Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi how to use the supercomputer in case he or Aelita are unable to, being XANA's favorite targets. During the lesson, Jeremie is attacked by one of XANA's polymorphic clones, leaving the others to operate the supercomputer without help. Aelita is at the final audition with the Subdigitals, competing against two other candidates, and thus cannot be contacted. To make matters worse, the clone heads for her after dealing with Jeremie. Using what they learned from Jeremie, the others are able to rescue Aelita and deactivate the tower without his help. Aelita is also chosen as the winner of the audition despite her walking out on them.
73 "Replika"


July 24, 2007 August 21, 2007 408
The group travels to one of XANA's Lyoko replicas in the Digital Sea. Meanwhile, Aelita and Odd get into a fight after Odd's desire to sleep in gets them both in trouble. Furthermore, their arguing inadvertently leads Nicolas and Herve into the factory, where Jeremie is forced to distract them while the group explores the Lyoko copy, which consists entirely of the Forest Sector. On the Lyoko replica, William and a pair of Megatanks arrive to destroy the Skid, the destruction of which would cut the group off from the supercomputer. Odd and Aelita refuse to work together when they first arrive, but eventually resolve their differences and take William down. Jeremie surmises that another supercomputer is controlling the Replika (what the Lyoko copies were dubbed as), and in order to get rid of it, he'll have to find a way to materialize his friends at the location of the supercomputer.
74 "I'd Rather Not Talk About It"

"Je préfère ne pas en parler"

July 31, 2007 August 22, 2007 409
The group turns to Jim for training, so they can be better prepared to fight against XANA. However, things go bad when XANA possesses a boar to attack them with, forcing them to put their training to good use to avoid it. Furthermore, XANA sends William and a group of Mantas to attack Lyoko's core. Jeremie stays behind to help Jim while the others repel the attack. Jeremie risks his life to save Jim when the two encounter their attacker in a cave, and Aelita deactivates the tower in time to save them both.
75 "Hot Shower"

"Corps céleste"

August 14, 2007 August 23, 2007 410
When a comet passes near Earth, XANA uses a laser-equipped military satellite to split it into chunks, simultaneously aiming the bulk of it directly at the factory. Aelita, Odd, and Ulrich are exploring the digital sea at the time, and XANA traps them with a firewall to prevent them from stopping the attack.

Meanwhile, Yumi is stuck at school and, when informed of the attack, works to evacuate the school. Jeremie tells Yumi to connect his laptop to an antenna to tap into the military satellite and destroy the comet. She does so with help from Hiroki and Johnny. However, XANA prevents them from doing so. Unable to stop the attack, Aelita reasons that XANA is more concerned with taking her prisoner than destroying the supercomputer, and to test her theory, she has Odd devirtualize her. Having guessed correctly, she watches as XANA destroys the comet and calls off his own attack on his own accord.

76 "The Lake"

"Le lac"

August 21, 2007 August 24, 2007 411
Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich, and Odd go with the rest of their science class on a field trip to an island in the middle of a nearby lake to study water-based plant life. Yumi, not part of the class, remains behind to sit through two important exams. Jeremie's fears about XANA attacking at such an inopportune moment are realized when XANA creates an electricity-blasting sludge that attacks anyone who approaches the shore. Yumi is forced to go to Lyoko alone. She fights William and during their fight is able to reach his true mind and personality. Though XANA soon manages to regain control of William, Yumi is saved by Aelita, who escaped the island on Sissi's bike. Aelita is able to deactivate the tower and Yumi claims that one day they will bring William home. She initiates a return trip to the past and the class is saved from electrocution.

Note: This episode shows the strong feelings William has for Yumi, since various machines and programs made by Jeremie do not succeed in bringing William back to reality and Yumi's words do.

77 "Lost at Sea"

"Torpilles virtuelles"

August 28, 2007 August 27, 2007 412
Hiroki steals Yumi's diary and Ulrich finds it. Meanwhile, in a new attempt to free William from XANA's evil clutches, Jeremie creates a program to find William in the Digital Sea. When he uploads the program to the Skid, the sonar becomes bugged, forcing the gang to return to Lyoko. When the Kongres interrupt their return, Yumi gets stranded, and is lost in the Digital Sea. XANA's attempt to take advantage of this alerts Jeremie, allowing him to direct his friends to Yumi. After fighting off the Kongres and William, who has his own ship (the Rorkal) to travel in, they return to Earth. To help Hiroki apologize to his older sister, Ulrich secretly returns the diary.
78 "Lab Rat"


(skipped) (Put online) August 28, 2007 413
Jeremie has perfected his "teleportation" process, allowing him to send his four best friends to the location of XANA's supercomputer in the real world to destroy it. He uses it on Aelita and Odd first, sending them to the jungle laboratory containing the supercomputer. As they explore, they find that XANA is constructing cybernetic spiders with the help of a team of possessed scientists.

Before they can stop him, however, William manages to sever their connection to the real world, bringing them back to Lyoko in the middle of their mission. In a side story, Yumi is angry with Ulrich because he has forgot her fifteenth birthday, so Odd promises to get Yumi a present for him, since Ulrich has detention.

79 "Bragging Rights"


September 8, 2007 August 29, 2007 414
Having failed to destroy XANA's supercomputer in the previous episode, the group sets out to finish the job. Meanwhile, Odd's bragging gets the better of him, and he makes a bet with Ulrich not to brag for 24 hours. However, circumstances conspire to constantly put him in the spotlight, and when he ultimately both defeats William singlehandedly and destroys the supercomputer in the real world, Odd becomes convinced that being a braggart is something he can be proud of.
80 "Dog Day Afternoon"


September 15, 2007 August 29, 2007 415
Odd tries to take Kiwi to Lyoko, but ends up absorbing him instead. As a result, Odd slowly begins to take on dog traits, such as enhanced smell and scratching himself with his foot. While Jeremie works on separating the two, XANA possesses a biker gang to attack Yumi. When Ulrich and Aelita arrive to Lyoko, they are confronted by William and three Tarantulas. Jeremie manages to split Odd and Kiwi while Aelita deactivates the tower.
81 "A Lack of Goodwill"

"Œil pour œil"

September 22, 2007 August 30, 2007 416
Jeremie has developed a program to make the William clone smarter, but the learning curve is still problematic, as it tries to fling a glass into the air from a fork. Milly and Tamiya, overhearing the group's conversation about the clone, decide to ask him personally. The clone, having never been told to keep the information a secret, reveals everything to them, and even takes them to the factory. Meanwhile, Jeremie plans a mission to the next Replika, a copy of the Desert Sector. During the trip, William emerges from a scanner and tries to destroy the supercomputer. With the help of Milly, Tamiya, and the William clone, he is defeated, and a return trip keeps Milly and Tamiya in the dark about the supercomputer.
82 "Distant Memory"

"Mémoire blanche"

September 29, 2007 August 31, 2007 417
It's holiday time at Kadic and everyone is headed home. Aelita, however, has no home to go to. As she watches over Lyoko, she gets a message from Franz Hopper, who has constructed a simulation bubble of their mountain home on Lyoko. Though happy to see her father, Aelita quickly learns that the entire thing is a trick from XANA – her father is just an illusion in the simulation bubble on Lyoko. William is there waiting for her in order to throw her in the Digital Sea. However, she escapes resulting in William chasing after her. The rest of the group, having been unable to contact Aelita, follows her onto Lyoko, but they fail to keep William from throwing her into the Digital Sea. When it seems as though Aelita is gone for good, she is lifted from the sea by the real Franz Hopper, who has manifested himself as a floating blue bubble with a pink aura. After dropping her back on Lyoko, he returns to the Digital Sea.
83 "Hard Luck"


October 6, 2007 September 8, 2007 418
When Odd breaks a mirror, a little bad luck follows and jinxes him everywhere, even on Lyoko. A bug in his virtual avatar spreads to Yumi and Aelita, causing annoying pauses and random devirtualization in the Desert Replika. Meanwhile, at the site of the Replika's supercomputer, XANA materializes Kankrelats in the real world to stop Ulrich and Yumi. Despite the bug, their mission to destroy XANA's next Replika ends in success, this time by Ulrich, and Odd's luck returns soon afterwards.
84 "Guided Missile"

"Missile guidé"

October 13, 2007 September 15, 2007 419
Jeremie wins a contest to take a flight in an armed fighter jet, even though it was Odd who entered him into the contest in the first place. However, just before takeoff, XANA possesses the jet and sends it to destroy the factory and kill Jeremie by forcing it to crash. As it closes in, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi struggle against William, who devirtualizes them one by one in his attempt to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea. Ulrich is the one to come out on top in a blade to blade fight with William, and Aelita is able to deactivate the tower. A return to the past is launched before the factory is destroyed, and Odd gets his chance to ride in the jet afterwards.
85 "Kadic Bombshell"

"La belle de Kadic"

November 3, 2007 September 22, 2007 420
When Sissi's pen pal from Iceland, Brynja Heringsdötir, arrives at the school, all the boys swoon over her, making Sissi envious. When Brynja takes an interest in Odd, he ends up showing her the supercomputer. While there, she messes with the computer despite Odd's pleas not to, creating a glitch in a program Jeremie was installing that causes every virtualization to happen in the wrong sector and prevents materialization. This becomes all the more problematic when William catches Aelita alone on Lyoko. When forced to choose between his friends and his new love interest, Odd initially stays with her, but decides that his friends are more important. After rescuing Aelita from William, they make up. As Brynja has not been told anything about the purpose of the supercomputer, nor does it appear that she even cared in the first place, they have no need to perform a return trip to the past before she leaves.
86 "Canine Conundrum"

"Kiwi superstar"

November 10, 2007 September 29, 2007 421
When Kiwi's mindless destruction becomes too much for the group to bear, they force Odd to keep him at the factory. As Odd drops him off, XANA possesses Jeremie's Kiwi robot, turning it into an army of self-replicating attack dogs. The dogs attack Yumi and Ulrich, among other children, during Jim's Pencak silat class. After Aelita deactivates the tower and a return trip erases the incident, the group decides that the regular Kiwi isn't that bad, after all.
87 "A Space Oddity"

"Planète bleue"

November 17, 2007 October 6, 2007 422
Because of a surprise dorm inspection, Odd has to convince Yumi to keep Kiwi at her house. Jeremie, meanwhile, has located the next Lyoko copy, a Carthage Replika. Its supercomputer is located on a newly built space station orbiting Earth. While Odd and Yumi work to disable it, Aelita and Ulrich work to disable the Replika's defenses, which threaten to destroy the Skid. To make matters worse, the supercomputer is guarded by a trio of floating spheres that can grow spikes and melt through metal. In the end, Odd disables the supercomputer by breaking some cooling pipes in the room and damaging it with water. All the while, Yumi's dad, Takeo, has been having fun with Kiwi, much to Odd and Yumi's surprise.
88 "Cousins Once Removed"

"Cousins ennemis"

November 17, 2007 October 13, 2007 423
Jeremie's cousin, Patrick, comes to visit. Jeremie isn't entirely happy about it, since Patrick is "super cool" compared to him. Discovering another Replika, Jeremie and his friends plan a mission to destroy it, leaving Sissi alone with Patrick. She is able to convince him to let Herve rummage through Jeremie's computer files. Herve discovers Aelita's forged documents and the program running the Skid, his efforts to decipher it inadvertently draining the Skid's power. To make matters worse, XANA possesses both him and Sissi to cause even more damage. Jeremie, meanwhile, deduces that it's his computer back at school causing the damage, and works with Patrick to stop them. Once the attack has passed, Jeremie has Aelita run a return trip to the past to undo the damage caused. The second time around, Jeremie is a bit more appreciative of his cousin, since the two worked well together before. But, unfortunately Patrick goes back to his own school.

Note: This was the last episode to air on Cartoon Network. The final 7 episodes of the original series were released online.

89 "Music to Soothe the Savage Beast"

"Il est sensé d'être insensé"

2007 (online) October 20, 2007 424
Aelita's first concert with the Subdigitals is coming up, but Aelita's stage fright threatens to get the better of her. Meanwhile, Odd has to find an extra ticket so he can bring a date. When the concert finally starts, XANA attacks, possessing Sophia, the Subdigitals' manager, in order to kidnap Aelita. He also possesses Milly and Tamiya for some extra help. While Ulrich battles the two reporters, the others work to shut down the tower, all while the Subdigitals' music plays in the background. Once the threat is over, Jeremie activates a return to the past so Aelita won't miss the concert.
90 "Wrong Exposure"


2007 (online) October 27, 2007 425
Aelita finds a photo of herself with Franz Hopper at the Hermitage, with a mathematical equation in the background. Jeremie discovers that the program works as a reset feature to Lyoko, something not too helpful, but useful nonetheless. Meanwhile, Odd, in an attempt to impress a girl in photography class, inadvertently sends the photo to Sissi, who in turn shows it to her father. He questions the group about it, with Jeremie pointing out that Aelita would obviously be 22 by now if she were the one in the photo.

They are sentenced to detention in the library by Jim before any more discussion occurs. Before he can follow up on the matter, Jean-Pierre is possessed by XANA. He delivers Aelita to Lyoko, where the Scyphozoa is waiting for her. It takes control of her and tries to force her to walk into the Digital Sea, but Ulrich and Yumi are there to keep her from doing so. As they battle Aelita and the monsters, Jeremie uses the reset program, clearing Aelita's possession and allowing her to deactivate the tower. After performing a return trip to the past, Aelita explains that her real last name isn't Hopper at all, it's Schaeffer (the name listed on the folder in the end credits). Hopper is actually the maiden name of her mother, Anthea. In addition, Franz's supposed first name is actually his middle name, his first name actually being Waldo. Franz apparently changed both his and Aelita's names when they moved to the Hermitage in order to have a fresh start.

91 "Bad Connection"

"Mauvaises ondes"

2007 (online) November 3, 2007 426
Odd is presenting one of his films, but is unhappy because his parents are coming. According to him, they never find fault in anything he does, which he finds dissatisfying, "because he isn't treated like a normal teen." However, when he's finally pressured into it, XANA attacks, using the school's cell phone antenna to spread a virus to everyone who answers their phone to cause them to become vicious, angry, mind controlled slaves, starting with Odd's parents. With the widespread use of cell phones, all but the Lyoko warriors and Sissi are affected, Sissi having had her phone accidentally broken by her father. While she and Odd attempt to evade the possessed students and faculty, the others deactivate the tower in the Mountain Sector. Once a return trip wipes everyone's memories, Odd plays his video, which showcases all the humorous moments at Kadic, with Sissi in particular being treated in a positive light as thanks for her earlier assistance, much to her confusion and surprise.
92 "Cold Sweat"

"Sueurs froides"

2007 (online) November 3, 2007 427
When an embarrassing picture of Yumi is printed in the Kadic newspaper, she turns to Odd as the source. He manages to get Ulrich to take the blame, however, causing tension between him and Yumi. Putting that aside, Jeremie sets up a mission to the next Lyoko copy, an Ice Replika. Its supercomputer is located in Siberia, where XANA is growing brains for an unknown purpose. Odd and Yumi are sent to the real world to destroy it, only to be confronted by William. When trying to shut down the tower, Aelita realizes that the data it is generating could be used to free William. After downloading the necessary data and disabling William, everything seems to be set for destroying the Replika. However, XANA draws on the power of his many Replikas to create a new monster: the "Kolossus," a massive creature resembling a fire elemental with a sword for a hand. It easily devirtualizes Aelita and Ulrich, and nearly destroys the Skid, as well. With this new development, and the realization that XANA has hundreds of supercomputers at his command, Jeremie has to change strategies. Meanwhile, Yumi forgives Ulrich for the picture, and Odd admits to his deception soon after. Yumi gets back at both of them by getting a picture of the two coming out of the shower in the paper. After seeing the picture Ulrich chases Odd claiming he will kill him.
93 "Down to Earth"


2007 (online) November 3, 2007 428
In order to defeat XANA, whom they have vastly underestimated, Jeremie plans to design another multi-agent system to combat him. That, however, is still under development. In more immediate matters, Jeremie has figured out how to free William from XANA, but needs to run his program directly from the Ice Replika's supercomputer. Meanwhile, William's parents arrive to visit their son, and the strange behavior of his clone concerns them greatly. Back at the Replika, William and two Mantas come to try to sever the translation. However, the Mantas are quickly destroyed by Yumi and Ulrich. William then jumps into the Digital Void and comes back up with the Kolossus. Jeremie uses some new tricks to stop the Kolossus, allowing Aelita and Odd to reach the supercomputer without worry. However, an army of robotic drones now stationed at the facility complicates matters and they undo Odd's translation. With much effort, Aelita is able to run the program to free William before she is forced back onto Lyoko as well, but their victory comes at a cost: though William is saved, the Skid is destroyed by the Kolossus with Aelita in it. Fortunately, she was devirtualized before the Skidbladnir was totally destroyed. Back on Earth, William is able to take his clone's place, pacifying his concerned parents. Ulrich, meanwhile, has to deal with William's romantic affection for Yumi once more.
94 "Fight to the Finish"


2007 (online) November 10, 2007 429
With the Skid gone and XANA's Replikas at unmanageable numbers, Jeremie continues work on his multi-agent system. Meanwhile, Aelita has nightmares about her father being killed by XANA. As Jeremie works, he is contacted by Franz Hopper, who arranges a meeting on Lyoko. William wants to help, but all except Aelita are a little wary of trusting him again. William is left in the lab with Jeremie. After meeting up, Franz transmits the data necessary to finish Jeremie's multi-agent system. However, XANA is not willing to give up without a fight, activating a tower to possess William once again while sending the Kolossus to deal with Franz. Yumi willingly devirtualizes herself and fights William while the others protect Franz. Once Franz is finished transmitting the data, Aelita and Odd head to Carthage to launch the program. Ulrich, meanwhile, manages to defeat the Kolossus, but its corpse falls on Ulrich, devirtualizing him instantly. However, a problem arises: the energy requirements are too great. Aelita's nightmare is realized when Franz makes the ultimate sacrifice, himself, to power the program, and in doing so XANA is wiped out completely. Though a great victory for them, the loss of Franz Hopper leaves them with little reason to celebrate.
95 "Echoes"


2007 (online) November 10, 2007 430
With their mission completed, the group looks back on all their fond memories of Lyoko. Sissi, meanwhile, plants a tracking device on Ulrich in order to discover their secret. When it comes time to shut down the supercomputer, all but Yumi are unwilling to go through with it: Aelita is still holding onto the hope that her father can somehow be saved, Jeremie doesn't want to take away the thing which made them friends, and Odd and Ulrich both liked being heroes. While they muse over their fond attachments to Lyoko, Sissi finds her way into the computer lab, and Jeremie's open video diary reveals the whole of their adventures. When Sissi desperately tries to explain this to her father, he believes that she has lost it, and sends her to the infirmary. A return to the past deals with that problem. Ulrich stops Sissi from planting the tracker on the repeat attempt, and the quintet invites her as a friend. Once more at the supercomputer, the group unanimously decides to shut it down, closing the book on their adventures and returning to normal lives as they say their farewells.

Season 5 (2012-2013)

EP# Title Original Airdate (U.S.) Original Airdate (France) Prod. #
96 "XANA 2.0"


Unknown December 19, 2012 (Online) 501
Set one year after the events of the Original Series, Jeremie Belpois, Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama and Aelita Schaeffer soon discover that there is trouble still brewing at Kadic Academy. Even worse, the five best friends discover that their old and greatest virtual enemy - the evil, sentient and autonomous artificial intelligence/multi-agent system XANA - is somehow back as a highly evolved and modified version of itself. In a side story Ulrich tries to tell Yumi how he has always really felt about her. However Yumi's platonic friendship with William plays on his doubts. XANA now wants to take back its power - source codes that were implanted in the electromagnetic parts of the bodies of Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi during the time of its supposed "destruction" in order to gain control over the world network once again. The endless virtual war against XANA is far from over, and the five Lyoko Warriors are back in action.
97 "Cortex"


Unknown January 5, 2013 502
After successfully reprogramming the Skid, Jeremie and the four other Lyoko Warriors discover another Replika in the Digital Sea called the Cortex. They intend to learn more about this mysterious, ever-changing sector. Meanwhile, William finds himself partly accepted into the group and aids them in the Cortex. Aelita also finds something very mysterious about her late father - Waldo Schaeffer - in the Cortex's interface.
98 "Spectromania"


Unknown January 5, 2013 503
A kid goes up to hug Aelita, then leaves and comes back and does the same to Yumi. Jeremie immediately realizes that XANA has sent a specter to retrieve the codes it implanted into four of its greatest enemies to regain its full strength and power. So they go to Lyoko and attempt to deactivate the tower in the Desert sector while Odd stays at the school to hold it off, but the situation escalates when Aelita gets hit and is devirtualized. She guides Yumi from Earth, supposing that XANA's source codes can allow the others to deactivate towers. Her theory is correct and Yumi deactivates the tower, only to reveal another one masked by the first's signal; another spectre is somewhere on Earth.
99 "Madame Einstein (Translation : Mrs Einstein)"


Unknown January 19, 2013 504
A new, highly intelligent and gifted teenage girl named Laura Gauthier tries to join the quintet at Kadic Academy. She humiliates Jeremie by correcting his mistakes on a complex exercise in class. Aelita suddenly is resentful and suspicious of this new girl, who seems to want to discover their secret.

Meanwhile, Jeremie informs his four friends that he has programmed a new vehicle that is made for travelling through the Cortex easily called the Megapod. Once on the Cortex, they are impressed by the new cruiser, which Yumi ends up driving. Unfortunately, Laura follows William to the factory and discovers the lab and Supercomputer, which she is very interested in. During a battle with several Krabes, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich are devirtualized, leaving Yumi trapped in the Megapod. With Laura's help, Jeremie fixes the bugged vehicle and Yumi is returned to Earth just before the Megapod falls into the Digital Sea. Back in the lab, the team debate about whether they should accept Laura into their group. Aelita, however, is still resentful and distrustful of Laura and launches a return to the past so that she will not remember anything.

100 "Rivalité (Translation : Rivalry)"


February 28, 2013 January 26, 2013 505
William is yet again rejected by the group, but when he asks Yumi for her help on a project she happily agrees, much to Ulrich's disdain. The dislike between the two grows when XANA creates a spectre of William to attack Yumi, and the two almost have a fistfight in the gym. Soon after deactivating the tower, another one appears. Odd, Aelita and Yumi cannot return to Lyoko as they were there not long ago, so it's up to Ulrich and William to put their differences aside and get Ulrich to the tower to deactivate it. At first the two are showing off and trying to outdo each other, but after William saves Ulrich from falling into the Digital Sea, they call a truce, allowing Ulrich to deactivate the tower. Once back on Earth, William is fully accepted into the group as the sixth Lyoko warrior.
101 "Soupçons (Translation : Suspicions)"


Unknown February 2, 2013 506
Aelita is determined to discover if her father really is involved in XANA's miraculous and mysterious return. So she, Odd, Ulrich and William go to the Cortex, with Odd piloting the Megapod to help her, as Yumi has chosen to stay behind to set up a fundraising party in the gym, enlisting the aid of a shy boy named Remi. He tries to help but accidentally breaks the sound system. Meanwhile, in the heart of the Cortex, the walls start to go haywire and devirtualizes Odd and Ulrich, leaving William to save Aelita before he, too, is devirtualized. Back on Earth, they go to help Yumi with the boy, who has been possessed by XANA.

In Sector Five, Aelita goes to the spot where she last saw her father, and asks if he has anything do with XANA being reborn and resurrected. Jeremie suddenly alerts a saddened Aelita that a tower is activated in the Desert Region, and goes to deactivate it before Yumi, Ulrich, Odd and William engage in battle with the three duplicates of the boy. Surprisingly instead of attacking XANA fixes the sound system that broke and leaves without any trouble.

102 "Compte-à-rebours (Translation : Countdown)"


Unknown February 9, 2013 507
Samantha Suarez - Odd's former sweetheart and girlfriend - enrolls at Kadic, and the boy eagerly pursues her. At the same time, he is being pursued by a polymorphic specter, which XANA is able to create due to its new increase in strength and power. The others go to Lyoko to deactivate the tower but are all devirtualized by a giant wall of 121 Bloks. Odd destroys the wall using a scanner eyepiece programmed by Jeremie and deactivates the tower.

Meanwhile, Jeremie's computer is set on repairing a corrupted video file recovered from the Cortex. Eventually the task is completed and the gang watch the clip of Franz Hopper, furious at an employee who stole some documents of his. He fires the man and storms out, but the man remains in the room and laughs, calling Franz too naïve. Aelita identifies the man as Professor Tyron though she had never heard of him before.

103 "Virus"


Unknown February 16, 2013 508
Jeremie tries to create a virus to destroy the Cortex, however it doesn't work and the group discusses what to do. They decide to bring Laura to the factory and Odd steals her tablet and runs, with Laura chasing after him. When she gets there the gang explains about XANA and the Cortex and that they need her help, which she accepts to give. She easily fixes the problem and they launch the virus and a return to the past. Laura forgets everything, but thanks to a few hidden commands in the virus, the code for the return to the past was altered to exclude Laura, causing Laura to start having memory flashbacks of her time in the lab. She follows the memories to the sewers. William (who was left on Earth) tries to stall her, but fails, and Laura ends up back at the lab.

Meanwhile, Ulrich and Yumi encounter Ninjas in the Cortex for the first time, but are unable to defeat the new monsters and are sent back to Earth in no time. Laura agrees to keep the factory a secret and to help them out with programming to destroy XANA once and for all when they need her. With little choice, they welcome her into the group as the seventh member of Team Lyoko, which she gladly accepts.

104 "Comment tromper XANA (Translation : How to Fool XANA)"


Unknown February 23, 2013 509
Jeremie and Aelita program false source codes that will destroy any specter that tries to take them from a Lyoko Warrior, and tests it using Ulrich as a guinea pig. Ulrich is told to wait at school until he spots a specter and deliberately touch it to transfer the fake source codes to it to test if they work.

A specter with hypnotic abilities appears the same day. If the specter manages to catch someone's gaze, it can send them into a trance-like state which the specter can use to approach a Lyoko Warrior and take their actual source codes without them fighting back. Ulrich manages to test the false source codes and destroys the specter, but it knocks him unconscious for a while. Jeremie decides not to try it again as it is too risky.

105 "Le réveil du guerrier (Translation : The Warrior's Awakening)"


Unknown March 2, 2013 510
The gang return to the Cortex to get data on the mysterious Ninjas. Ulrich opts out of the mission because he has a karate competition to attend, and Jim won't let him skip it. The others don't fare well against the Ninjas until Ulrich arrives, offering them advice that Jim passed on to him; be unexpected. With the advice given by Ulrich, and a new-and-improved, unusually effective bo staff weapon programmed for Yumi, in addition to her Tessen fans, she manages to defeat the three Ninjas easily and gathers the data. In it they find a video clip of Professor Tyron addressing several humans dressed in ninja-like costumes.

Ulrich wins the competition and gives his trophy to Jim, thanking him greatly for his advice.

106 "Rendez-vous (Translation : Meeting)"


Unknown March 9, 2013 511
Jeremie is woken up by the Superscan when it picks up two activated towers. He warns the others, and just as they're leaving Aelita receives a message from an unknown sender asking her to meet them in a nearby building. While she's thinking about it, Laura comes and asks why she's not in class, then realizes that the others are at the factory. Aelita tells her to go on ahead, which she happily does.

Aelita then goes to the meeting place and finds a blonde-haired woman there; her long-lost mother, Anthea. They share a warm mother-daughter embrace. Jeremie offers Laura the controls and goes to find Aelita, realizing her "mother" is actually a spectre, and tries to convince her of it. Aelita doesn't believe him and returns to the spectre. Meanwhile, Laura figures out XANA's strategy: activating the two towers one after the other in a specific sequence of prime numbers. She relays the information to Odd and Yumi on Lyoko, who then enter the towers at the right moment and deactivates them, destroying the spectre in Aelita's arms. Aelita feels remorseful her actions, but the gang all stick up for her, firmly assuring her that she is not alone. As Laura leaves, Aelita thanks her for her help.

107 "Chaos à Kadic (Translation : Chaos at Kadic)"


Unknown March 16, 2013 512
A computer error causes the science test scores at Kadic to be messed up, as well as bugging up the rest of the computer system with it. Jeremie is alerted to an activated tower and he, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich and Laura go to the lab to check it out. Laura's dad is called to the school as a result of the marks mix-up and he calls her back to the principal's office. He expresses his doubt in her abilities and his wish for her to go to another school. Laura insists on staying, deciding to show him the Supercomputer as proof of what she can do.

Meanwhile, the others explore Lyoko looking for the activated tower that's nowhere to be found. Jeremie eventually picks it up in the Cortex and sends them there to take care of it. When Laura and her dad arrive, Aelita goes back to the lab to get them out of Jeremie's way so the mission can be completed. The tower is deactivated and a return to the past is launched. The group decides to keep Laura in the group, but to only include her when she's absolutely needed and intend to keep her under strict surveillance from now on.

108 "Vendredi 13 (Translation : Friday the 13th)"


Unknown March 23, 2013 513
It's Friday the 13th and Odd can't believe his luck - he's won the lottery! He tries to impress Samantha with this fact, but he doesn't manage to catch up to her in time. Jeremie discovers that the lottery wins are happening all over Europe, and realises that it must be XANA. The group minus Odd head to Lyoko to deactivate the tower in Sector Five, which they do successfully. They return home and Odd comes to the lab feeling gloomy about not actually winning the lottery and his situation with Samantha, having bought a thousand red roses to give to her thinking he truly had won the jackpot.

Jeremie then notices that XANA had used the tower as a diversion to attack the Skid with a virus while they weren't looking. Odd is the only one who can go in and must pilot the bugged-up Skid and try to counter the virus with little experience doing either. Laura is called in to help, but they don't make much progress. Jeremie then decides to send Laura into the Skid to help on site, and she becomes extremely excited about the idea. Aelita, however, quickly guides Odd through the steps and together they counter the virus just before Laura is about to be transferred. The Skid is returned to normal and Laura leaves, furious about not having to go to Lyoko after all. The gang make it up to Odd for his amazing solo work by setting him up with Samantha with the thousand roses he purchased. She is touched by Odd's gifts, and warmly kisses him on the cheek.

109 "Intrusion"


Unknown March 30, 2013 514
The gang has planned a routine data gathering mission in the Cortex. However, Ulrich opts out of the mission when he finds out that Yumi wrote some negative things about him. While in the Cortex being attacked by Ninjas, Yumi can't stop thinking about Ulrich. She gets herself devirtualized on purpose just to go talk to him and work things out. The two soon reconcile.

Meanwhile, a Ninja, not defeated in the fight in the Cortex, follows the Megapod back to the Skid, then hangs onto the Skid all the way back to the hangar in Sector Five. William ends up being left alone to fend off the Ninja, which is heading for the Core of Lyoko itself. Ulrich is called in and easily destroys the Ninja with his sabers, but it plants a sinister-looking device on the bottom of a platform in Sector Five before it disappears.

110 The Codeless 


Unknown April 6, 2013 515
A tower is activated and a spectre is sent after Odd, taking the appearance of a football player. Aelita and Ulrich go to deactivate the tower, but when they reach it, Aelita is unable to enter. The tower deactivated itself because Odd lost the last of his source codes to the spectre.

Odd then formulates a protection plan where the "codeless" protect the people who can't return to Lyoko for 12 hours, and who have nowhere to hide from XANA's spectres. Another tower is activated and Ulrich and Aelita are shut in a closet under Odd's protection while William and Yumi are sent to Lyoko. William seems upset about being referred to as "codeless," as it means he can't deactivate towers, and isn't considered as important as the others. When he and Yumi reach the tower they're confronted by an evil clone of William who plays on his doubts, telling him that he's being used by the gang, especially Yumi. He and the clone then chase after Yumi while the footballer spectre finds Ulrich and Aelita and corners them. Odd realizes that the sound system can be used to disrupt the spectre and stop it from advancing, so he starts singing Frère Jacques over the PA to delay it, angering Jim. Meanwhile, William turns on his clone, allowing Yumi to get to the tower and deactivate it.

111 "Confusion"


Unknown April 13, 2013 516
Towers are being activated and deactivated constantly. Laura follows the group and Jeremie allows her to help, seeing as it's an unusual case. While in the lab she asks Aelita about Franz Hopper. Not getting a decent answer, she goes to do research in the library before confronting Aelita, saying that she knows Franz built the Supercomputer, and that he apparently abandoned his daughter. Aelita replies that her father didn't abandon her, but selflessly sacrificed himself for her, and asked Laura if her own father would do the same for her. Aelita returns to the lab.

The gang decides they'll have more luck finding out why by going to the Cortex, where XANA currently lives. They happen upon a huge battle between Tyron's Ninjas and XANA's monsters in the Dome, and can't figure out why the two are fighting each other because Tyron's Supercomputer is what's allowing XANA access to the network. Jeremie decides to organize a meeting with Tyron himself to ask some questions. Later that night the gang goes back to the factory, Aelita and Yumi being sent in to talk to Tyron about XANA. Tyron claims he knows nothing about the artificial intelligence, and that there was no way it could be living inside his own supercomputer. He then has two of his ninjas try to imprison Aelita and Yumi inside the Cortex, but Jeremie pulls them out just in time. It's then that the six Lyoko Warriors realize they are up against two separate, dangerous threats rather than just one.

112 "Un avenir professionnel assuré (Translation : An Assured Professional Future)"


Unknown April 20, 2013 517
A man named Graven shows up at Kadic asking after Jeremie, the smartest kid in school, offering him a place in a special scientific institution specialising in quantum physics. Jeremie denies having any knowledge of the subject, then figures out that Graven is an agent sent by Tyron, and that they must have traced Lyoko's location on Earth somehow. Graven gives up on Jeremie and moves on to Laura, the second smartest in the school.

Aelita sends the others to Sector Five to search for any kind of tracking device that the Ninja from episode 14, Intrusion, could have planted while it was on Lyoko. They find it but don't manage to destroy it, as when it's damaged it sends out an electromagnetic pulse that causes the Lyoko Warriors pain. They decide to dispose of it in the Cortex, carefully removing it from the bottom of the platform and taking it to the Replika in the Skid. XANA retaliates in the Digital Sea by sending Kongres, but they manage to make it there. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally lets Graven know about her knowledge of quantum physics, and he surmises that she must have something to do with Lyoko, showing her holographic images of Aelita, Odd, Yumi, Ulrich and William's virtual avatars, asking her if she recognizes them. She denies it, but Aelita comes in and tells her that Tyron found the Supercomputer, and that she must come immediately. Graven forces the girls to take him to the lab. Ulrich disposes of the tracking device and everyone comes back to Earth just as Graven enters the lab with the girls. Jeremie launches a return to the past. At the beginning of the day again, Graven gets a phone call saying they lost Lyoko's signal, and to abort his mission. He leaves as the gang watches on. Laura pulls the scientific institution's card out of her bag, studying it, still very interested in the idea.

113 "Obstination (Translation : Obstinacy)"


Unknown April 27, 2013 518
Aelita dreams of her long-lost mother, Anthea. She wakes up and goes to see Jeremie, but finds Laura there with him, both working on the virus to destroy the Cortex. A hurt Aelita leaves, and Laura smugly denies that there was anyone at the door. Jeremie and Laura finish the virus and the group plans to implement it that afternoon, but Odd gets detention and Ulrich sprains his ankle, forcing both of them to opt out. William, Aelita and Yumi go in.

By the time they reach the center of the Cortex, only Aelita remains. She accesses the mainframe and finds a webcam stream of Tyron working in his lab at that very moment. She observes the stream for a minute, telling Jeremie what's going on, then moves to infect the Cortex with the virus. But then she looks up, and sees her mother, Anthea Hopper, in the office with Tyron, also working on part of the project. After a moment of confusion, Aelita firmly insists on destroying the Cortex and XANA along with it, but Jeremie and the others unanimously decide to abort the mission for now as there is proof that Aelita's mother is indeed alive and a chance of reuniting her with her daughter. Aelita comes back to Earth, upset about not destroying XANA, but her friends convince her that the risk was worth it. Jeremie assures her that if XANA gains 95% of its strength, they will destroy it and the Cortex immediately; no questions asked.

114 "Le piège (Translation : The Trap)"


Unknown May 4, 2013 (iTunes) 519
Thanks to Odd, Jeremie comes up with the idea of getting source codes back from specters, thus reducing and weakening XANA's strength and power greatly. The plan works, and they trap a specter, but things go horribly wrong when it ends up on Lyoko in the form of blackish-green particles, severely damaging and disabling the scanners and putting the Lyoko Warriors it touches into a coma-like state with black and green eyes.

Jeremie can't bring the others back or even send William to help because of the damage to the scanners. The specter then tries to throw Yumi into the Digital Sea. Odd enters the Desert Way Tower and Jeremie uploads the codes they stole from the spectre into him. Odd races to the activated tower with the spectre in hot pursuit. He enters the tower and reaches the floating panel, but the spectre then enters the tower after him. Odd deactivates the tower moments before the spectre touches him. Meanwhile Aelita resorts to social networking to try to find her mother. After the mission Jeremie tells her the good news: they were able to steal 4% of XANA's power and Odd is capable of deactivating towers again. Aelita then tells Jeremie the good news: she is getting dozens of responses about her long-lost mother as dozens of people all over the world join the effort to find Anthea.

115 "Espionnage (Translation : Espionage)"


July 27, 2013 (Hungary) December 13, 2013[1] 520
Jeremie manages to develop a program that will allow the gang to hack Tyron's surveillance system and spy on him, both using video and sound, and potentially speak to Anthea. When the gang go to the Cortex to implement it, all but Aelita are devirtualized by Ninjas when they tip off an unforeseen security system. Aelita opts to stay in the Cortex's core to wait for her mother to appear, asking for a clone to replace her at the school while she's gone, which causes enough problems of its own.

In the end, Aelita is able to speak to her mother, convincing her that she is alive before she, too, is devirtualized by Ninjas. The experience initially leaves her feeling sad, but after Jeremie assures her that Anthea did get her message, her spirits are rekindled.

116 "Faux-semblants (Translation : False Pretenses)"


July 28, 2013 (Hungary) December 14, 2013[1] 521
While the Lyoko Warriors prepare to take advantage of a sunny afternoon, XANA launches an attack, sending them a polymorphic specter disguised as...them, constantly changing its appearance! Plus, not content with fighting unexpected specters at the school, our heroes are confronted with false avatars of themselves on Lyoko. Paranoia will soon settle in. And it's chaos on Lyoko as more false avatars keep showing up one after the other.
117 "Mutinerie (Translation : Mutiny)"


July 29, 2013 (Hungary) December 15, 2013[1] 522
Laura and Jeremie finally finish their virus. Laura is keen to implement it immediately and destroy both the Cortex and XANA, but Jeremie insists they wait until Aelita has made more progress with her mother, Anthea. Meanwhile William has another argument with Ulrich. Laura takes the opportunity to try and recruit William for her cause, and after some persuading he hesitantly agrees.

She sends him into the Cortex, but when he arrives, he is greeted by a massive army of Krabes and no Megapod. Not soon after, the Scyphozoa makes its reappearance, ready to possess William as XANA's servant once again. It captures William and it's up to Yumi, Aelita, and Ulrich to set him free again. A furious Jeremie permanently excludes Laura from the group and launches a new modified version of the return to the past to have her memory fully erased for defying him and the rest.

118 "Le blues de Jeremie (Translation : Jeremie's Blues)"


July 30, 2013 (Hungary) December 16, 2013[1] 523
It's Aelita's "birthday" and someone is trying to hack into the supercomputer. The firewalls Jeremie created manage to stop it from getting in. When analyzing the data packet sent, Jeremie notices that it is of unusual design: created by Franz Hopper. Perhaps Anthea is trying to contact them to wish her daughter a happy birthday. Jeremie calls the others but does not alert Aelita, as he wants it to be a surprise. Ulrich and Odd go into the Digital Sea to track down the hub that sent the packet. But when they start collecting the data, a huge tentacle emerges from the hub and ensnares the Skid. Malware is sent to the Supercomputer, shutting the holomap and superscan down. It was all a trap laid by XANA, and Jeremie can do nothing against it, nor can he devirtualize Odd and Ulrich as the Skid's protection shields slowly fail. Aelita is called in and comes to the rescue, bringing the boys in just before the Skid shatters. Jeremie loses all hope and begins to doubt his own abilities. Yumi goes to Lyoko to search for activated towers while Aelita and Jeremie work on fixing everything. After accidentally endangering Yumi's life, a depressed Jeremie leaves. Aelita saves her and then comes back to the lab to find Jeremie gone, but she cannot go after him because a tower is activated. William is sent in to help, but against an army of duplicating Kankrelats they go nowhere. A specter of Ms Hertz attacks Aelita in the lab, and when Jeremie hears about it he runs back to the lab to help, fixing the holomap and figuring everything out so that the tower can be deactivated in time before Aelita is drained of any more source codes.
119 "Paradoxe temporel (Translation : Temporal Paradox)"


July 31, 2013 (Hungary) December 17, 2013[1] 524
During a training mission on the Cortex, the Megapod bugs up and Jeremie is forced to figure out how to repair it. Just as he does so, the superscan finds an activated tower on the Cortex. But when they arrive on site, they find the tower has a purple halo. It has been activated by Tyron, and the Lyoko Warriors are soon surrounded by Ninjas, and Odd, Aelita and Ulrich become trapped in a temporal bubble that sends them back to that morning's gym class, repeating it dozens of times over. They must find a way to contact Jeremie to tell them what happened so that he can destroy the bubble before Tyron uses its signal to track their location on Earth. Meanwhile, Laura finds the card that was given to her in An Assured Professional Future. Not remembering where she got it from, she dials the number, arranging for a meeting via a webcam video. Tyron speaks to her in person, but becomes disinterested in her when she reveals that she has never worked with a quantum supercomputer before. Just before hanging up, Tyron shows her the holographic images of Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi and William's virtual avatars, asking them who they are. Laura tells him that they look just like Jeremie Belpois' best friends. Tyron hangs up and thanks her greatly for her help, leaving Laura upset and offended.
120 "Hécatombe (Translation : Massacre)"


August 1, 2013 (Hungary) December 18, 2013[1] 525
A mission to gather more information on Aelita's long-lost mother, Anthea, is cancelled when XANA launches another attack in the Mountain Sector. Unable to warn Odd and Ulrich, the two boys become the targets of XANA's attacks. Caught in the trap, Odd loses all of his codes once again. Meanwhile Aelita and Yumi are pinned in the Cortex by XANA's forces on route to deactivate the tower, and Yumi is later devirtualized.

On Earth, XANA has stolen Ulrich's codes as well. Realizing that Yumi is on Earth too, XANA sends the specter to find and recover the codes. After locating Ulrich and coordinating with Odd, Odd is sent to provide William and Aelita with backup while Ulrich locates and escorts Yumi to the factory. After arguing with Jeremie over Yumi's safety, William devirtualizes himself in order to find her. Odd goes to Lyoko while Aelita is being perused by Kongres in the Digital Sea. After Ulrich calls Yumi to find where she is, she's spotted by the specter. William and Ulrich team up to go look for Yumi, but split up after finding her phone, but not her. While in Lyoko, Odd is pinned down and out of ammunition, the Bloks are pushing him towards the Digital Sea. Aelita shows up in the Skid and destroys all the monsters. Yumi is attacked by the specter, but rescued by Ulrich. After deactivating the tower, it is revealed that XANA has regained 95% of its power. Keeping the promise, it is decided that the virus that Jeremie, Laura, and Aelita have been working on will now be used for destroying Tyron's supercomputer, and preventing any further communication with Anthea.

121 "Ultime mission (Translation : Ultimate Mission)"


August 2, 2013 (Hungary) December 19, 2013[1] 526
Our heroes are on the Cortex to inject Tyron's supercomputer with their virus. This should be their ultimate mission that will allow them to annihilate XANA once and for all. But it turns out to be a failure. They must wait twelve hours to be virtualized again, return to the Cortex and finish their mission. Only, an unpredictable event happens. Tyron goes to the school and proves himself to be the legal guardian of Aelita: he and Anthea have been married for four years. He gives her a terrible choice: find her mother again or infect his supercomputer. Much to Tyron's surprise, Aelita chooses the latter, convinced that her mother would agree with her on eliminating XANA. Seeing things heading beyond his control and wanting to avoid the destruction of his supercomputer by a virus at all costs, Tyron ultimately decides to shut it down. Odd, William, Ulrich and Aelita, who were already on the inside, risk being thrown into the Digital Sea forever. Our heroes get out of it just in time and turn their own supercomputer off, merely neutralizing XANA once again, not destroying it. Tyron suddenly has a dilemma on his hands: If he turns his supercomputer on and recreates the Cortex, the virus will activate and destroy his system in full. Despite this, the Lyoko Warriors have only won part of the battle. XANA and Tyron are both rendered neutralized but not destroyed. Also, Tyron has all the time he needs to find a way to counteract the virus. There's also the problem of his guardianship to deal with, as well as Aelita and Anthea being finally reunited. As ever, the six Lyoko Warriors must remain on their guard as they begin a new mission: the one to keep their family together at all costs.

Season 6 (2018-2019)

Episode # Name               Plot                                      
122 The Return Of Xana Pt. 1 One day at Kadic Academy following the battle against Xana and returning to normal lives Jeremy Odd Ulrich Yumi and Aelita were in school until for some reason the school was acting weird and giving everyone a strange disease that makes them very sick. Jeremy figures out that Xana is somehow back and he is making this disease to everyone. So our heroes head to the factory to stop Xana's attack before it was too late when they got to the factory Jeremy sended everyone to Lyoko and when they arrived on Lyoko the vehicles were already waiting. Meanwhile Xana managed to send the diease into the factory and is almost about to get Jeremy sick before it did Jeremy managed to set the jump back in time launcher and he was knocked out. Meanwhile on Lyoko Xana sended 3 Crabs 2 Megatanks and 4 Bloks after the heroes. They were battling each other and the good guys were almost at the tower Ulrich takes out the megatanks and Odd takes out 2 out of 3 Crabs and the Bloks shot Odd and Yumi out for good. Aelita was able to get into the tower and stop Xana's attack just in time. Just then the return to the past was launched and everything was normal again. Just then Ulrich was called in the principals office and his parents were waiting for him and they told him that they had lost their jobs and they new move Ulrich was very shocked and very sad at the same time. Later that day he told the others and they were upset because without Ulrich they will need another Lyoko Warrior to help them on Lyoko. As the whole gang said goodbye to Ulrich and Yumi finally kissed him on lips which made everyone even Sissi shocked. Everyone watched Ulrich leave with his parents.
123 The Return Of XANA Pt. 2 Following Part 1 with Ulrich leaving Kadic with his parents they were heading to New Jersey to live a new life. Ulrich still miss his friends and especially misses his fights and his fun times on Lyoko as he has fond memories of Lyoko. Meanwhile back at Kadic the others were still upset about Ulrich leaving and so Odd had an idea of going back in time to stop it from happening but it wouldn't do any good because going in back in time would make Xana even more stronger. Later that day in class a new student arrived and his name was Spark Morales and Jeremy Odd Yumi and Aelita looked at him as he told everyone that he was Jim's 2nd cousin. Everyone was shocked and surprised about that. Meanwhile in New Jersey Ulrich and his family were getting adjust to their new lives However it was a matter of time before trouble could happen. Sudden Xana has launched another attack but this time it was on his parents a new villain named Jonald Gruttatron who alongside with Xana had sended Ulrich's parents to Lyoko and now Ulrich finds out that Xana is not working alone. Now Ulrich would have to find a way to stop Jonald Gruttatron and Jeremy and the others would have to bring back his parents into the real world he might have to do the same thing from what they did to Aelita when they brought her back to earth. Jeremy told Ulrich that getting his parents back won't be easy so it will take a long time to do so.
124 The Cortex Supercomputer One day at Kadic after when Ulrich left the others have been trying to figure out who would replace Ulrich as a Lyoko warrior. Jeremy told Aelita and Odd to find someone or if someone knew anything about the factory they would have to tell him and he will take care of it. Meanwhile Jeremy still at the factory and trying figure out Xana's next attack he somehow saw another Replica and he was shocked it was very different it was not like any of the other Replicas they have saw and destroyed. Jeremy calls Odd and Aelita and tells them the bad news and tells them to get over to the factory. Just then Xana was attacking again but this time it was where Ulrich was at. Xana had not only sended Ulrich's parents into Lyoko but also made a new Replica called the cortex which they never saw before. Jeremy told Odd Aelita and Yumi to go to sector 5 so they can get into the Skid and see the new Replica. After going into the Digital Sea while traveling though there suddenly some new monsters had passed them they didn't even attack them for some reason. Aelita and the others were surprised but still moved on. Just then when they arrived at the Replica and went inside they were surprised to see that it was very different from the other Replicas made by Xana. As they got off the Skid they explored the Cortex and Aelita manage to find the supercomputer to the Cortex and she told everyone that the Cortex is where Xana was made and brought back to life and our heroes also found a sumpercomputer for the Cortex Aelita told Jeremy about it and he brought everyone back to the factory so he can find a way on how to destroy the Cortex supercomputer and also get Ulrich's parents back home.
125 Meeting Lester The Teenage Hacker Lester the Arabian/Asian hacker is summoning Trolloc (half human half Animal monster) robots at his aid with a Humanoid Shark monster. Lester also gets the aid of his pals, Hose (the Latino hacker who survived gang fights without a single bruise.) Fin (a Malaysian hacker with long hair in a pony tail) and Rajah (a half black and blonde haired hacker from India). with two ninja twins from Thailand named Joe and Moe Thakivan. The baddies discover with their delinquent hacker pals and robots that Ulrich is now living with his cousin on his dad's side Matt Stern, who understands Ulrich because of having the same relationship with Ulrich's parents. Yumi then moves in with Ulrich and Matt in their home because her parents moved back to Kyoto because of issues at school and jobs and both Yumi's parents fear that she will fail in a school in Japan thinking Jersey is better for her. Now there are two out of 5 Lyoko Warriors are gone and Jeremy Odd and Aelita are left to stop Xana on Lyoko. 
126 Xana's Robots Ulrich and Yumi run into a situation as an agent of The Dark Organization named Triple lazer arrow arrives with an army of hackers and an army of Xana's robots to fight the two in Matt's hotel. Triple Lazer Arrow is gotten help from XANA who later reveals himself as a monster robot humanoid with one eye with his logo as the iris. XANA orders the hackers and the robots to attack Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Jeremy Odd and Aelita were at the factory as they got word about Xana's Robots attacking Ulrich and Yumi in New Jersey Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they battled against 3 Tarantulas which they were tough and also because they have powerful lasers. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were still having trouble with the robots because they were out numbered and they had tried everything to stop the robots but they were out numbered. Jeremy tells Odd and Aelita to hurry up and move it because Ulrich and Yumi are not gonna make it. Just then Odd held off the Tarantulas while Aelita went into the tower to deactivated it and stopped the robots from killing Ulrich and Yumi just in time. Jeremy then launched a return to the past and everything went back to normal. Later at Kadic Jeremy was launching the program on how to get Ulrich's parents back home from Lyoko and as for Odd and Aelita they had lunch and as for Ulrich and Yumi they still continued to deal with The Dark Organization.
127 Bad Creepers It was a normal day at the school no Xana attack no activated towers nothing just a normal day so every thing was going normal but some thing strange append at night batteries were losing power faster and people have notice that so people did not notice the hackers now what was going on the next day lights were not working at the school and around the world so that question what is he doing with all this power so they don't know what is happening the next day TV don't work or computers so the school and the hole world was not with out power soon then he attack a power company that lost all of the power in towns and in city so people were freaking out and are trying to find out why we don't have power no more then a strange simbol on all the TV shows just then the monsters came out and attack the phones news and a big red alert show and say some strange monsters attack people so the team went to the super computer to find out what is going on so they decided to go to Lyoko to find out what is going on so Jeremy scans the world so he did sector 5 was having some problem with it so they went to the edge of the ice sector to enter the area so he did when they got there the monsters were freaking out because he took a lot of power so they ran to the end of the sector 5 to reprogram it to be normal but then the hackers were try to stop them but they were to late so Jeremy did a return to the past and it all went back to normal.
128 The Attack On The Skid One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were talking to Ulrich and Yumi ever since they left Ulrich asked Jeremy if his parents can come now right now but Jeremy told him no because he still doesn't have the program to bring them home but he told him he will keep trying to bring them home. Just then Xana has launched an attack again but this time it was on the Skid which he is trying to get the energy and destroy it. Meanwhile Jonald has sent Lester and his two henchmen Fin and Rajah to attack Yumi and Ulrich and to kill them once and for all. Yumi then tells Jeremy that Jonald is attacking them and Jeremy tells them that Xana is also at it again by attacking the Skid Jeremy tells Ulrich and Yumi to hold them off until they stop Xana. Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into Sector 5 where they managed to get to the Skid just in time. Odd and Aelita battled the monsters that were destroying the Skid Ulrich and Yumi were still dealing with Lester Fin and Rajah they were too powerful and Yumi and Ulrich were almost beaten up By them. Odd and Aelita managed to destroy the monsters who were trying to destroy the Skid Aelita found an tower activated by Xana and managed to deactivate it which Lester Fin and Rajah went back to Jonald and Xana yet again lost. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again with our heroes oing their things at Kadic and as for Yumi and Ulrich they had their time in New Jersey.
129 A Bad Turn Again One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were getting ready for the big day Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey and they were still feating The Dark Organization as that was the other threat besides Xana returning. Jeremy was still working on bring Ulrichs parents home Ulrich was still living with his 29 year old cousin and Yumi was with him because after what happened recently. Just then Xana has launched an attack the activated tower was in the desert sector this time. Jeremy Odd and Aelita soon got the news and they headed over to the factory to stop Xana's attack. Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into the desert sector and Odds overboard was all ready there they both jumped on and went to the tower. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi got word of Xana's attack and they didn't know what the attack was until they found out what it was suddenly Crabs showed up and attacked Yumi and Ulrich in New Jersey. Ulrich called Jeremy and told him and asked him how was Xana able to get the Crabs to New Jersey without using the scanners. Jeremy found out and told him that Xana had help from Lester the hacker and thanks to him Xana was able to teleport the Crabs to earth without using the scanners this time unlike what happened the first time around when he did so. Meanwhile on Lyoko Odd and Aelita saw a set of Hornets coming at them and now Odd and Aelita had to fight and dodge them. Jeremy realized that the Hornets were gonna do everything they can to slow them down so they can give the Crabs time to kill Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi fought the Crabs and they manage to take out three Crabs. Ulrich then called Jeremy and told him that they took out three Crabs but they still need help. Back on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were still in trouble and they manage to take out the Hornets. Aelita went inside the tower and deactivated it and Jeremy launched a return to the past. Later that day everything was normal again. Ulrich and Yumi were glad everything was normal again as they were relaxing in New Jersey.
130 The Attack Of Jonald Gruttatron One day at Kadic our heroes were doing their normal stuff. Jeremy was still working on how to bring Ulrich's parents home and figuring out how to destroy the Cortex Replica which was made by Xana 5 years ago. Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey still together living with Ulrich's older cousin who has been a guarden of Ulrich ever since Xana had captured his parents sending them to Lyoko. Meanwhile Jonald Gruttatron was thinking of a way on how to destroy the heroes since they aren't together anymore Jonald Gruttatron had an idea this time he decided to attack Cortex Core which he has sended his minions Fin and Rajah and sends Lester the hacker to stop the heroes from using the Skid by hacking the systems and sending Xana and his monsters to the core of Lyoko to created a diversion for the heroes. Later that day Jeremy soon got word of Jonald Gruttatron attacking the Cortex Core and Xana attacking the Core of Lyoko Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into Sector 5 to stop the Creepers and Mantas from attacking the Core but Jeremy also found out that Lester The Hacker is messing with the Skid systems so they can't use it to get to the Cortex Core. Odd and Aelita head for the Core of Lyoko and they fight off the Creepers and Mantas. Odd and Aelita manage to take them all out and now they head for the Skid and stop Lester from messing up the Skid when they got there they fought off Lester and Jeremy manage to fix the Skid systems and Odd and Aelita headed off for the Cortex. Meanwhile Jonald was with his henchmen at the Cortex Core and they were close to destroying it so that Xana or the Cortex Replica can't be destroyed. Xana was doing everything he can to stop Odd and Aelita as he sended the Sharks after them to give Jonald more time to destroy the Cortex Replica. Meanwhile as the Cortex Core was close to being destroyed Odd and Aelita managed to stop Jonald and his men just in time Jonald Gruttatron made a retreat with his men and left. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything went back to normal again.
131 Jonald Gruttatron's Revenge It was the middle of the night and Jonald had launched his attack this time on the Factory by messing with the super-scans of Odd and Aelita so when they go to Lyoko and get hit they disappear forever. The next morning Jeremy Odd and Aelita were getting ready for class and well mostly Aelita and Odd were because Jeremy was still on his computer trying to figure out how to bring Ulrich's parents back home and how to destroy the Cortex. Aelita came by and asked Jeremy if he found out how but Jeremy told her that he hasn't yet but he is getting closer and they will be able to destroy the Cortex Replica for good. Just then Xana launched an attack and Jeremy didn't know that Jonald had messed up the super scans until he found out. Jeremy had launched a scan but he saw that Jonald had attacked it so that was the attack from Jonald this time. Jeremy launched Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they were right in front of the tower and they both set off just then monsters had came out and attacked the warriors Odd was able to hold them off while Aelita went to the tower as she went into side the monsters blasted Odd out of Lyoko back to earth as Aelita deactivated the tower everything was normal but Jeremy couldn't fix the super scan so they would have to launch a return to the past as they did everything went back to normal.
132 The Return Of The Colossus One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were in the lunchroom and Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey with Ulrich's cousin everything was very quiet and peaceful but suddenly Jonald was at it again he had sended Xana to control two army jets that carry explosives in one jet and the other jet is carrying toxic waste Jonald ordered Xana to make them crash and have create an explosion in the city killing everyone there. Jeremy soon found out what Jonald was doing and he contacted Odd and Aelita and told them what was Xana doing and what was he doing with the two jets. He had sended them into the Ice Sector Odd and Aelita had found the tower and as soon as Aelita was about to go in the tower suddenly a big familiar monster showed up and was going to destroy the tower that keeps the Ice Sector around. Meanwhile the two jets were almost about to crash and make an explosion as Jeremy saw the news they said about 8 minutes to impact. Back on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were dealing with The Colossus and Odd destroyed it easily and Aelita helped out too then she went into the tower it was about 2 minutes they were very close and Aelita was close too Aelita entered Code Lyoko and Xana's attack stopped and Jonald was stopped as well. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again. Ulrich and Yumi were glad that Jonalds attack was stopped.
133 The Great Hunt Ulrich and Yumi got a call from a friend of Ulrich in their new private school in the Jersey Shore about a mysterious bunch of metal versions of dogs and wolves attacking innocent animals in the local park and zoos. Ulrich and Yumi as they try to uncover the mess figure out it was caused by Lester, Hose, Rajah and Fin with the help of a hacker companion named Hunter Igneous who wants to hunt down animals to make into monsters of XANA. Jemery Odd and Aelita got word and they were sended to Lyoko to stop Xana's attack and stop Jonald and his men. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were still trying to figure out who cause the mess but they were trying to guess if it was Jonald or Xana but Yumi guess Xana but Ulrich figured out it could be Jonald leading this mess. Later Jeremy Odd and Aelita were on Lyoko and they manage to get past the monsters and Aelita went safely into the tower as Odd was watching the Tower color turn Jeremy brought them back and launched a return to the past and everyone was safe and everything was back to normal once again.
134 Myddraal Ulrich, Yumi and Matt go camping with Matt's girlfriend, Maria and her family in Cape May city. Maria's grandfather starts ranting out a scary story he heard as a kid about the Myddraal, which is a humanoid monster that can see like a hawk, although it has no eyes and only a mouth on it's face and it wears a black robe and it rides a horse haunting their cabin home. Unfortunately a hacker named Petoa Blofeld makes the Myddraal real by making a robot monster to attack the crew on their vacation. So Jeremy finds out by Yumi which Jonald sended after Ulrich and Yumi and Jeremy wondered what did Jonald sent after him Odd and Aelita. Just then Jonald sended Maria's grandfather under Xana's control to atatck Jeremy at the factory while Odd and Aelita were in Lyoko stopping Xana's attack. Meanwhile on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were battling Xana's monsters Crabs and Megatanks were sent to destroy them both. Odd and Aelita both took out the monsters and she went inside the tower. Maria's Grandfather still attacking Jeremy Aelita Deactivated the tower and soon Xana's attack stopped and Jeremy launched an return to the past and everything went back to normal once again.   
135 XANA's Lucky Day Jonald Gruttatron with his oldest son John Gruttatron, John's girlfriend Myuki and Fin on a mission trip to the Aritic to find an ancient relic that can destroy Jeremy, Aelita and Odd for good. Jonald fearing of being stopped by Ulrich and Yumi sends out his henchman Warren Joseph Aratino to lead Lester, Hose, Rajah and their hacker pals to distract Yumi and Ulrich until Jonald gets the relic to kill Jeremy, Aelita and Odd. Jonald needed to find a way so Jeremy Odd and Aelita cannot go to Cortex Replica to destroy the core he didn't know what to do but wasn't gonna give up that easily. This time Jonald Gruttatron along side his son his men and Xana Jonald has launched an attack on Lyoko but for the way tower to destroy the Forest Sector. Jeremy soon founded out and sended Odd and Aelita to Lyoko and they had to stop Jonald and which it was a tough battle because of Xana's monsters stopping them Odd and Aelita managed to stop Jonald from entering Code Jonald which would destroy Lyoko and all the the other sectors Jeremy soon brought everyone back and launched a return to the past as everything went to normal once again.
136 The Trap Kadic Academy is getting attacked by the Dluggas which are a cross of a Banshee, Chimpanzee, and really ugly baby that can scream like a banshee and hipnotize their victims like a piece of cake. All of the students are brainwashed to serve them including Odd which means Jeremy and Aelita must team up with the teachers to save the students from being slaves to Ugly baby monsters. The ugly baby monsters were sent by Jonald and Xana to destroy Ulrich and Yumi and Matt and New Jersey Ulrich and Yumi tried to call Jeremy for help but Jonald destroyed their cell phones so now they would have to stop them themselves. Meanwhile Jonald and Xana manage to take over New Jersey but then suddenly Ulrich and Yumi came in and they worked together stopped Jonald and Xanas attack as everything back to normal once again with Ulrich Yumi and Matt camping. Jeremy still working on the program and waiting for Xana's next attack.
137 The Return Of Franz Hopper One night Jeremy was sleeping until just then the superscan got five activated towers on his computer Jeremy wasn't surprised because he had remembered that Xana had clone and made a Franz Hopper clone and tricked him and the others but he told Odd and Aelita about whats going on and they went to the factory and they saw Franz Hopper once again at the supercomputer and Jeremy wasn't so sure if it was really Franz Hopper or Xana tricking them again. Jeremy asked what was he doing at the factory and Franz Hopper told them that he was Franz Hopper the real Franz Hopper and not the clone Franz Hopper like what happened a long time ago. Franz Hopper told them that Xana is attacking once again with Jonald Gruttatron they have launched attacks on every sector of Lyoko and Franz Hopper was trying to deactivate the towers but no luck Franz Hopper saw that Jonald was attacking the Cortex as well. Jeremy was shocked and he told Franz Hopper about the Cortex and how Xana came back to life. Franz Hopper sended Odd to deal with the monsters in the sectors and sended Aelita to the Cortex to stop Jonald. Jeremy and Franz Hopper need help so they called William for help and so he came to the factory to help Franz Hopper sended William to Lyoko to help Odd dealing with Xana and his monsters. It was a epic battle Odd and William were winning and Aelita was almost done with Jonald. Aelita blasted Jonald back to his base with her energy fields and soon everything was normal again all towers were deactivated and Franz Hopper launched a jump back in time and everything was normal again.
138 A New Lyoko Warrior One evening at the Factory Jeremy Odd and Aelita were still trying to find a way to bring back Ulrich's parents Jeremy didn't get any luck yet but soon Franz Hopper came in and he asked what was going on and Jeremy told him about what was going on and Franz Hopper had an idea. They should have another Lyoko Warrior since they added William they can add another one. Jeremy Odd and Aelita decided to add Spark Morales to the group. They had called Spark and asked him to join and he said yes but he also sweared to not give away the secret and they record his systems and he will now remember what happens when the heroes go back in time. Just then Xana has attacked and the tower is in the mountain sector. Jeremy sended Odd Aelita and Spark into Lyoko to stop Xana for good. Meanwhile on Lyoko Xanas monsters were attacking the towers and the heroes attacked them just then Spark got captured and was brain washed under Xana"s control. Spark had sended Odd and Aelita back to earth and he had got into the tower and destroyed the Mountain Sector and now Xana and Jonald had won this time and our heroes had lost Spark and now they gotta get him back as well are they up for the challenge?
139 Spark Morales Returns Following the previous episode Spark is being dragged by Trollocs to the Cortex where he will be killed by Jonald and XANA's elite henchman who is revealed to be William Dunbar under XANA's control with a couple of peers of his. Meanwhile Triple Lazer arrow confronts Ulrich, Matt and Yumi with a bunch of bounty hunter pals of his. Then Trolloc monsters attack the Academy with a bunch of Kankrelats with the notorious Special monster known as the Kankrelat king (which is a gigantic Kankrelat with a golden crown.) Meanwhile Jeremy and the others are trying to get Spark and William back from Jonald and Xana's control. Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into the Cortex to stop Xana and Jonald and bring William and Spark home. Meanwhile on the Cortex Spark and was tutored enough for the villains to celebrate but out of nowhere Odd and Aelita showed up and they soon took out Jonald and Xana but not killing them yet William and Spark are saved and soon brought back home and everything was normal once again.
140 Xana's New Body XANA gets a new makeover and repairs on his robotic humanoid cyclops body to a more powerful state and begins to sumon all his monsters (Trollocs, Hellhounds (Those Robot Wolves and Dogs in the Great Hunt Episode), Kankrelats, Dluggas, Mantas, Hornets, Crabs, Megatanks led by The Scyphozoha and Sumo Troll monsters) into the real world for a big invasion for the Dark Organization. Xana has invaded the earth by sending his monsters and sended his Lyoko monsters by using teleportation without using the scanners because some monsters are too big. Meanwhile Jeremy Odd and Aelita headed to the Factory to stop Xana's attack and soon Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they thought it would be easy since all of Xana's monsters are on Earth attacking there. Meanwhile as Xanas's monsters were attacking the earth and New Jersey Odd and Aelita were on Lyoko and they were right in front of the tower. Aelita entered the tower and she deactivated the tower and stopped the attack. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again.  
141 Professor Tyron Attacks In India a group of teenage indian girl assassins named Layla, Paravati, Padma, Maheta and Myumyu head to an old abandoned industrial factory and they meet a woman named Ms. Lavita who guides them to a group of humanoid ninjas guarding a door to an office and in that office is a man named Professor Tyron who is ranting about Rajah betraying them to that 'evil gang of hackers'. Then they were found by the traitor Rajah and his pals Lester, Fin, Hose and their aquantence Warren Joseph Aratino who send a message from Jonald Gruttatron. The message is that Rajah's former addiflates must make their alegance to the organization in helping a hacker friend named Assyria Kuba assassinate Jeremy before their plans fail. Meanwhile Jeremy was still working on bring back Ulrich's parents and was almost close to doing so but just then Aratino showed up at the Factory and was about to attack Jeremy until Odd and Aelita stopped him as they were just coming back from Lyoko Odd and Aelita manage to get Aratino away from the Factory. Jeremy was surprised and so were Odd and Aelita. Jeremy had to figure out what was Jonald and Xana were doing. Meanwhile Jonald and Xana had trapped Ulrichs parents on the Ice Sector and Jeremy soon was gonna get them back. But soon Jeremy found out that Jonald and Xana had trapped them and was waiting for the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy had to sent Spark and William because Odd and Aelita can't go back until 12 hours has passed. As Spark and William went into Lyoko they saw Ulrich's parents they were gonna keep them on Lyoko forever. Jeremy managed to type a program to free Ulrich's parents they did it they freed Ulrich's parents just in time Spark and William sended them back to the Factory and and Spark and William came back as well. Ulrich parents were home now and they went back to New Jersey and Ulrich reunited with his parents.  
142 Jonald Gruttatron Strikes Back Jonald Gruttatron sends out a ninja girl named Laressia to assassinate Jeremy with the ninja hacker twins Joe and Moe. Jonald sends a hacker named Diego Carson to keep an eye on the 3 by disguising himself as Jim who is always sending Jeremy to detention for no apparent reason and imprisoning Jeremy there to prepare the assassination with toxic gas hacked into the school's systems by XANA. Later that day Odd Aelita William and Spark were waiting for Jeremy at his room but he didn't answer for some reason. Odd and the others saw him at detention and they asked Jeremy why did he get one and Jeremy told them that he didn't know why. Just then Xana has launched an attack once again this time he has made a Specter of Jim and he was attacking the heroes at school Odd Aelita and William ran off to the Factory while Spark stayed with Jeremy at school as they ran from the Spector. Meanwhile at the Factory Aelita had sended everyone to Lyoko to stop Xana's attack. Later Aelita reached the tower and soon Xana's attack was stopped and everything went back to normal again.
143 A False Start Matt is glad that Ulrich's parents returned because, now he can get a chance to help Ulrich get along with his parents and also get in good with them. Unfortunately for Yumi she reunited with her parents who wanted to visit Yumi and see how she's doing. Then Laressa and the indian girls who were formerly addiflated with Rajah with Professor Tyron's ninja troopers. Jeremy soon founded out and sended Odd Aelita Spark and William to Tyron's lair and they had to stop him from sending minions. Meanwhile Tyron was still sending minions at Ulrich and Yumi and their families in New Jersey. Xana was also helping him by attacking them with his new body. Odd and the others did their best and Xana was too powerful for them so Jeremy had to uncrease his power so they can defeat him and which he did do so and soon Xana was powerless and Odd Aelita William and Spark soon defeated Xana and he ran off saying that next time he will win. Soon after Tyron was soon defeated by the heroes and they came back to the Factory and soon Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again.  
144 Ultimate Mission Destroy The Cortex XANA has ordered a bunch of Trolloc monsters and robots to prepare the launch of the Dark Organization's weapon the Cortex and they begin to launch the weapon into space to control the world. Jeremy Odd Aelita Spark William Ulrich and Yumi get furious about the launch of the Cortex and decide to raid the HQ of the Dark Organization and blow up the systems that will launch the Cortex. Jeremy soon told everyone that he may have found a way to destroy the Cortex and which everyone was shocked and they all headed for the Factory. Jeremy sended Odd Aelita Spark and William into the Cortex and soon they had to find to supercomputer and destroy it. Meanwhile on the Cortex they have founded the supercomputer but it was being guarded by 4 Megatanks and soon they found out that Xana has gotten the messenge. Jeremy soon upgraded the heroes weapons to have them destroy the Megatanks in one shot. Soon everyone from the The Dark Organization came they were battling the heroes as well. it was turning out well and Aelita soon found the supercomputer and she was close to destroying with the help of Jeremy. Aelita entered the special code that Jeremy gave her and soon Franz Hopper came to the Cortex and soon helped Aelita destroy the Cortex supercmputer. Everyone saw that the Cortex was getting destroyed and soon Jeremy brought Odd Aelita Franz Hopper Spark and William back to the Factory and The Dark Organization was making a retreat and was heading back to Jonald and Xana soon the Cortex was destroyed and the mission was almost over the only thing they had to do next was to destroy Jonald and which that's what they were gonna do next time.  
145 Fight To The Death Following the destruction of the Cortex Matt, Maria and some acquaintances of Ulrich in his private school sneak in the base of the Dark Organization. Then Ulrich and Matt get a nasty surprise, Ulrich's parents betrayed them to the Dark Organization and while they were digitized in Lyoko they were the ones who were informing Jonald about Jeremy and Aelita. Jonald appears to congratulate them with his son John and daughter in law Myuki who is Yumi's cousin, Myuki brings in her Aunt and Uncle (Yumi's parents) and prepares to silt them until Yumi steals her knife, but Mr. and Mrs. Stern steal it and Mrs. Stern digitalizes Jonald Gruttatron and silts his youngest son 3 year old Abdul and Ulrich's parents run away with John, Myuki and the hackers who are Jonald's henchmen as they laugh about their succession as XANA finally relases his true weapon the Destroyer Leviathan Fortress. Jeremy sended Odd, Aelita, Spark and William to Jonald's base so they can destroy him once and for all. Jonald soon was battling them and Odd William and Spark was holding off Jonald while Aelita had to destroy the base with Jonald still st the base. Just then Aelita had launched the program on Jonald's computer and the heroes watched Jonald get defeated and destroyed he was screaming in pain and getting burned up along with base Jeremy brought the others home just in time and they were glad that Jonald was destroyed and Xana was far from being defeated.   
146 Friends Are Family Pt.1 With their mission completed Jonald has been destroyed and Xana from being far from defeated our heroes were in the school lunchroom and celebrating their victory battle against The Dark Organisation and Jonald and Xana. Meanwhile in New Jersey Ulrich was reuniting with his parents, (who pretended to be good for now on) as Yumi was doing the same together both familes decided to go to lunch and celebrate. As our heroes had fond memories of Lyoko and their recent battles on Lyoko and the Cortex. They weren't ready to shut down the supercomputer as like before. This time Sissi was able to get to the Factory and she was watching Jeremy's video dairies once again and she heard about the recent battles Jeremy and the others had been doing and this time she has brought a video camera so her father can see and so he doesn't think shes not crazy like what happened last time when she went to factory she tried to tell her dad but he thought she was crazy but this time she will get them and expose their secret. Later at school as the group were still think about Lyoko until Sissi came by and told them that she will expose them cause she got Jeremy's diary disc and she was gonna take it to her father Jeremy and the others had to launch a return to the past so she doesn't show her father. Just as Sissi showed her father Jeremy launched the return to the past just in time what will happen next find out in part 2. To be continued.
147 Friends Are Family Pt.2 Following part 1 with Sissi trying to expose the heroes once again unfortunately a spy of XANA begins to pretend he is a citizen and sends Jeremy's diary discs to the Jersey Police who watch and it and decide to hunt down Jeremy before he 'threatens' to destroy the world with his evil plans, by getting help from the CIA. XANA begins to launch his attack on New Jersey and they think Jeremy is the culprit behind the mass murder. All of XANA's robots and monsters attacked Wildwood. Then Ulrich's parents secretly contact the organization and order them send people to kill Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Spark and William. Ulrich and Yumi discover their plans and Mr. and Mrs. Stern begin to call for help from Triple Lazer Arrow to assassinate the heroes. While Ulrich's parents are still having the Police hunt down the heroes as they didn't know that it was Xana that was behind everything. Ulrich and Yumi had to get Jeremy's diary discs back from the police as soon as possible. Later Ulrich and Yumi got the Diary Discs and soon they called Jeremy to launch a return to the past so no one not evening Xana can see them again but once again Jeremy Odd Aelita Spark and William have to go to Lyoko and stop Xanas attack so which they went to Lyoko and they saw the tower it wasn't far and so they went on to the tower. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were hiding the Discs so the Police couldn't find them or the Factory as well. Back on Lyoko the heroes found the tower Aelita went inside the tower and manage to deactivate it just in time Xana's attack failed yet again and he ran back on Lyoko. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything went to normal once again.

Meanwhile in another dimension A bunch of Demons stir and appear preparing a vortex to our world and they sneer sinisterly.

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