Welcome to Code Lyoko Fanfiction Wiki!
The wiki about stories invented by fans of Code Lyoko that anyone can collaborate.
We currently have 250 articles, 425 images and 2,385 edits since September 30, 2011.

Welcome to the Code Lyoko Fanfiction Wiki!

Welcome to the wiki. This wiki has a collection of Code Lyoko Fanfiction which anyone, including you, can browse through. Logged-in users can create their own Fanfictions to be published on the wiki.

Before you start, do kindly look at The Rules so as to prevent any conflicts with other users on the site.

User polls

How shall the fan made movie Code Lyoko X.A.N.A.'s conquest do the Earth scenes?

The poll was created at 15:13 on April 7, 2013, and so far 163 people voted.

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