Code Lyoko X is a Fan-made TV show of the original series Code Lyoko, and and follows the original series and Code Lyoko Evolution. This is a alternate to the Code Lyoko story and the first TV show of Code Lyoko to not go with the original timeline of the original show (because it takes place in 2017 our current year). It will be more epic than the original series because like Japanese Anime it will have multiple story arcs with various enemies especialy the one and only enemy of the group XANA. It will be released in July 12 2018.


A couple of pre-teen warriors who were once childhood friends reunite to try to be friends again until one kid gets targeted by an evil organization using the aid of a artificial intelegence, bent on world domination. 


Set 10 years after the events of the original series, and following Evolution, Young Pre-Teen Ulrich Stern snags an artifact from a ruined labratory to sell for money to help his 29 year old cousin Matt run his video game shop. He arrives to meet Matt at the shop and Matt is glad he is here because he wanted the awesome artifact to work an old game system found by some pal of his that didn't work and also he reported that a childhood friend of his named Yumi had arrived to stay over because her family realized that moving back to their homeland would badly affect Yumi. Ulrich was glad because it had been so long since he seen his childhood friends. Then a certain bunch of hackers arrive to bring back the virus Ulrich and friends had fought 10 years ago when they were in Ninth grade. 10 years had passed since XANA's defeat by 'mere' fourth graders known as Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Jeremy and Aelita. Then five years later they find out Xana had survived and is alive again and he is back and better then ever. They have been battling the virus ever since weird things happened at their school in the year 2003 when they were in 9th Grade. Ever since XANA made a sudden return, our 5 heroes had discovered a new replica known as the cortrex made by XANA and he has been revived by an evil mad scientist known as Professor Tyron who Franz Hopper knew Meanwhile Ulrich is ordered to move by his parents because they have lost their jobs and have been taken into Lyoko by Xana and Jeremy works on getting them home. Resulting in the seperation of the Gang and also seperation of going to Lyoko to stop Xana and the other villains.

Season 1 2018-2019 

Episode # Name               Plot                                      
(1)122 The Return Of Xana Pt. 1

One day at Kadic Academy following the battle against Xana and returning to normal lives Jeremy Odd Ulrich Yumi and Aelita were in school until for some reason the school was acting weird and giving everyone a strange disease that makes them very sick. Jeremy figures out that Xana is somehow back and he is making this disease to everyone. So our heroes head to the factory to stop Xana's attack before it was too late when they got to the factory Jeremy sended everyone to Lyoko and when they arrived on Lyoko the vehicles were already waiting. Meanwhile Xana managed to send the diease into the factory and is almost about to get Jeremy sick before it did Jeremy managed to set the jump back in time launcher and he was knocked out. Meanwhile on Lyoko Xana sended 3 Crabs 2 Megatanks and 4 Bloks after the heroes. They were battling each other and the good guys were almost at the tower Ulrich takes out the megatanks and Odd takes out 2 out of 3 Crabs and the Bloks shot Odd and Yumi out for good. Aelita was able to get into the tower and stop Xana's attack just in time. Just then the return to the past was launched and everything was normal again. Just then Ulrich was called in the principals office and his parents were waiting for him and they told him that they had lost their jobs and they new move Ulrich was very shocked and very sad at the same time. Later that day he told the others and they were upset because without Ulrich they will need another Lyoko Warrior to help them on Lyoko. As the whole gang said goodbye to Ulrich and Yumi finally kissed him on lips which made everyone even Sissi shocked. Everyone watched Ulrich leave with his parents.

(2)123 The Return Of XANA Pt. 2 Following Part 1 with Ulrich leaving Kadic with his parents they were heading to New Jersey to live a new life. Ulrich still miss his friends and especially misses his fights and his fun times on Lyoko as he has fond memories of Lyoko. Meanwhile back at Kadic the others were still upset about Ulrich leaving and so Odd had an idea of going back in time to stop it from happening but it wouldn't do any good because going in back in time would make Xana even more stronger. Later that day in class a new student arrived and his name was Spark Morales and Jeremy Odd Yumi and Aelita looked at him as he told everyone that he was Jim's 2nd cousin. Everyone was shocked and surprised about that. Meanwhile in New Jersey Ulrich and his family were getting adjust to their new lives However it was a matter of time before trouble could happen. Sudden Xana has launched another attack but this time it was on his parents a new villain named Jonald Gruttatron who alongside with Xana had sended Ulrich's parents to Lyoko and now Ulrich finds out that Xana is not working alone. Now Ulrich would have to find a way to stop Jonald Gruttatron and Jeremy and the others would have to bring back his parents into the real world he might have to do the same thing from what they did to Aelita when they brought her back to earth. Jeremy told Ulrich that getting his parents back won't be easy so it will take a long time to do so.
(3)124 The Cortex Supercomputer One day at Kadic after when Ulrich left the others have been trying to figure out who would replace Ulrich as a Lyoko warrior. Jeremy told Aelita and Odd to find someone or if someone knew anything about the factory they would have to tell him and he will take care of it. Meanwhile Jeremy still at the factory and trying figure out Xana's next attack he somehow saw another Replica and he was shocked it was very different it was not like any of the other Replicas they have saw and destroyed. Jeremy calls Odd and Aelita and tells them the bad news and tells them to get over to the factory. Just then Xana was attacking again but this time it was where Ulrich was at. Xana had not only sended Ulrich's parents into Lyoko but also made a new Replica called the cortex which they never saw before. Jeremy told Odd Aelita and Yumi to go to sector 5 so they can get into the Skid and see the new Replica. After going into the Digital Sea while traveling though there suddenly some new monsters had passed them they didn't even attack them for some reason. Aelita and the others were surprised but still moved on. Just then when they arrived at the Replica and went inside they were surprised to see that it was very different from the other Replicas made by Xana. As they got off the Skid they explored the Cortex and Aelita manage to find the supercomputer to the Cortex and she told everyone that the Cortex is where Xana was made and brought back to life and our heroes also found a sumpercomputer for the Cortex Aelita told Jeremy about it and he brought everyone back to the factory so he can find a way on how to destroy the Cortex supercomputer and also get Ulrich's parents back home.
(4)125 Meeting Lester The Teenage Hacker

Lester the Arabian/Asian hacker is summoning Trolloc (half human half Animal monster) robots at his aid with a Humanoid Shark monster. Lester also gets the aid of his pals, Hose (the Latino hacker who survived gang fights without a single bruise.) Fin (a Malaysian hacker with long hair in a pony tail) and Rajah (a half black and blonde haired hacker from India). with two ninja twins from Thailand named Joe and Moe Thakivan. The baddies discover with their delinquent hacker pals and robots that Ulrich is now living with his cousin on his dad's side Matt Stern, who understands Ulrich because of having the same relationship with Ulrich's parents. Yumi then moves in with Ulrich and Matt in their home because her parents moved back to Kyoto because of issues at school and jobs and both Yumi's parents fear that she will fail in a school in Japan thinking Jersey is better for her. Now there are two out of 5 Lyoko Warriors are gone and Jeremy Odd and Aelita are left to stop Xana on Lyoko. 

(5)126 Xana's Robots Ulrich and Yumi run into a situation as an agent of The Dark Organization named Triple lazer arrow arrives with an army of hackers and an army of Xana's robots to fight the two in Matt's hotel. Triple Lazer Arrow is gotten help from XANA who later reveals himself as a monster robot humanoid with one eye with his logo as the iris. XANA orders the hackers and the robots to attack Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Jeremy Odd and Aelita were at the factory as they got word about Xana's Robots attacking Ulrich and Yumi in New Jersey Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they battled against 3 Tarantulas which they were tough and also because they have powerful lasers. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were still having trouble with the robots because they were out numbered and they had tried everything to stop the robots but they were out numbered. Jeremy tells Odd and Aelita to hurry up and move it because Ulrich and Yumi are not gonna make it. Just then Odd held off the Tarantulas while Aelita went into the tower to deactivated it and stopped the robots from killing Ulrich and Yumi just in time. Jeremy then launched a return to the past and everything went back to normal. Later at Kadic Jeremy was launching the program on how to get Ulrich's parents back home from Lyoko and as for Odd and Aelita they had lunch and as for Ulrich and Yumi they still continued to deal with The Dark Organization.
(6)127 Bad Creepers It was a normal day at the school no Xana attack no activated towers nothing just a normal day so every thing was going normal but some thing strange append at night batteries were losing power faster and people have notice that so people did not notice the hackers now what was going on the next day lights were not working at the school and around the world so that question what is he doing with all this power so they don't know what is happening the next day TV don't work or computers so the school and the hole world was not with out power soon then he attack a power company that lost all of the power in towns and in city so people were freaking out and are trying to find out why we don't have power no more then a strange simbol on all the TV shows just then the monsters came out and attack the phones news and a big red alert show and say some strange monsters attack people so the team went to the super computer to find out what is going on so they decided to go to Lyoko to find out what is going on so Jeremy scans the world so he did sector 5 was having some problem with it so they went to the edge of the ice sector to enter the area so he did when they got there the monsters were freaking out because he took a lot of power so they ran to the end of the sector 5 to reprogram it to be normal but then the hackers were try to stop them but they were to late so Jeremy did a return to the past and it all went back to normal.
(7)128 The Attack On The Skid One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were talking to Ulrich and Yumi ever since they left Ulrich asked Jeremy if his parents can come now right now but Jeremy told him no because he still doesn't have the program to bring them home but he told him he will keep trying to bring them home. Just then Xana has launched an attack again but this time it was on the Skid which he is trying to get the energy and destroy it. Meanwhile Jonald has sent Lester and his two henchmen Fin and Rajah to attack Yumi and Ulrich and to kill them once and for all. Yumi then tells Jeremy that Jonald is attacking them and Jeremy tells them that Xana is also at it again by attacking the Skid Jeremy tells Ulrich and Yumi to hold them off until they stop Xana. Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into Sector 5 where they managed to get to the Skid just in time. Odd and Aelita battled the monsters that were destroying the Skid Ulrich and Yumi were still dealing with Lester Fin and Rajah they were too powerful and Yumi and Ulrich were almost beaten up By them. Odd and Aelita managed to destroy the monsters who were trying to destroy the Skid Aelita found an tower activated by Xana and managed to deactivate it which Lester Fin and Rajah went back to Jonald and Xana yet again lost. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again with our heroes oing their things at Kadic and as for Yumi and Ulrich they had their time in New Jersey.
(8)129 A Bad Turn Again One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were getting ready for the big day Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey and they were still feating The Dark Organization as that was the other threat besides Xana returning. Jeremy was still working on bring Ulrichs parents home Ulrich was still living with his 29 year old cousin and Yumi was with him because after what happened recently. Just then Xana has launched an attack the activated tower was in the desert sector this time. Jeremy Odd and Aelita soon got the news and they headed over to the factory to stop Xana's attack. Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into the desert sector and Odds overboard was all ready there they both jumped on and went to the tower. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi got word of Xana's attack and they didn't know what the attack was until they found out what it was suddenly Crabs showed up and attacked Yumi and Ulrich in New Jersey. Ulrich called Jeremy and told him and asked him how was Xana able to get the Crabs to New Jersey without using the scanners. Jeremy found out and told him that Xana had help from Lester the hacker and thanks to him Xana was able to teleport the Crabs to earth without using the scanners this time unlike what happened the first time around when he did so. Meanwhile on Lyoko Odd and Aelita saw a set of Hornets coming at them and now Odd and Aelita had to fight and dodge them. Jeremy realized that the Hornets were gonna do everything they can to slow them down so they can give the Crabs time to kill Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi fought the Crabs and they manage to take out three Crabs. Ulrich then called Jeremy and told him that they took out three Crabs but they still need help. Back on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were still in trouble and they manage to take out the Hornets. Aelita went inside the tower and deactivated it and Jeremy launched a return to the past. Later that day everything was normal again. Ulrich and Yumi were glad everything was normal again as they were relaxing in New Jersey.
(9)130 The Attack Of Jonald Gruttatron One day at Kadic our heroes were doing their normal stuff. Jeremy was still working on how to bring Ulrich's parents home and figuring out how to destroy the Cortex Replica which was made by Xana 5 years ago. Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey still together living with Ulrich's older cousin who has been a guarden of Ulrich ever since Xana had captured his parents sending them to Lyoko. Meanwhile Jonald Gruttatron was thinking of a way on how to destroy the heroes since they aren't together anymore Jonald Gruttatron had an idea this time he decided to attack Cortex Core which he has sended his minions Fin and Rajah and sends Lester the hacker to stop the heroes from using the Skid by hacking the systems and sending Xana and his monsters to the core of Lyoko to created a diversion for the heroes. Later that day Jeremy soon got word of Jonald Gruttatron attacking the Cortex Core and Xana attacking the Core of Lyoko Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into Sector 5 to stop the Creepers and Mantas from attacking the Core but Jeremy also found out that Lester The Hacker is messing with the Skid systems so they can't use it to get to the Cortex Core. Odd and Aelita head for the Core of Lyoko and they fight off the Creepers and Mantas. Odd and Aelita manage to take them all out and now they head for the Skid and stop Lester from messing up the Skid when they got there they fought off Lester and Jeremy manage to fix the Skid systems and Odd and Aelita headed off for the Cortex. Meanwhile Jonald was with his henchmen at the Cortex Core and they were close to destroying it so that Xana or the Cortex Replica can't be destroyed. Xana was doing everything he can to stop Odd and Aelita as he sended the Sharks after them to give Jonald more time to destroy the Cortex Replica. Meanwhile as the Cortex Core was close to being destroyed Odd and Aelita managed to stop Jonald and his men just in time Jonald Gruttatron made a retreat with his men and left. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything went back to normal again.
(10)131 Jonald Gruttatron's Revenge It was the middle of the night and Jonald had launched his attack this time on the Factory by messing with the super-scans of Odd and Aelita so when they go to Lyoko and get hit they disappear forever. The next morning Jeremy Odd and Aelita were getting ready for class and well mostly Aelita and Odd were because Jeremy was still on his computer trying to figure out how to bring Ulrich's parents back home and how to destroy the Cortex. Aelita came by and asked Jeremy if he found out how but Jeremy told her that he hasn't yet but he is getting closer and they will be able to destroy the Cortex Replica for good. Just then Xana launched an attack and Jeremy didn't know that Jonald had messed up the super scans until he found out. Jeremy had launched a scan but he saw that Jonald had attacked it so that was the attack from Jonald this time. Jeremy launched Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they were right in front of the tower and they both set off just then monsters had came out and attacked the warriors Odd was able to hold them off while Aelita went to the tower as she went into side the monsters blasted Odd out of Lyoko back to earth as Aelita deactivated the tower everything was normal but Jeremy couldn't fix the super scan so they would have to launch a return to the past as they did everything went back to normal.
(11)132 The Return Of The Colossus One day at Kadic Jeremy Odd and Aelita were in the lunchroom and Ulrich and Yumi were in New Jersey with Ulrich's cousin everything was very quiet and peaceful but suddenly Jonald was at it again he had sended Xana to control two army jets that carry explosives in one jet and the other jet is carrying toxic waste Jonald ordered Xana to make them crash and have create an explosion in the city killing everyone there. Jeremy soon found out what Jonald was doing and he contacted Odd and Aelita and told them what was Xana doing and what was he doing with the two jets. He had sended them into the Ice Sector Odd and Aelita had found the tower and as soon as Aelita was about to go in the tower suddenly a big familiar monster showed up and was going to destroy the tower that keeps the Ice Sector around. Meanwhile the two jets were almost about to crash and make an explosion as Jeremy saw the news they said about 8 minutes to impact. Back on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were dealing with The Colossus and Odd destroyed it easily and Aelita helped out too then she went into the tower it was about 2 minutes they were very close and Aelita was close too Aelita entered Code Lyoko and Xana's attack stopped and Jonald was stopped as well. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again. Ulrich and Yumi were glad that Jonalds attack was stopped.
(12)133 The Great Hunt Ulrich and Yumi got a call from a friend of Ulrich in their new private school in the Jersey Shore about a mysterious bunch of metal versions of dogs and wolves attacking innocent animals in the local park and zoos. Ulrich and Yumi as they try to uncover the mess figure out it was caused by Lester, Hose, Rajah and Fin with the help of a hacker companion named Hunter Igneous who wants to hunt down animals to make into monsters of XANA. Jemery Odd and Aelita got word and they were sended to Lyoko to stop Xana's attack and stop Jonald and his men. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were still trying to figure out who cause the mess but they were trying to guess if it was Jonald or Xana but Yumi guess Xana but Ulrich figured out it could be Jonald leading this mess. Later Jeremy Odd and Aelita were on Lyoko and they manage to get past the monsters and Aelita went safely into the tower as Odd was watching the Tower color turn Jeremy brought them back and launched a return to the past and everyone was safe and everything was back to normal once again.
(13)134 Myddraal Ulrich, Yumi and Matt go camping with Matt's girlfriend, Maria and her family in Cape May city. Maria's grandfather starts ranting out a scary story he heard as a kid about the Myddraal, which is a humanoid monster that can see like a hawk, although it has no eyes and only a mouth on it's face and it wears a black robe and it rides a horse haunting their cabin home. Unfortunately a hacker named Petoa Blofeld makes the Myddraal real by making a robot monster to attack the crew on their vacation. So Jeremy finds out by Yumi which Jonald sended after Ulrich and Yumi and Jeremy wondered what did Jonald sent after him Odd and Aelita. Just then Jonald sended Maria's grandfather under Xana's control to atatck Jeremy at the factory while Odd and Aelita were in Lyoko stopping Xana's attack. Meanwhile on Lyoko Odd and Aelita were battling Xana's monsters Crabs and Megatanks were sent to destroy them both. Odd and Aelita both took out the monsters and she went inside the tower. Maria's Grandfather still attacking Jeremy Aelita Deactivated the tower and soon Xana's attack stopped and Jeremy launched an return to the past and everything went back to normal once again.   
(14)135 XANA's Lucky Day Jonald Gruttatron with his oldest son John Gruttatron, John's girlfriend Myuki and Fin on a mission trip to the Aritic to find an ancient relic that can destroy Jeremy, Aelita and Odd for good. Jonald fearing of being stopped by Ulrich and Yumi sends out his henchman Warren Joseph Aratino to lead Lester, Hose, Rajah and their hacker pals to distract Yumi and Ulrich until Jonald gets the relic to kill Jeremy, Aelita and Odd. Jonald needed to find a way so Jeremy Odd and Aelita cannot go to Cortex Replica to destroy the core he didn't know what to do but wasn't gonna give up that easily. This time Jonald Gruttatron along side his son his men and Xana Jonald has launched an attack on Lyoko but for the way tower to destroy the Forest Sector. Jeremy soon founded out and sended Odd and Aelita to Lyoko and they had to stop Jonald and which it was a tough battle because of Xana's monsters stopping them Odd and Aelita managed to stop Jonald from entering Code Jonald which would destroy Lyoko and all the the other sectors Jeremy soon brought everyone back and launched a return to the past as everything went to normal once again.
(15)136 The Trap Kadic Academy is getting attacked by the Dluggas which are a cross of a Banshee, Chimpanzee, and really ugly baby that can scream like a banshee and hipnotize their victims like a piece of cake. All of the students are brainwashed to serve them including Odd which means Jeremy and Aelita must team up with the teachers to save the students from being slaves to Ugly baby monsters. The ugly baby monsters were sent by Jonald and Xana to destroy Ulrich and Yumi and Matt and New Jersey Ulrich and Yumi tried to call Jeremy for help but Jonald destroyed their cell phones so now they would have to stop them themselves. Meanwhile Jonald and Xana manage to take over New Jersey but then suddenly Ulrich and Yumi came in and they worked together stopped Jonald and Xanas attack as everything back to normal once again with Ulrich Yumi and Matt camping. Jeremy still working on the program and waiting for Xana's next attack.
(16)137 The Return Of Franz Hopper One night Jeremy was sleeping until just then the superscan got five activated towers on his computer Jeremy wasn't surprised because he had remembered that Xana had clone and made a Franz Hopper clone and tricked him and the others but he told Odd and Aelita about whats going on and they went to the factory and they saw Franz Hopper once again at the supercomputer and Jeremy wasn't so sure if it was really Franz Hopper or Xana tricking them again. Jeremy asked what was he doing at the factory and Franz Hopper told them that he was Franz Hopper the real Franz Hopper and not the clone Franz Hopper like what happened a long time ago. Franz Hopper told them that Xana is attacking once again with Jonald Gruttatron they have launched attacks on every sector of Lyoko and Franz Hopper was trying to deactivate the towers but no luck Franz Hopper saw that Jonald was attacking the Cortex as well. Jeremy was shocked and he told Franz Hopper about the Cortex and how Xana came back to life. Franz Hopper sended Odd to deal with the monsters in the sectors and sended Aelita to the Cortex to stop Jonald. Jeremy and Franz Hopper need help so they called William for help and so he came to the factory to help Franz Hopper sended William to Lyoko to help Odd dealing with Xana and his monsters. It was a epic battle Odd and William were winning and Aelita was almost done with Jonald. Aelita blasted Jonald back to his base with her energy fields and soon everything was normal again all towers were deactivated and Franz Hopper launched a jump back in time and everything was normal again.
(17)138 A New Lyoko Warrior One evening at the Factory Jeremy Odd and Aelita were still trying to find a way to bring back Ulrich's parents Jeremy didn't get any luck yet but soon Franz Hopper came in and he asked what was going on and Jeremy told him about what was going on and Franz Hopper had an idea. They should have another Lyoko Warrior since they added William they can add another one. Jeremy Odd and Aelita decided to add Spark Morales to the group. They had called Spark and asked him to join and he said yes but he also sweared to not give away the secret and they record his systems and he will now remember what happens when the heroes go back in time. Just then Xana has attacked and the tower is in the mountain sector. Jeremy sended Odd Aelita and Spark into Lyoko to stop Xana for good. Meanwhile on Lyoko Xanas monsters were attacking the towers and the heroes attacked them just then Spark got captured and was brain washed under Xana"s control. Spark had sended Odd and Aelita back to earth and he had got into the tower and destroyed the Mountain Sector and now Xana and Jonald had won this time and our heroes had lost Spark and now they gotta get him back as well are they up for the challenge?
(18)139 Spark Morales Returns Following the previous episode Spark is being dragged by Trollocs to the Cortex where he will be killed by Jonald and XANA's elite henchman who is revealed to be William Dunbar under XANA's control with a couple of peers of his. Meanwhile Triple Lazer arrow confronts Ulrich, Matt and Yumi with a bunch of bounty hunter pals of his. Then Trolloc monsters attack the Academy with a bunch of Kankrelats with the notorious Special monster known as the Kankrelat king (which is a gigantic Kankrelat with a golden crown.) Meanwhile Jeremy and the others are trying to get Spark and William back from Jonald and Xana's control. Jeremy sends Odd and Aelita into the Cortex to stop Xana and Jonald and bring William and Spark home. Meanwhile on the Cortex Spark and was tutored enough for the villains to celebrate but out of nowhere Odd and Aelita showed up and they soon took out Jonald and Xana but not killing them yet William and Spark are saved and soon brought back home and everything was normal once again.
(19)140 Xana's New Body XANA gets a new makeover and repairs on his robotic humanoid cyclops body to a more powerful state and begins to sumon all his monsters (Trollocs, Hellhounds (Those Robot Wolves and Dogs in the Great Hunt Episode), Kankrelats, Dluggas, Mantas, Hornets, Crabs, Megatanks led by The Scyphozoha and Sumo Troll monsters) into the real world for a big invasion for the Dark Organization. Xana has invaded the earth by sending his monsters and sended his Lyoko monsters by using teleportation without using the scanners because some monsters are too big. Meanwhile Jeremy Odd and Aelita headed to the Factory to stop Xana's attack and soon Jeremy sended Odd and Aelita into Lyoko and they thought it would be easy since all of Xana's monsters are on Earth attacking there. Meanwhile as Xanas's monsters were attacking the earth and New Jersey Odd and Aelita were on Lyoko and they were right in front of the tower. Aelita entered the tower and she deactivated the tower and stopped the attack. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again.  
(20)141 Professor Tyron Attacks In India a group of teenage indian girl assassins named Layla, Paravati, Padma, Maheta and Myumyu head to an old abandoned industrial factory and they meet a woman named Ms. Lavita who guides them to a group of humanoid ninjas guarding a door to an office and in that office is a man named Professor Tyron who is ranting about Rajah betraying them to that 'evil gang of hackers'. Then they were found by the traitor Rajah and his pals Lester, Fin, Hose and their aquantence Warren Joseph Aratino who send a message from Jonald Gruttatron. The message is that Rajah's former addiflates must make their alegance to the organization in helping a hacker friend named Assyria Kuba assassinate Jeremy before their plans fail. Meanwhile Jeremy was still working on bring back Ulrich's parents and was almost close to doing so but just then Aratino showed up at the Factory and was about to attack Jeremy until Odd and Aelita stopped him as they were just coming back from Lyoko Odd and Aelita manage to get Aratino away from the Factory. Jeremy was surprised and so were Odd and Aelita. Jeremy had to figure out what was Jonald and Xana were doing. Meanwhile Jonald and Xana had trapped Ulrichs parents on the Ice Sector and Jeremy soon was gonna get them back. But soon Jeremy found out that Jonald and Xana had trapped them and was waiting for the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy had to sent Spark and William because Odd and Aelita can't go back until 12 hours has passed. As Spark and William went into Lyoko they saw Ulrich's parents they were gonna keep them on Lyoko forever. Jeremy managed to type a program to free Ulrich's parents they did it they freed Ulrich's parents just in time Spark and William sended them back to the Factory and and Spark and William came back as well. Ulrich parents were home now and they went back to New Jersey and Ulrich reunited with his parents.  
(21)142 Jonald Gruttatron Strikes Back Jonald Gruttatron sends out a ninja girl named Laressia to assassinate Jeremy with the ninja hacker twins Joe and Moe. Jonald sends a hacker named Diego Carson to keep an eye on the 3 by disguising himself as Jim who is always sending Jeremy to detention for no apparent reason and imprisoning Jeremy there to prepare the assassination with toxic gas hacked into the school's systems by XANA. Later that day Odd Aelita William and Spark were waiting for Jeremy at his room but he didn't answer for some reason. Odd and the others saw him at detention and they asked Jeremy why did he get one and Jeremy told them that he didn't know why. Just then Xana has launched an attack once again this time he has made a Specter of Jim and he was attacking the heroes at school Odd Aelita and William ran off to the Factory while Spark stayed with Jeremy at school as they ran from the Spector. Meanwhile at the Factory Aelita had sended everyone to Lyoko to stop Xana's attack. Later Aelita reached the tower and soon Xana's attack was stopped and everything went back to normal again.
(22)143 A False Start Matt is glad that Ulrich's parents returned because, now he can get a chance to help Ulrich get along with his parents and also get in good with them. Unfortunately for Yumi she reunited with her parents who wanted to visit Yumi and see how she's doing. Then Laressa and the indian girls who were formerly addiflated with Rajah with Professor Tyron's ninja troopers. Jeremy soon founded out and sended Odd Aelita Spark and William to Tyron's lair and they had to stop him from sending minions. Meanwhile Tyron was still sending minions at Ulrich and Yumi and their families in New Jersey. Xana was also helping him by attacking them with his new body. Odd and the others did their best and Xana was too powerful for them so Jeremy had to uncrease his power so they can defeat him and which he did do so and soon Xana was powerless and Odd Aelita William and Spark soon defeated Xana and he ran off saying that next time he will win. Soon after Tyron was soon defeated by the heroes and they came back to the Factory and soon Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything was normal again.  
(23)144 Ultimate Mission Destroy The Cortex XANA has ordered a bunch of Trolloc monsters and robots to prepare the launch of the Dark Organization's weapon the Cortex and they begin to launch the weapon into space to control the world. Jeremy Odd Aelita Spark William Ulrich and Yumi get furious about the launch of the Cortex and decide to raid the HQ of the Dark Organization and blow up the systems that will launch the Cortex. Jeremy soon told everyone that he may have found a way to destroy the Cortex and which everyone was shocked and they all headed for the Factory. Jeremy sended Odd Aelita Spark and William into the Cortex and soon they had to find to supercomputer and destroy it. Meanwhile on the Cortex they have founded the supercomputer but it was being guarded by 4 Megatanks and soon they found out that Xana has gotten the messenge. Jeremy soon upgraded the heroes weapons to have them destroy the Megatanks in one shot. Soon everyone from the The Dark Organization came they were battling the heroes as well. it was turning out well and Aelita soon found the supercomputer and she was close to destroying with the help of Jeremy. Aelita entered the special code that Jeremy gave her and soon Franz Hopper came to the Cortex and soon helped Aelita destroy the Cortex supercmputer. Everyone saw that the Cortex was getting destroyed and soon Jeremy brought Odd Aelita Franz Hopper Spark and William back to the Factory and The Dark Organization was making a retreat and was heading back to Jonald and Xana soon the Cortex was destroyed and the mission was almost over the only thing they had to do next was to destroy Jonald and which that's what they were gonna do next time.  
(24)145 Fight To The Death Following the destruction of the Cortex Matt, Maria and some acquaintances of Ulrich in his private school sneak in the base of the Dark Organization. Then Ulrich and Matt get a nasty surprise, Ulrich's parents betrayed them to the Dark Organization and while they were digitized in Lyoko they were the ones who were informing Jonald about Jeremy and Aelita. Jonald appears to congratulate them with his son John and daughter in law Myuki who is Yumi's cousin, Myuki brings in her Aunt and Uncle (Yumi's parents) and prepares to silt them until Yumi steals her knife, but Mr. and Mrs. Stern steal it and Mrs. Stern digitalizes Jonald Gruttatron and silts his youngest son 3 year old Abdul and Ulrich's parents run away with John, Myuki and the hackers who are Jonald's henchmen as they laugh about their succession as XANA finally relases his true weapon the Destroyer Leviathan Fortress. Jeremy sended Odd, Aelita, Spark and William to Jonald's base so they can destroy him once and for all. Jonald soon was battling them and Odd William and Spark was holding off Jonald while Aelita had to destroy the base with Jonald still st the base. Just then Aelita had launched the program on Jonald's computer and the heroes watched Jonald get defeated and destroyed he was screaming in pain and getting burned up along with base Jeremy brought the others home just in time and they were glad that Jonald was destroyed and Xana was far from being defeated.   
(25)146 Friends Are Family Pt.1 With their mission completed Jonald has been destroyed and Xana from being far from defeated our heroes were in the school lunchroom and celebrating their victory battle against The Dark Organisation and Jonald and Xana. Meanwhile in New Jersey Ulrich was reuniting with his parents, (who pretended to be good for now on) as Yumi was doing the same together both familes decided to go to lunch and celebrate. As our heroes had fond memories of Lyoko and their recent battles on Lyoko and the Cortex. They weren't ready to shut down the supercomputer as like before. This time Sissi was able to get to the Factory and she was watching Jeremy's video dairies once again and she heard about the recent battles Jeremy and the others had been doing and this time she has brought a video camera so her father can see and so he doesn't think shes not crazy like what happened last time when she went to factory she tried to tell her dad but he thought she was crazy but this time she will get them and expose their secret. Later at school as the group were still think about Lyoko until Sissi came by and told them that she will expose them cause she got Jeremy's diary disc and she was gonna take it to her father Jeremy and the others had to launch a return to the past so she doesn't show her father. Just as Sissi showed her father Jeremy launched the return to the past just in time what will happen next find out in part 2. To be continued.
(26)147 Friends Are Family Pt.2

Following part 1 with Sissi trying to expose the heroes once again unfortunately a spy of XANA begins to pretend he is a citizen and sends Jeremy's diary discs to the Jersey Police who watch and it and decide to hunt down Jeremy before he 'threatens' to destroy the world with his evil plans, by getting help from the CIA. XANA begins to launch his attack on New Jersey and they think Jeremy is the culprit behind the mass murder. All of XANA's robots and monsters attacked Wildwood. Then Ulrich's parents secretly contact the organization and order them send people to kill Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Spark and William. Ulrich and Yumi discover their plans and Mr. and Mrs. Stern begin to call for help from Triple Lazer Arrow to assassinate the heroes. While Ulrich's parents are still having the Police hunt down the heroes as they didn't know that it was Xana that was behind everything. Ulrich and Yumi had to get Jeremy's diary discs back from the police as soon as possible. Later Ulrich and Yumi got the Diary Discs and soon they called Jeremy to launch a return to the past so no one not evening Xana can see them again but once again Jeremy Odd Aelita Spark and William have to go to Lyoko and stop Xanas attack so which they went to Lyoko and they saw the tower it wasn't far and so they went on to the tower. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were hiding the Discs so the Police couldn't find them or the Factory as well. Back on Lyoko the heroes found the tower Aelita went inside the tower and manage to deactivate it just in time Xana's attack failed yet again and he ran back on Lyoko. Jeremy launched a return to the past and everything went to normal once again.

Meanwhile in another dimension A bunch of Demons stir and appear preparing a vortex to our world and they sneer sinisterly.

Season 2 2019-2020

Episode # Episode Name Plot
(27)148 Rise of a New Evil After a long peace after XANA's and Jonald's defeat, in another dimension 12 demon warriors stir in another dimension. These demons are speaking to a fiery flame with red eyes who orders them to attack the real world. One Demon questions his motives on how they will attack the world. The Fire replies that the demons should brainwash Asian people to invade Japan. Later on Yumi and her parents decide to visit family in Kyoto Japan with Ulrich, Matt, Maria and a bunch of Ulrich and Yumi's friends from Ulirch's private school in New Jersey. They fly on a plane to Kyoto airport and Yumi's mother introduces the non-related company to her mother, sister, aunts, father, paternal-Grandfather, brother, sister in law, nieces and nephews. Then a bunch of undead samurai thugs attack the home of Yumi's mother's family. Ulrich and Yumi fight the undead samurai with a mysterious warrior who is revealed to be Yumi's paternal grandfather. Yumi's paternal Grandfather apologizes for arriving uninvited during a raid, Yumi's maternal family forgives him and asks him if he knows anything since he was raised in a tradditional family. Yumi's paternal Grandfather reveals that back then when he was a kid, his father used to tell him about how the ancestors of many Japanese martial artists who started families, including both sides of Yumi's family, defeated the evil Tengu warriors known as the 12 forsaken mistics and banished them to the Negative Zone. Yumi and Ulrich decide to stay with Yumi's maternal family as they train with Yumi's paternal Grandfather to defeat the Tengu forsaken. Meanwhile the flaming head orders the Tengu Hisi Wu, the Sky Demon to cause problems in Kyoto, Hisi Wu is released to attack Kyoto like his master ordered and will not stop until he successfuly destroys the city. Then Yumi and Ulrich attack Hisi Wu, When Hisi Wu sees Ulrich he panics and shows an image of Ulrich to his kin and their Firey master who get's wide eyed realizing Ulrich's heritage. Ulrich digitizes Hisi Wu, but it only banishes him to the Negative Zone. Ulrich happy with his victory returns to Yumi's house.
(28)149 Meeting The First Demon One evening at New Jersey Ulrich and Yumi were resting peacefully because after their recent battle against Jonald and Xana and he has been very greatful that he and his family have been one again. Yumi on the hand was still happy with their battle being over but Yumi does feel that a new threat will come soon enough. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were looking at the stars at night and they were almost tired and about to fall asleep and they yet again they kissed and which no one ever had seen because well they don't want anyone to see them do that. Suddenly one of demons, Tchang Zu of Thunder was sent to kill Ulrich and Yumi and he had a big sword weapon (similar to what William has on Lyoko, except it had lightning) He was ready to attack them. But just then Yumi saw him and she and Ulrich got weapons for their own and they both fought Tchang Zu and he was losing as Ulrich and Yumi were working together to stop him. Ulrich and Yumi Tchang Zu was very fast and powerful and super fast so Ulrich and Yumi had to do their best to not get killed by him. Just then Ulrich and Yumi had finished off Tchang Zu and he ran off back his world and lives to fight another day everything went back to normal once again.
(29)150 The Flaming Head Attacks Again The Flaming head sends the Mounatin Tengu Po Kong of the mountains to destroy Ulrich and Yumi. Po Kong begins to brainwash a bunch of construction workers to start mining for Dino bones that she can use as building blocks to make a Dinosaur monster that can destroy Ulrich and Yumi for good. Ulrich and Yumi were getting help from Matt and a bunch of Matt's geek and scientist pals to create an instant transport machine to summon Yumi's Paternal Grandfather safely to New Jersey to train Ulrich and Yumi to stopping the Tengu Forsaken. Yumi's paternal Grandfather tells them in that to sumon him to help them train, Ulrich and Yumi must get the ancient kitanas of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. later on Ulrich and Yumi leave and walk and discuss their plans about how to do this properly. Then Po Kong arrives with her Dino monster and they attack Ulrich and Yumi. Ulrich slays the dino monster and finds the Kitana of China and uses it to digitize Po Kong sending her back to the Negative World. Soon Ulrich and Yumi had stopped them from killing them and everything was once again back to normal.   
(30)151 A Great Day Tso Lan the Moon Tengu has arrived and he steals a talsman from the shop that was on hold for a musem in India. Later on Ulrich and Yumi get the news that a the Kitana of India has been stolen by Tso Lan, The Moon Tengu and they decide to hunt Tso Lan down until he surrenders the blade. They encounter Tso Lan in a Astonomy center where he makes the moon change color into a gray moon and summons shadows to attack Ulrich and Yumi. Meanwhile Yumi and Ulrich were also getting ready to attack them as they were ready to attack Ulrich and Yumi hunted down Tso Lan so they can stop him once and for all. Meanwhile Tso Lan started hunted down for Ulrich and Yumi so he can end them once for all which Ulrich and Yumi will not let him do that Ulrich took a huge sword blade and he had ready for use on Tso Lan. Ulrich and Yumi soon finished off Tso Lan as he made a retreat back to his place to make a plan for his next attack next time. Back at New Jersey everything was normal again and Ulrich and Yumi were relaxing once again.  
(31)152 Echoes Xiao Fung the Wind Tengu is causing mysterious echos in the sky making people think there is a ghost on the mountain. When Ulrich and Yumi got the news they decided to check it out, Mountain climbers warned them not to go on or they will end up going missing. Ulrich advises Yumi that they have to be careful. The group runs into Xiao Fung as he tries to blow them away with his windy breath. Thanks to Yumi's fan they stayed safe from Xiao Fung's breath and decide to try to summon the Incian Kitana to digitize Xiao Fung but Ulrich had a weapon of his own and that was a breath mint he was saving for to go on a date with Yumi. Yumi says Ulrich has to risk it and Ulrich understands sending Xiao Fung into the Negative Zone. Xiao Fung complains that he lost to a bunch of mortal kids who used to go to Lyoko and stop Xana an had saved the world twice from him. Later that day Ulrich and Yumi were returning to normal lives once again and now they both know that the next attack won't be very easy.
(32)153 Happy Saint Valentines Day Bai Tza the Water tengu decides that she is going to terrorize a High School Prom to steal her 'beloved' boy, but to really sacrifice him to the Flaming head for his return. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi were relaxing in their hotel until they heard the attack from Bal Tza they had to go stop her once and for all. Meanwhile Bai Tza was making a plan of how to destroy the high school prom and Ulrich and Yumi had to stop her since it was only them and since these new villains weren't from Lyoko or worked with Xana. So Ulrich and Yumi once again they took their weapons and soon went to Bai Tza and they saw her attacking the high school as she was trying to make the other kids disappear forever as she was thinking that Jeremy and the others lived in New Jersey but since she doesn't know much about them she only saw Ulrich and Yumi as they showed up she knew what she had to do she had to get the data from them so she can help rebuild the Cortex after it was destroyed more then nine weeks ago. Ulrich and Yumi soon were battling Bai Tza and were fighting to the death. Ulrich and Yumi had a hard time because Bai was very strong and powerful from her last encounter against Ulrich and Yumi. Ulrich and Yumi had to save Valentines Day from being ruined from Bai Tza as she was ruining it. Soon Ulrich and Yumi had defeated Bai and made her run off and soon the high school valentines day dance was saved and Ulrich and Yumi soon went and they had a very fun night.
(33)154 Ulrich And Yumi Save Thanksgiving The Flaming head summons Dai Gu, The Earth Tengu to attack a Thanksgiving feast held by the most powerful family in Cape May, the Isle Family, the attack was sucessful and the heir of the Isle Family Emma Isle begins to try to get help from Ulrich and Yumi. Yumi and Ulrich refuse because they had dealt with Emma's bratty stupidly after the incident in her high school's prom. They enter the Isle family residence and they find out it is the biggest gathering of famous people and commoners who are from North Jersey, New Jersey and South Jersey, nobody else is invited. Then Yumi, Ulrich and Emma start investigating and they find out it's the work of Dai Gu. Emma sneaks away as she leaves Yumi and Ulrich fight off Dai Gu. While Ulrich and Yumi fight off Dai Gu they were doing great they had to stop her from ruining the thanksgiving feast and which it was hard so they had to come up with a plan without any help from the others and they remembered that they are both a team and they can do this. Soon Ulrich and Yumi defeated Dai Gu and everyone at the Thanksgiving feast was saved.
(34)155 Ulrich And Yumi Save Thanksgiving 2 Last year Ulrich and Yumi had saved Thanksgiving from Dai Gu and everyone had a great night. But now this year they have to rescue thanksgiving from the 2nd demon who has a plan to make sure that this year no one gets to have thanksgiving or celebrate it with their families. One day Ulrich and Yumi were busy at their house in New Jersey when suddenly the 2nd demon showed up and told Ulrich and Yumi that he was going to destroy thanksgiving and make sure it never happens again. Ulrich and Yumi were going to make sure that it never happens they both said that they will stop him from ruining thanksgiving. The 2nd demon has attacked a bunch of houses already and he has mentioned to them that they will no longer have a thanksgiving holiday with their families. Meanwhile Ulrich and Yumi are still battling Dai Gu as all three of them were still going on Ulrich and Yumi were running out of time because Thanksgiving was almost over and they don't have Jeremy to help them this time. As Ulrich and Yumi were about to give up suddenly Yumi had an idea she told Ulrich and they carried out the plan and soon they defeated Dai Gu once again but they did have call Jeremy to launch a return to the past as soon as Jeremy did that everything was normal again.
(35)156 Ulrich And Yumi Save Christmas
(36)157 Ulrich And Yumi Save Christmas 2
(37)158 Demon World Pt.1
(38)159 Demon World Pt.2
(39)160 Surt Revealed
(40)161 The 2nd Demon Strikes Back
(41)162 Code Z Pt. 1 Crossover Episode With Dragon Ball Z
(42)163 Code Z Pt. 2 Crossover Episode With Dragon Ball Z
(43)164 I Know Your Secret
(44)165 The Attack On Ulrich
(45)166 Ulrich Versus Dark Ulrich
(46)167 Poison Gas
(47)168 Is Anyone There
(48)169 Bai Tza Strikes Back
(49)170 Rebuilding The Cortex Part 1
(50)171 Contact Part 2
(51)172 Friends Gather Together Part 3
(52)173 The Key To The Cortex Part 4

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