Mad Hacking Skills of the 'Egg-Heads'

Jeramie, Aelita, Emily, Leona and Meiyo combined formed a team of hackers that had been able to bypass Detective Absalom's 'fortified security' by a simple act of asking to go to the restroom. The SWAT team felt nothing devious or sneaky was going on and let the youngsters pass without batting an eyelash. No sooner were they in the library that the five of them unpacked their laptops and began hacking into Letourneau's system as well as the other junior high schools that were attacked.

The hacking took a number of hours until Jeramie pulled up the surveillance films from Claude's desk.

"It's XANA alright. Look at his eyes in this still.", Jeramie said. It seemed that other principals in the area were also taken over by XANA's influence.

"But what could he be up to this time ? I've never seen him do anything like that !", Odd said, appalled at what he was seeing as the children mysteriously vanished one by one from their schools.

"Wait…Go back !", Taelia said, noticing something.

"What is it ?", Emily said, pausing her screen momentarily.

"I saw something unusual there. Rewind, please.", she said. Emily obeyed and paused when Taelia told her to.

"See that ?", she pointed out. Right there, despite the darkness, there was a swirling vortex of iridescence that burned so brightly it nearly blinded them by looking at it.

"XANA again !", Tammy observed, eyebrows furrowed. Just then, Jim happened to come into the library, Suzanne by his side.

"What took ya ?", Odd stated, jokingly.

"Very funny, Odd. We tried to get past the detective's security, and it wasn't that easy. You kids have a height advantage where we don't.", Jim said, his hand behind his head momentarily. The teens and children laughed.

"Luckily I used a little bit of feminine allure to divert their attention and we were in like Flynn.", Suzanne said, with a wink to Jim. Jim smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Smart and beautiful. I love her more every day.", Jim stated, poetically.

"Let's get back on track shall we.", Leona pointed their attention to what Taelia had discovered earlier.

"These portals are likely being created by XANA. Apparently he is spiriting them away to another dimension. Question is why, and where. Using the principals as red herrings was apparent enough, but this just keeps getting weirder.", Leona stated, pointing out the vortex in Emily's surveillance footage.

"I suggest we take a trip to these schools and see for ourselves.", Frieda said.

"Excellent idea, Frieda. We have no more time to waste.", Jeramie said, seriously. Collectively the five hackers closed their laptops and left the library while the rest of them followed behind them. It wasn't that much longer that they had begun their search at the initial starting point of this entire enigma: Letourneau High.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity