Taking place a few months after "Reawakening". Several local schools in Paris (including Kadic Academy) are the victims of unknown attacks and kidnappings of students and staff. The Lyoko Warriors set out to find who is responsible for the attacks on their school. Eventually, the story reveals that an elite school in the city, Letorneau Junior High, is responsible for the attacks. The young warriors eventually face off against Jean-Claude Letreunt, the principal of the school. Claude is eventually arrested and put in federal prison. The only other school heard of in CL is (in the American English version) Lincoln Junior High. Essentially, XANA is found to be the culprit and has gathered these rival schools together to fight in order to see who is deemed suitable to retrieve these children. But he doesn't suspect one unknown element…The power of song.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity