The Garuda, The Garuda Agent, or simply "Garuda", is a central antagonist (but not the main antagonist) of Shattered Mirror, an Alternate Universe fanfiction for Code Lyoko. First emerging in a timeline unknown to the protagonists, Garuda is an ancient enemy of Mirror M that the two have fought for ages and various reincarnations. However, when their most recent timeline was destroyed by Franz Hopper without him realizing it, Garuda is put into a hibernation in order to save his life from the attack, and Mirror M is immobilized as well. Upon waking up within Tyron's supercomputer, and realizing its own condition, Garuda vows to destroy anything that has to do with Franz Hopper by any means necessary. Realizing he now has an opportunity to take control over his mortal enemy, Garuda forcefully materializes Mirror M into the real world to kill Tyron's henchmen and then Tyron himself before giving Garuda free reign of a new hideout, and then proceeding to rebuild X.A.N.A. and exploit him while feigning the identity of a being who desires much of the same of what X.A.N.A. wanted on his own.


In most circumstances, Garuda's body is a hijacked Ninja that was reconfigured to resemble a Three-legged crow with a centaurish body type. This is considered to be Garuda's "default" body, as Garuda is seen utilizing much more heavily armored bodies in the future. Having three legs, two arms, and two wings, with a Raven's head for a mask, Garuda in this form is often nicknamed "Yatagarasu" by Yumi, "The Freaky Crow" by Ulrich and William, and "Crowman the Barbarian" by Odd until Mirror M informs them of Garuda's actual name; Jeremie and Aelita, in comparison, do not use a nickname for this body like the others do, and never refer to Garuda by any name at all until they learn of his true name.

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