Jerome Franz Hopper.

Jerome Franz Belpois is the main protangonist and player character in DOOM 3 and the main character in the prequel on the Code: DOOM page. Jerome is the great-great grandson of Aelita Schaeffer, and Jeremie Belpois, Jerome's middle name comes from the fake first name Aelita's father, Waldo Schaeffer used when he and Aelita went into hiding (though Aelita had no idea). He is 35 years old. It appears that he knows of the events in Code: DOOM, but there may be a possibilty that he evens knows of his great-great grandparents fight against XANA. He is a marine for what maybe the U.S. armed forces. He is american in nationalty and he does not have a french accent like his mother, which may imply that either a great grandparent, grandparent or his father (who are french), may have meet someone of the opposite gender who is or was American and married them which resulted into moving to the U.S. He knows english and french. He is implied to be a corporal at the end of the events in DOOM 3

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