(It starts with Yumi Ulrich Sisi Odd and Kiwi on a drive and threw a spooky road in their mystery van)Sisi:It's nice that your uncle invited us to his business here in the spooky woods. Odd:Uh-huh. Hey like here's something what's two and two? (Laugh track)Yumi:Odd you idiot it four no brain. Ulrich:Hey go easy on him. Kiwi:I'm hungry.Odd like yeah me to ki. Yumi:Hey how about that museum? Odd:Like where there's a museum there's a cafeteria. (Stops van and laugh track on cuts to them inside) Ulrich:Say Odd why do you always have the munchies?And also this your eyes are blood shot you're paranoid and the van has a skunky Oder. Odd:search me no don't I'm carrying.(laughs)Like all right I don't get much sleep at night I have a take worm a chilly but as for the skunky Oder don't know about that. Kiwi:All right the smell is me. (Laughs) (they are disgusted)(The curator appers)Mr. Wilkinson:Hello young travelers my name is jebadia wilkinson I'm the curator of this lovely museum. Odd:Got anything to eat? Mr.wilkinson:Yes of course right this way to our snack bar.(They run to the snack bar) Mr.Wilkinson:You kids should not be here. Sissi:Why is that mr wilkinson?