Special Delivery to the Morales Family

Susanne was approaching her scheduled date for giving birth and she was eager and a bit nervous with the sudden onset of contractions. It had been an auspicious time for her body to decide to want to deliver her child.

Fortunately, Jim and Susanne didn't have to teach today considering it was a weekend. When she started feeling some pain from contractions, Jim swept her up in his arms and took her to the car.

"You know, honey…I could've walked to the car.", she said, chuckling.

"You need your strength, honey.", Jim said, patting her leg affectionately. He opened the garage door and backed the Saturn out and into the street.

Quickly he took her to the hospital and her contractions became stronger and more frequent. She was taken to the delivery room in a wheelchair and helped onto a bed by some doctors and nurses. She was quickly changed into a patient's robe and started panting heavily.

"I think the baby's ready to come now.", she said, gritting her teeth slightly with another onset of a contraction. The doctors readied her and instructed her all the way as little Emily made her way into the world with a few mighty pushes from her mother.

"It's a gorgeous little baby girl.", the nurse said, after having cleaned her off. Emily was crying a bit, but as soon as Jim took her in his arms and sang she calmed down considerably.

"She is perfect, honey…Everything I imagined she would be.", Jim said, his eyes misting with tears of joy. Susanne, who hadn't been fazed by the birth, had sat up to see her daughter, sleeping soundly as if nothing had happened. She bent forward slightly to kiss her forehead and smiled.

"I love you, dearest one. You're more beautiful than a flower.", she said, sweetly.

"A flower ? Lili. That will be her nickname.", Jim agreed, smiling. After the new parents thanked the nurses and doctors and had the birth certificate filled as well as photos taken of their newborn, they left the hospital and returned home.

Kadic was already abuzz since they had heard about Emily Marie Morales' birth. She had only just recently been brought home and already she had become popular with everyone there. She had plenty of people she could count on, especially Jim's closest friends: the Lyoko Warriors. She too would come to know of Lyoko someday, and see it for herself. At the time, she was just a little infant, learning about everything that the world had to offer as well as be inspired by the mysteries in it, around it and of it.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity