Neo Aliens are Lyoko monsters created by the Space Pirate Corporal Cylun as his forces to destroy humanity and make Earth his own planet. Some are variations of XANA's monsters.

Known Monsters

  • Dark Kankrelats - like the Kankrelats they are basic foot soldiers of the monsters that move in groups, and they have the same apperances as the Kankrelats, except that they have a black metal shell and purple legs with one red eye.
  • Goboloids - Goboloids are Goblin monsters that travel in groups like the Kankrelats or they can travel alone for stealth attacks. 
  • Boarkluds - Boarkluds are Gigantic Humanoid Boar-men that are really skinny and are 22 feet tall. They use clubs and they travel with Dark Kankerlats and Gobloids.
  • Salamander-Wraiths - Metal Salamander monsters that dress up in torn black cloaks that travel alone and hunt with guns. Salamander Wraiths can kill people imediately in one try.
  • Black Hawks - Black Hawks are robotic black hawk birds that can shoot lazers out of their mouths and red eyes. They can cut through trees like knives slicing butter.

Special Monsters

  • Dragons - There are only 12 of these monsters in twelve elements, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Frost, Moon, Shadow, Sun, Sand, Stone, Poison and Spirit.
  • ​Golemoid - A huge Iron Golem in a Silver Knight Uniform or Samurai Uniform that can destroy anything in it's path. It is half as small as the Kolossus thankfuly.
  • Colossaloid - A Giant Robot Warrior in a Golden Samurai Uniform that can slash anything in it's path. Colossaloid can even use lazer eyes to destroy anything in it's path.

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