Novan M Ankh, a fan character created and owned by Per Ankh, is one of the most powerful beings on Lyoko


Novan was an American intern under Franz Hopper. He watched as the Scanners were built and was their first test subject. He ended up in the Desert Sector! XANA promised him safety on Lyoko, then tried to throw him in the Digital Sea. Rage at this betrayal unlocked the Beserk mode, a vicious winged creature thst was basically a defense mechanism. Novan then flew to the top of the plataeu and landed in the oasis, where he returnened to normal. He stayed there to hone his skills, which he discovered were: expert skill with his stakes, the power to control earth, and the ability to manipulate water. While doing so, he discovered a limit of his Geokinesis and Hydrokinesis: He only has control withen a half-mile radius.

Upon learning of Novan's survival, XANA fused him to a wall in that cave by the oasis just as Aelita and Franz virtualized themselves.

Several years later, Novan's consiousness awoke as the Desert Sector was reconstructed, seperating him from the wall in the process.