Tyron beckmann

Professor Tyron in Evolution.

Professor Tyron is the evil professor who used to aid Franz Hopper as his assistant and a scientist from Austria. He is a secondary antagonist of the Code Lyoko Evolution series and the main antagonist of Code Lyoko X's season 4. He lives in Switzerland with Franz Hopper's ex-wife Athena Schaffer. He is voiced by Arnold Shwartzinhager.


These are Professor Tyron's henchmen in Code Lyoko X

Image Name
Ms. Lavita 
Render code lyoko evolution ninja by dlynk-d6289e1
The Ninja Troopers
Ninja slayer from animation-17-koki-ninja-smile-holding out hand-friendly-helpful-cute
Marissa Kuba
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Lilith Richards
The Baron
2013-06-24 11-18-54
Unknown Cop Dude
Dr. Layla Yun
Dat guysdfgsdf

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