Series Season 5
Number 26
Air date November 30, 2013
Written by Josep Maria Roca Peña
Episode guide
The Return of Impostor
X.A.N.A. Army

Sightseeing is the 26th episode of season 5 and the 121st episode of Code Lyoko.


It is a morning in Kadic and Jeremy, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich are at the door of Kadic Academy waiting for a bus that will take you to the Eiffel Tower. Odd tells Yumi to watch his dog Kiwi, she says that he hasn't to worry because his dog will be fine.

The four Lyoko-Warriors depart until the downtown area of ​​Paris. Meanwhile, Yumi uncovers Odd's dog but the dog starts to howl. Then the principal appears behind and discovers Kiwi. Mr. Delmas takes Yumi to his office and tells him to immediately remove the dog from the academy, or she will be expelled because animals are not allowed in Kadic.

Yumi and are worried about Odd and later, she goes to the Factory to check the super-scanner and she discovers that X.A.N.A. has activated a tower in the mountain sector. She notifies Aelita and the others which are in the Eiffel tower having a discussion with Taelia until Jim interrupts them.

Odd and Aelita are in the elevator and then X.A.N.A. take control of the Eiffel Tower lifting the elevator and knocks them both. Aelita is fine but Odd has been wounded in the arm. Jeremy stays with Odd and Ulrich and Aelita manage to escape from the Eiffel Tower even though Jim catches their attention. They go to the underground for go to the site in which they live, Boulogne-Billancourt.

At the factory, Aelita and Yumi tell everything and they are virtualized on Lyoko. In the mountain sector there are a Megatank and two flying Tarantulas. Ulrich goes to fight against the Megatank and Aelita and Yumi go to fight agains flying tarantulas. Aelita destroys one but X.A.N.A.-Sissi appears and catch Aelita by her pink spirit.

The Eiffel Tower starts to move on the ground, while in Lyoko, Ulrich destroys the Megatank and fights with X.A.N.A.-Sissi. She is on the verge of the Digital Sea and jumps pretending Ulrich that she have surrendered, but this is cheating and devirtualizes Ulrich. Meanwhile, the Eiffel Tower is directed to a ravine.

Yumi destroys the last flying Tarantula and she goes to fight against X.A.N.A.-Sissi. She throws her fans but X.A.N.A.-Sissi use her Desintegration with her fans and devirtualizes Yumi saying "Goodbye, Yumi", and Yumi replies "Same to you, weary". But his fans return to X.A.N.A.-Sissi and she's devirtualized. With this, Aelita is released, and she deactivates the tower before the Eiffel Tower is thrown into a ravine. Ulrich lauches a return to the past.

This time, Odd asks Yumi what she will do with his dog and she says Odd that he hasn't to worry with this, as they left Kiwi with their parents, and they know to take good care as demonstrated in "A Space Oddity".


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