The Tengu Forsaken are the main antagonists of Season 2 of Code Lyoko X and the servants of the flaming head. They are demons that want to rule Japan and use their regime to make sacrifices to their lord the Flaming head. They have powers in their own element.

Known Members of the Tengu Forsaken

Tengu Forsaken Master

Demon Name Element Banisher
Surt the Fire Giant Fire Ulrich's Ancestor

Tengu Forsaken

Demon Name Element Banisher
Hsi Wu
Hisi Wu Sky Yumi's Ancestor
Tchang Zu
Tchang Zu Thunder ???
Po Kong
Po Kong Mountain ???
Tso Lan
Tso Lan Moon ???
Xiao Fung
Xiao Fung Wind ???
Bai Tza
Bai Tza Water ???
Dai Gui
Dai Gu Earth ???
CO6907SavantiRomero front
Rogue Fu Fire ???
Tumblr nlxub55pyL1qf581no1 500
Yami Ko Shadow ???
Shi Lan Ice ???
Images (2)
So Ban Amber ???
T Fenrir Ragnarok Card
Fenrir  Destruction ???

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