The Dark Organization (aka cult of Xanadu or The XANA Brotherhood) is an army of Hackers led by Jonald Gruttatron, The CEO of Gruttatron Enterprises, who wants to control XANA and his vurtual monster and robot forces under his command to help him rule the world. They are now led by Mr. Stern, Ulrich's father.


The XANA cult was founded in the year June 6th 1994 by Jonald Gruttatron to steal info codes from Dr. Schaffer who created XANA for a top secret project in France (Project Carthage) to weaponize it to gain him money. He discovered about XANA and decided to use XANA as a web network to get people to buy his products, but he needed hackers to help him with this 

when Ulrich left with his family to New York, the Organization knew to strike Ulrich and kill him there, with XANA and some hackers. XANA and the hackers overpowered Ulrich and made him a victim of assault by random thugs.

The next attack on Ulrich was in the Jersey Shore, They sent out 4 hackers by the names of Lester, (An Arabian Asian hacker) and Lester's cronies who are Jose (The Latin American Thug kid who survied gang fights with no single broose), Fin (The Malaysian karate star who has a record of the longest hair in a pony tail) and Rajah (A Game Geek from India with long black hair with the other side of his hair short spiked and blonde.), but instead of XANA comming with them they have XANA's robot soldiers and other hacker thugs. Ulrich has beaten them like a pro and won.

They reported to their boss Jonald Gruttatron who is not pleased and Gruttatron orders XANA to release his Virtual Monster forces. The monster forces will meet up with two hackers named Joe and Moe who are two imfamous twins.


Member Name Rank Status
IMG 4959
Jonald Gruttatron Supreme Leader Active
Lester Agent Active
Jose Agent Active
Fin Agent Active
Rajah Agent Activie

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