I, Novanto (Per Ankh) and this story's co-author, DramaRose13, are sorry to say that this story will not be continued, despite what we have hoped. I myself am very sorry, and would like to make a request of you all.

I will not be updating this story after you recieve this.

If any of you would like an ending to this story, our planned plot line involved the entire Lyoko club, which consisted of the majority of Kadic's student body, would go to the Grid and fight the corrupted programs belonging to the MCP. After that, XANA would challenge the MCP to a chess match, which XANA would win. The group would leave, and as closure, XANA would drop his desire to rule the world, instead preferring to live as a human, taking Xavier Hopper as his name with Aelita's permission.

But it is requested by DramaRose that you all use your imaginations to create your own endings! You don't necessarily need to stick to our plot line! Come up with your own if you want!

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as DramaRose and myself did when we created this idea almost a year ago.

Thank you for your time, and may Uxie, the immortal Being of Knowledge, smile upon us all.

EDIT: DramaRose's Good bye: Hello my dear readers,

I regret to say that this wonderful story has come to an end - well, at least our part has. Now it is up to you, dear readers, to create the endings that you so desire this story to have. Use your imaginations and tell it the way you want to. I wish we could continue this story, but alas, college has swamped us and taken away all of our time. I probably will not even have time for my own stories. I wish all of you and your loved ones health and happiness.



Novanto's good bye: Well, I've said all that can said. I must admit, I had a great time writing this story. I enjoyed very much, and made a few friends, such as DramaRose. I created this story out of a desire to read a decent Lyoko/Tron Crossover, since the only other one... well... it made my eyes hurt during reading. I got my desire... sadly we ran out of time to execute it.

It's been fun!