Boy, or Girl ?

In the following weeks, the jovial parents continued with their slew of names for the baby. Thus far they had come up with Aurore, Lili, Sebastian, and Thomas. Aimee still had many names she thought would be fitting for the child, and of course, Jean agreed with each and every one. But there was no telling if the child was male or female until Aimee had her ultrasound done.

Aimee called Jean once she was having an appointment for her ultrasound. She had Jean look with her and they saw their little baby moving for the first time.

"She's kicking, see that ? I can feel it.", Aimee laughed, her laughter like music from the celestial spheres.

"Yes, I see that. I was thinking of the perfect name just now, love.", Jean said.

"What name is that, then ?", Aimee said, with a soft smile.

"Elisabeth. She's our gift from God. I thought it fit.", Jean said, patting his wife's round belly lovingly, and felt little Elisabeth kick again. He was all smiles at seeing little Elisabeth squirm around, looking like a perfectly healthy little girl. He could hardly wait for her to be born, and he had also thought of the perfect babysitter for her when she was old enough for that. Right now, he was basking in the moment of what would become many more moments of pure elation that couldn't be explained in mere words alone.

Written by Angie Y. and FlowerofAdversity