Translation to Kadic
Series Season 5
Number 13
Air date April 5, 2013
Written by Josep Maria Roca Peña
Episode guide
Close One
Dark Ulrich

Translation to Kadic is the 13rd episode of season 5 and the 108th episode of Code Lyoko.


The episode begins in the cafeteria on a Friday morning, where are eating breakfast Jeremy, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich. Then comes Yumi. When they are all, Jeremy says she has made changes to the program of Translation, and they will test.

Jim tells Odd that he's punished for throwing food pellets to Nicolas and Herb, and he must be with him the next day, Saturday. Quickly he goes to talk to Nicolas and Herb, and angry with them for telling Jim about Odd's joke.

In the laboratory, the entire group arrives, and Odd is moody. Jeremy virtualizes the group and catch all the Skid. On the Digital Sea, Yumi asks where they are going, and Aelita replied that should be 5 minutes on the Digital Sea for Translation works.

Then some Kongres appear, and Lyoko-Warriors fight with tehm in their NavSkids. They destroy all the monsters, return to Lyoko again and tied the Skid in the tower of sector 5, and Jeremy activates this tower for him.

Jim aims to change the punishment after talking with Mr. Delmas, and decides to go look for Odd. His room is empty, and the room of his friends, the same. In Lyoko, Jeremy makes his test: he dos the Translation with Odd and Aelita virtually at Kadic (with Lyoko uniforms). They appear in the park of academy, and the two enter into the building of the bedrooms.

On the stairs, Jim catches Odd and Aelita is hiding on the roof with his wings. Jim asks why Odd leads that suit, and he says he's doing a test with new clothes. Odd tells Jim that changed the punishment and should go with him to the library. But Odd is now a spectre! Odd has a crazy idea to escape: he turns off the light with a laser arrow. So he runs away and goes to the Factory.

Jim chases Odd, and sees Aelita that is running with Odd. Then Jim loses sight: they have gotten into the sewers. Jim is a while looking through the woods. At the Factory, Odd and Aelita explain Jeremy the situation and the genius makes both return to Skid. He materializes Odd and Aelita and they return to Kadic.

In Kadic, Odd apologizes to Jim, and he replied that Aelita is also punished. They will go to the library on Saturday because it's night. Aelita is going mad, and when Jeremy asks what's wrong, she replies that Jim has punished her by Odd's clowning, and speaks of laser arrow. Jeremy says they have run many risks, and this was only test.


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