I am writing a live action Code Lyoko movie! Dont worry, as a commited fan, it wont be crap, or at least story wise. But im 16 and broke. It wont be amazing! lol but anyway, i wanna know from fellow fans what i should add to the story to make it juicy. I have a plot.

Lyoko has been deemed to dangerous to keep around, so it was extracted from the supercomputer and placed on multiple harddrive built by Jeremie to contain it. Those were put in a trunk, and the trunk was thrown into the Atlantic ocean, hopefully never to be seen again. After ten years, the trunk is found in Miami, and purchased from a street merchant and given to a teen in southeastern Pennsylvania, who recieves and accepts alot of antiques from his parents. He gets detention retriving the trunk, and he opens Lyoko during, and he as well as the other 4 students in the detention room (Library) marvel at the wonders. One of them decides to enter, where he meets XANA masquerading as a boy who was trapped there. Now, the new warriors need to find the original warriors of Lyoko, aand finally DEFEAT XANA and save the world before XANA steals military weapons codes and enslaves mankind.

SLIGHT CHANGE: In stead of being thrown into the ocean, the trunk was given to William, who was moving to America due to his parents business transfer, and it was stolen due to his negegence.

It's okay i think. Not neccesarily the best, but i think i can make it something nice :3 And i plan to live action remake scenes from the original series in flashbacks lol. but anyway, what do you guys think. I want fan input :3

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