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    Morning at Kadic: Odd's lounging and reading a comic, Jeremy is trying to up-grade the Skid, Yumi and Ulrich have finally admitted their feelings for each other and are on a date, Jared is texting his girlfriend, and Aelita is just browsing the library searching for a Sherlok Holmes. "Good morning Miss Ishiyama and Ulrich, how's your date(?) going?" Jim asked as they were sharing a root beer float. They both stopped, "Extravagant!" they both replied with joy in their eyes and smiles on their faces, "And how are you doing?" "Well, since you asked, I was sent here on a blind date." "Really? Wow," Ulrich stated completely shocked. "Didn't see that coming," Yumi replied. A woman about Jim's age walked upto Yumi and Ulrich and asked, "Excuse me…

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